File this under good news. The AT&T HTC 8X actually has less labeling than we have come to expect from the carrier.

Our international HTC 8X has the 'HTC' label on the front with the Beats Audio logo on the back (also with and embossed HTC logo). We assumed that the AT&T variant would be like the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920--with a HTC and AT&T blazoned on the front--but as it turns out, the 8X is quite conservative.

AT&T's only logo is on the back with a small globe. In fact, HTC doesn't even get a front logo on the soon-to-be-released Windows Phone 8 device. Instead, we're getting a very clean and almost emblem-free experience. In addition, AT&T is putting on HTC's custom Accent color, which is simply called 'HTC'. In this case, the color matches the California Blue of the phone's exterior. Nice touch.

While not groundbreaking news by any means, it's a nice nod for those of you considering the HTC 8X on AT&T. Personally, we prefer our devices to not look like NASCAR got their hands on it.