Latest Rumor: AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 coming Nov 9th with free charge pad

Folks on AT&T are getting a bit antsy and rightly so as the carrier has so far not been very stable with their WP8 lineup. Specifically when it comes to a release dates. So far we've heard October 21st (Best Buy pre-sale), November 2nd, November 4th, November 11th and yesterday was November 9th. Clearly AT&T is moving the date around for whatever reason but we think they're getting ready to announce things very soon, as last minute meetings are finalizing plans.

One of our AT&T insiders has confirmed the following information:

  • Friday, November 9th - Nokia Lumia 820 ($49) and Nokia Lumia 920 ($149)
  • The 920 will come with the wireless charge pad (free)

The 9th is the date that eBay/Best Buy was advertising yesterday as "expected availability" and it was there for a reason. Of course that same site evidently pulled the trigger early as within an hour of our post their site went down. When it returned, the Lumia 920 was all but scrubbed, only leaving the HTC 8X. Some of us, however, were able to get in our order with a 25% off coupon, locking in the Lumia 920 for $449 off-contract (but locked to AT&T).

The other tidbit about a free wireless charge pad is new. Up until now, the wireless charge pad (we have one too) was always advertised as an "extra" despite many people thinking it should come with every phone. Now we're hearing indeed every device will get one, which if accurate, will be a huge incentive to buy this phone over the HTC 8X (and any other phone, for that matter).

The 8X on AT&T is expected to fetch for $149 as  well, even though it has half the memory, a smaller display, no wireless charging and no Pureview. No word if the HTC 8X will be available the same day, though we're presuming that it will.

Traditionally, AT&T does not launch on Fridays but we're thinking they may be making an exception here to get the Lumia 920 on sale for the weekend.

