AT&T HTC Titan will be available on November 20th

AT&T has announced the release date for the HTC Titan (opens in new tab) on their Facebook page - November 20th. It will be available for $199.99 on a 2-year contract with a minimum $15 per month data plan being required. The handset, boasting a massive 4.7 inch super LCD screen, was unveiled in the U.S. at the Microsoft event in New York. Be sure to check out our first impressions of the HTC Titan (opens in new tab).

Source: AT&T Facebook (opens in new tab), thanks Aaron for the tip!

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  • I think I know when my upgrade will occur now.
  • I now know when I'll be ditching Sprint. So long, 200kbps 3G speeds!
  • Your a fool if you leave sprint just to get a phone. Who knows when sprint will get new wp 7.5 phones. At least they have wp 7.5 Arrive phone. I dont want to join ATT service because they suck. Look at there ridiculous tier plans I rather stick to sprint service has they have unlimitted plans and no tier plans. what idiot want get charged for passing there data usage.
  • Dude you're just a sprint-fan. AT&T doesn't "suck", neither does "verizon". T-Mobile is the only national carrier that legitimately "sucks" (I can say so, I'm on them). Sprint has been dragging their feet with WP7. Any person who is serious about getting a high-end windows phone should obviously without a doubt go to AT&T. They are the only carrier serious about the platform.For you to call him a fool for wanting to leave a carrier that doesn't satisfy his needs (remember, he's the customer)... is just short sighted.
  • WRONG!! Sprint sucks horribly, speeds are slower than héll, can't even listen to Zune without lots of buffering, I've had it, as soon as my HD7 gets delivered I'm off to T-mobile.
  • I've been a sprint subscriber since 2004. I've had a long line of 3G smartphones with Sprint, beginning with the PPC-6700 that I bought in 2005, and I've had an unbroken string of HTC smartphones on Sprint: the 6700, the Mogul, the Touch Pro, the Evo 4G, and then the HTC Arrive. I enjoyed Sprint's service for almost all of that time.That is, until recently. As I mentioned above, my average 3G speeds are around 200kbps on 3G. It's been this way every since the iPhone launched and I'm pretty much fed up. There are pockets of decent speeds - at home I get around a megabit down over Sprint 3G, and there's one short stretch of my commute where I get 600-800 kbps. But at home I'm using wifi so the point really is moot. Everywhere I want to use 3G, I'm seeing just pitiful speeds. There was one area where I needed to use Bing Maps to find a local business and the map tiles just wouldn't load. I did a speed test and it showed my speed at 67 kbps. This was while I had four bars of 3G (out of five bars).Those speeds are frankly unacceptable. I had been a huge Sprint cheerleader and I was always on the bleeding edge with Sprint smartphones. I bought an Evo4G off of ebay before they were released: I paid $600 for an Evo that someone recieved at Google I/O 2010. Unlimited is nice, but if it's unlimited data at 200kbps, I'm going to move on to AT&T where my friend gets 1.5 to 2 megabits down on his HTC Inspire 4G. I've given Sprint a long, long leash. I suffered through the terrible 4G Wimax coverage with the Evo: the coverage here in Baltimore, which was the VERY FIRST WIMAX MARKET back when it was branded Xohm, is still a hodgepodge of swisscheese coverage and the signal does not penetrate buildings very well even where there is coverage. I tolerated that, though, because 3G was still consistently around 800-1000 kbps. I didn't even mind paying the extra $10 smartphone tax even when I moved on to the non-4G HTC Arrive because the speeds were still good.But now I'm seeing pitiful 3G speeds that make mobile data usage an absolute farce. I was willing to give Sprint the benefit of the doubt after watching their impressive Network Vision presentation: I think Sprint has a nice plan in place to get LTE off and running. But right now, I'm not going to suffer through 200kbps speeds any longer than I have to. Sprint plans to have LTE covering their entire network by 2013? I hope so. I'll check back with them then. In the meantime, I'm going to go with AT&T and with a brand new, well-reviewed HTC Titan. I don't even plan on using more than 2GB, to be honest. I haven't used even 1GB of data on Sprint since I got the Arrive. What I require, however, is good speeds if and when I need them, and right now, Sprint is not delivering. I'm paying $80+ a month for unlimited dialup speeds. I'll gladly pay a little more for 2GB of 1-2 megabit speeds.
