AT&T HTC Titan back in stock...go go go!

So for all of you who were waiting on AT&T to get a fresh new batch of coveted Titans, your day has finally come. At least on the website (we can't vouch for your local store) AT&T is now listing the device as available.

Previously, stores and even AT&T online had massive shortages of the top of the line phone. Supply was either tight due to high sales or more likely, HTC not being able to fulfill orders to AT&T. Now it looks like HTC has finally ramped up production and hopefully that also translates into store availability too.

Let us know if you placed your order or if your store received any significant stock in comments! Also don't forget to check our review of the Titan here.

Head to the AT&T store (opens in new tab) right now. Thanks, Tommy F., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Ordered mine early on penny day... got an email a couple of hours ago with a tracking number saying it is shipping today, yay :)
  • You got a back order?  Hmmm, that's cool, surprised they didn't just say it was OOS.
    I bought one for my sister at Midnight on the penny day (Saturday).  She got it that Monday and loves it.  She is moving from an iPhone 3G.  She just bought a new camera for her birthday and is all upset about it because her phone's photos look better than her dedicated camera!
  • Well, I hope I get my shipping notice today too! I ordered mine through Amazon's penny-sale, and so far I've only gotten back-order notices. Maybe tonight will be my night! :)
  • I wished this beast was on still happy with my hd7...
  • Same here.  Not happy with ATT in my area, and I'm with Tmob and the HD7.
  • With any luck HTC will ship some to Amazon to fulfill their orders. I'm almost at a week for my backorder. Every so often I get an email saying the phone is backordered; no wait, the SIM card; no wait the AmazonWireless Getting Started Generic Guide; no wait, the SIM card; no wait, the Getting Started Guide.
    Just ship the damn phone...I can source the other two bits from elsewhere...
  • Likewise! More irritating is the fact that every delay comes with a "You must approve this by signing in and clicking Approve... or else we'll just assume you want to cancel it" notice.
    The frustrating part was that I was in San Diego when I ordered through Amazon's penny sale. Then I went to Fashion Valley Mall and Microsoft Store had them in-stock "for free with new contract", but I didn't want to cancel the Amazon order... I was afraid that AT&T would screw up my number porting from Sprint if I risked changing the order.
  • I am so upset with AT&T right now I am going to switch carriers after this contract is up. Every single day I get dropped, without fail. It is a horrible network with major issues. I love the Focus, but I am really hoping to see other carriers get some good WP7 phones so I can switch.
  • Where are you?
  • where are you located?
  • Don't count on it any time soon... Verizon has insisted they won't offer any more until there is proper support for LTE (which means waiting for Tango in the spring at the earliest), and Sprint doesn't seem too interested either. At least with T-Mobile you can SIM unlock one and use it on their service.
  • I just ordered yesterday from BesyBuy because AT&T was out of stock. :( And for the full out of contract $649 price, too.  Oh well. Could have saved $100 if I was more patient.
  • Best Buy should match the price for 30 days. Take your reciept to the service desk for a refund.
  • You could sign the contract and cancel for close to $400...why pay that much?
  • Order placed 11/25
    "processing" currently backordered and will ship once stock is available. Last update was 11/29.
    I'm not hopeful at all at the moment. I've seen others ordered this past weekend and get theirs shipped, but mine is just processing. Premier website status says backordered and website says "in progress" but it's said that since last thursday :|
    I could of had my fine if they didn't mess up my order initially which meant i was screwed for the whole weekend becuz att premier support was closed the entire weekend. I could have just went to best buy or M$ store for the phone, but ATT removed my upgrade with my order.
    AT&T.... Y U NO SHIP ME MY FONE!!!
  • Here's hoping "SOLD OUT" becomes a common theme for this batch of Windows Phones, rather than on the discount rack in the back, dusty shelf.
  • These phones really are well built. I walked into a store to take a look on a Sunday and loved it. I used the handset to browse WPCentral and read that had it for 0.01$ (Amazon by then reported OOS).  Logged on that instant and ordered it (renewed contract pricing of course). Shipped to my office by Tuesday.  Good luck to all the order fulfillments.  The 4G is annoying, I have the same coverage at work as I did when 3G first launched, but everywhere else not obscured by hilltops, its perfect.  One other thing... LTE appears capped at 3-4Mbps at the moment... I'm not sure why but I received a survey from AT&T asking many many questions about my new LTE phone including usage patterns.  I am guessing they are throttling now until they get a better idea of what what adoption and use patterns will be. God, I hope so - still WiFi sharing with my iPad is pretty fast. /sings phone's praise.
  • This phone is a joke. Got this to get rid of my Omnia 7 issues and I still get the vanishing keyboard issue and as much as I love a Windows phone, the whole line up still have major faults. Should have bought a Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket.
  • I ordered mine for a penny from an official att store that honored the online sale during the 24 hour sale. Unfortunately they didn't have it in stock. I just received email yesterday that my Titan shipped from TN and should be arriving at the store Dec 7. The stores are probably gonna get their new stock too.
  • Ordered 2 today at an AT&T Store and received notification that they have already shipped! So dang excited! I missed them on the last run, painful wait will be done around Friday! :)
  • I ordered on 22nd Nov on penny sale at Amazon Wireless, first they gave me an estimated delivery of on or before Dec-2, but dint happen. Then they gave estimated deliver of on or before Dec-14. Waiting sucks!
    Anyone here who ordered on AmazonWireless on or after 22nd-Nov received the Titan?