  • Quit hating! Haters are keeping America controlled! Its time we vote with voice about something meaningful!Guess what Sprint boy.. I am on AT&T and have unlimited fauxG data. Perfect timing for me AT&T. Been dying to get off this Atrix. Give thanks and don't be so **** my friend. We will all get along if you let it be.
  • I'm leaving Sprint for the Titan or Focus S...12 years and a really cheap current plan but they are forcing me to upgrade to a current plan, which is no cheaper than anybody else. Unlimited data? I'd rather have the phone I want.
  • Moving to an ATT family plan from my Sprint family plan while maintaining the same cost, I lose 800 minutes (which I never use), and I drop to a 2GB data limit per phone (instead of unlimited). Looking at past bills, I don't exceed 2GB in a month. I have Wi-Fi at home and at work and any time I download apps I use Wi-Fi. I'm leaving Sprint for the same reason I left last time I had Sprint, they don't have the phone I want. Maybe 2 years from now they will have the 4G service they've been charging me for (which I'm not receiving) and the phone I want. Maybe then I will go back to Sprint. I like Sprint, but I'm not getting stuck on a 2 year contract with a phone I really don't want. Plus, I'm tired of the really slow speeds...anything faster than 3G is better.
  • Ditto!
  • I don't understand how this phone is $200 and the Focus S has the same price... The Focus S should only be $100!!! That phone is super-plastic-cheap!! While this one, the TITAN, is definitely a winner.
  • The first focus was super plastic also but was the many times the phone used to showcase WP7. Wishing more OEMs would do unibody like Nokia.
  • I agree with you on the S plastic back cover. Every time I pulled the phone off of the magnetic display do-dad it almost pulled the cover off. Definitely should have been a piece of brushed metal. Wife wants it but 199 too much-should be 99..
  • @scdkad...I disagree. Because of that back cover, the Focus S should be $49.99 :)
  • I'll drink to that!
  • Oh my goodness, I was just in there today asking about it and they didn't know yet. I can't wait. I won't be able to sleep now. Yippee.
  • Dam you T-MO....One jealous HD7 owner.
  • I was thinking the same thing! I was let down by Nokia and if I was on AT&T I would defny scoop this up!
  • I'm still hoping for the Titan to be annouced for T-Mobile. Perhaps a Beats Edition.KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!
  • make that two >:(
  • I love the Titan. I had a chance to play with it at the windows phone event in NYC last night and it was beautiful, tin, light and fast. I held the Titan and the Focus S together and the displays were very similar. I did think the Titan was a bit brighter. Titan #1 and Focus S a close #2. Funny, after playing with the Titan, Focus S and the Focus Flash the HTC Radar felt really chunky and slow. It was a great time and if you get a chance to go to one of these events please do.
  • why don't we have Focus S review from any tech website?I am talking about a full review, not just a quick hands on
  • @drankurn...Bizarre, isn't it? That phone was released on Sunday, yet no Engadget, Verge, MobileBurn, you name the tech site, review. AND, no promo by Samsung or AT&T for the Focus S...I think that phone is a probably a dud, thus why Samsung didn't release it for review prior to launch, or even now.Hope it holds up, though, for everyone who purchased it.
  • Engadget had a Focus S vs. Titan comparison a week or two ago.
  • They did a review for the Focus Flash; they only did a hands on for the Focus S.
  • THANK YOU!I literally just decided on this phone TODAY after comparing it to the samsung focus S. I will be getting out of T-Mobile and onto At&T for this in 2 weeks!
  • I have a battery issue with my Focus S. I'm trying to find out if I can exchange this to Titan. Although based on some reviews they can see the pixel on Titan due to its lower res when compared to let's say Focus S. So I have to see either I stick with Focus S or get Titan.
  • Focus S is a more attractive phone [to me]. However something about this large Titan really piques my interest. I think it will bring with it, a new "feel" for windows phone mango. MY Dell Venue Pro served me well, but I'm so ready to move on right now... especially now that I cracked the DVP screen on a drunken night :(But I'm not too picky on pixel density. Really though, the amazing camera and huge screen for quick-glance info makes up for it
  • Just another sweet Wp7 device that us CDMA users will not be able to enjoy. Verizon and Sprint refusing to support Wp7 is truly getting old. Stuck with the Trophy or Arrive, thanks.
  • CDMA needs to die. Let's have a single world standard.
  • I dont want to join ATT service because they suck. Look at there ridiculous tier plans I rather stick to sprint service has they have unlimitted plans and no tier plans. what idiot want get charged for passing there data usage. Which sprint brought these new wp7.5 phones has sick tired of iphone 4S and Android ****
  • You can have sprint with cell phone coverage of 8 blocks. AT&T and Verizon is where it's at.
  • What exactly "sucks"?And Sprint won't have unlimited plans forever..ATT doesn't just charge for "passing their data usage"-you get get another block of data to use. And its "their" not "there"..
  • Samsung Focus S is better than titan has what fool want a big phone has you cant even put it in your pocket.
  • Chicks put phones in their pockets. Men where them on their belts.
  • ^ I like that response
  • +1 on that
  • LOL
  • Based on everything I've read and seen it looks like the Titan is the best of all the devices released so far. T-Mobile.. why have you forsaken me??? :(
  • Methinks this unit will be a success and jump-start WP sales. Then Nokia will come in and things will start rolling.
  • Dont see how, best att could do is announce it on facebook? Where's the ad campaign to go with it, like Nokia is doing in Europe? Apart from readers of sites like this, no average consumer will know about the Titan and of course if they do when they get to a store they will either be "advised" to buy android or the iphone or the phone wont be on display. Pathetic all round, Microsoft and at&t!
  • Well, facebook does have 750 million users.
  • ATT has been lacking in the ad campaign for their WP devices; but both Samsung and HTC are both responsible for promoting their own devices. I've seen an HTC Radar TV commercial, at least. But Samsung? No ads for the Focus S, nothing for the Focus Flash.While these devices may impress some on these sites, I don't see how the WP platform is going to get a boost, at least not from these two oems, if they don't advertise to the general public.
  • The big screen will get noticed if they do display it at stores. That's the gimick that sets it apart from the other 50 phones at the store.
  • My local corporate AT&T store has been out of the 4S since October 14th (trying to get one for my employer). The rep is a personal friend so not playing games with me. Sure hope they don't get them in stock till say, January 1st. That would help.
  • I've been waiting for the TITAN!! Count me in!
  • No need for a seperate tablet with this.
  • Nice. I will probably try to order online first. Does anyone know if you upgrade on AT&T online (I have an iPhone 4) if they will let you keep your unlimited data plan? If not I will have to go to the store.
  • Shouldn't be a problem. When I purchased a phone (for a penny) through AT&T's site last year and considered, for a brief moment, dropping my Unlimited Plan for the $25/2GB plan, a warning popup up asking if I "really want to do that".
  • Anyone know if the AT&T model will support HPSA on 1900 vs. the 2100 of the international version? I'd love to get an unlocked Titan to use up here in Canada...
  • Yes, it is supposed to have HSPA 1900 which the Int'l version currently lacks.
  • I have had my Focus S since Sunday and don't consider it a did at all. It feels like it has a better build quality and the thin back doesn't even move if you have it on completely. I was surprised how much more knowledgeable the sales staff at my local corporate store with these latest releases. This is definitely a worthy upgrade to my original Focus. To those commenting about no reviews while the Titan has many I would remind everyone that the international version has been out for a couple of weeks. Hopefully with the improved advertising and product placement WP will finally get respect from the masses and especially when Nokia finally ramps up the US.
  • Errr.... not sure what you're talking about here... "better build quality"??? I played with one at the ATT store today and it sure felt cheap! I'm talking about a toy-kind-of-cheap! It is definitely not worth $200!! The screen is fantastic but my original Focus seemed even better. Maybe it was just the lighting, but when I compared the two, my Focus seemed much crisper and brighter.I really cannot wait for the Titan even if it doesn't have SAMOLED!
  • They updated the extra settings on Tuesday that seemed to fix the brightness issue. I cant wait until it is in store to compare the 2 and see if the call quality issues continue with the US version that people are having with the international version.
  • Wonder what the no-committment pricing will be like...? Heard any buzz about that?
  • To me, this is the phone to get. Okay the screen is huge, but for me it's the camera which gives it the edge. This phone bested the Lumia 800, iPhone 4S, and SE Experia Ray.