We'll keep you posted on any more developments.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • This might be true, ATT has just recently updated there website, it now show lumia 920 as Coming Soon...Thank goodness, this wait is a killer.
  • Wow. Holy. Sh*t.
  • This is not new. It's been listed as coming soon for at least 4 days (The last time I visited to pay my bills).
  • Its been "Coming Soon" for about a week now.
  • It is a killer, I am anxious to get my hands on this phone. Waiting for my pre order to be fulfilled.
  • It is a killer, I cant wait to get my hands on this device. I am waiting for my pre order to be fulfilled.
  • Where did you put your pre-order? Bestbuy?
  • The free charge pad will totally make it worth the wait as far as I'm concerned. :)
  • Agree! But Phones4u are giving away 360 speakers for the first 500 orders or something. I would like that too, since I will not hesitate to order mine asap
  • Agreed. I hope that is true!
  • Agree but honestly just the price is worth the wait you are getting the best camera & best touch screen technology.
  • That's been there for days
  • Awesome. I hope this comes with the phone, even if purchased from Amazon instead of an ATT store. Sucks for the Rogers folks since no one has reported getting a charge pad with their phone. 
  • Rogers folks got the phones earlier than everyone and that too unlocked. 
  • Are they ALL unlocked though? Or just certain ones being sold?
  • Anyone hear any rumors about black friday deals? I"m looking for $50 to $100.  Hopefully they'll have a $0.01, if we're lucky!
  • I'm hoping Costco can bring it down to $99.
  • That's what I'm waiting for.  Last year, for BF they had them for $.01.  Wasn't that about 2 weeks after the titan came out?
  • Appears the release was the 20th, so that would make it less than 1 week.  I bought one, my sister uses it now.  GREAT deal!
  • Amazon will probably have will it for at least $99, maybe even .01 like you mentioned.  I remember way back when when WP7 just came out I got my Samsung Focus for a penny; you've waited this long, it doesn't hurt to wait another couple weeks to get a potentially great deal.
  • I think we should be still eigible for a price match by then, shouldn't we?
  • Most places don't price match for a one day sale especially Black Friday.
  • At&t offers that 15 day gaurantee anyways. so just return it and get the 1 cent deal.
  • I know last year with the HTC Titan forums, people called AT&T and demanded a price match.  Most received what they asked for IIRC.  But the time lapse was much smaller between the purchase and sale.
  • Super!  I wonder if the free charging pad will be for a limited time only, or while supplies last?  Or perhaps one of those offers where you have to send in a 'voucher' or if it will be available at the point of sale?  Oh well, it really is a great incentive nonetheless.  Good times!
  • Well I certainly hope this is true. I have been seriously considering an 8X because of the shifty way the launch dates for the 920 have been kept under wraps - not very good for Nokia, as with every day it's not out and every piece of news that's not talking about the awesomeness of the 920, it goes further away from being top of mind for consumers. I certainly hope Best Buy/ebay has a few more deals with the WP8 phones, especially if combined with a charging pad bundle, it'll be a much more compelling buy (esp. for non-WP8 owners/general consumers). I'd totally pick one up for $449 over the 8X.
  • Technically we don't have release dates for the 8X on Verizon or AT&T either.
  • Was just in a Verizon store, the guy there was expecting the 8X to be available in the next couple of days he said....
  • Well neither is 8X is out there. Lumia 920 is already shipping in parts of EU and Canada.
    I would say that's more than any other WP8 handset. 
  • You considered another phone because of that short waiting period? 
    "The other tidbit about a free wireless charge pad is new. Up until now, the wireless charge pad (we have one too) was always advertised as an "extra" despite many people thinking it should come with every phone. Now we're hearing indeed every device will get one, which if accurate, will be a huge incentive to buy this phone over the HTC 8X (and any other phone, for that matter)."
    Why is it a huge incentive?  The wireless charge pad is kinda neat but really... not a big deal.
    "The 8X on AT&T is expected to fetch for $149 as  well, even though it has half the memory, a smaller display, no wireless charging and no Pureview."
    Clearly we can see which phone WPCentral endorses, lol.  The HTC 8X does have its own merits and advantages, doesn't it?
    Also, typically when talking about memory, people are referring to RAM, not storage space.  Just sayin'...
  • i think WPCentral really is just being fair and true to the facts... 
  • We don't endorse any phone here and if you listened to our recent podcast and read my posts, you would know my thoughts on both phones. Second, an included accessory that would normally cost around ~$20-30 tossed in for free is an incentive--how can it not be? The phone has wireless charging, they're giving you a free wireless charge pad for the same price. If it is not an incentive are you suggesting it is discouraging people? Third, my comment about the spec difference between the device despite the same price is 100% fact, it has nothing to do with opinion. Fourth: I have a Lumia 920 with a charge pad. You don't. I think it's a great accessory and use it all the time.
  • Totally agreed. F.R.E.E. is ME. Wireless charging pad for free seals my decision on the Lumia.
  • I'm not saying the charging pad isn't an incentive... just not a huge one.  I mean come on, you buy the phone for what you can do with it, not how it charges over night :P
    I'm also not saying that spec differences are opinion, lol.  That's silly.  BUT, the way articles are worded is important, and this article is about the Lumia phones.  Why talk about the 8X and its features vs price when it's only "expected" that the prices will match the 920.
    Read the article again yourself... it does sound like an endorsement of the 920 and you do make it sound like it would be stupid for anyone to pick up the 8X over the 920.
  • Huh since when hasn't around 60 dollars accessories been a nice addition? I'm not sure what are you expecting? They have lowered the price lower than most expected at 150 when 16GB 8X costs you the same. on top of that you get wireless charger on it. I think there's more of a problem with you not accepting that maybe Lumia 902 is just simply a better deal? That doesn't of course mean you personally would choose a different WP8 handset.
  • I'm not arguing anything about specs or about which actually is the better deal.  I have never said that the 920 ISN'T better than the 8X.  I will probably end up buying the 920 after I try them both out.
    I just don't think it is very good journalism to take pot shots at another phone in an article that has absolutely nothing to do with specs or features.  And, like I said, the author makes it sound like the 8X has absolutely no advantages over the 920 (it does have some, even if they're few) AND he makes it sound like someone would be stupid to pick up the 8X over the 920.  Even if they're not calling it an endorsement, it looks that way to me.
  • Daniel wasn't taking pot shots. We has outlining the different specs between the two phones.
  • It is a pot shot when you're listing advantages of phone A over phone B when you don't do the same for phone B over phone A.  And again... why list them in this article anyway?!  It has nothing to do with specs or features.  It has to do with rumoured pricing and a bonus accessory.
  • Oh look, a backseat editor...just what we needed. It's clear that for $149, the Lumia 920 is the better value than the 8X. Even off-contract the 920 is $50 cheaper.  That doesn't mean it's the right phone for everyone. I have two 8X's here and they're both fantastic phones, really excellent.  But it is 100% clear that Nokia is being *Very* aggressive with pricing on the 920 and listing its specs over the 8X is valid. Besides, what area does the 8X trump the 920 in terms of specs? What advantages? If you're citing esthetics (and size) that's not a hardware spec.
  • Oh look, someone who can't take criticisms of his work... just what we needed.
    Your wording in the article makes it very clear that you recommend the 920 over the 8X.  How is that not an endorsement?  And how is size not a hardware spec?
    The value of a product is determined by more than just specs.  More storage space only adds more value if the consumer would use it.  Bigger screen size?  How are you going to argue that that is necessarily better?  It's purely opinion.  The wireless charging:  Big deal, you don't have to use a plug... but the charger still has to be wired up.  Again... opinion as to whether this actually adds any value.  Pureview... this is the only one that I think you can't really argue.  But even still, if a consumer doesn't plan on using the camera... no added value.
    Anyone can argue that the 8X's smaller screen is better.  It does have higher (even if barely) DPI.  The 8X is also quite a bit lighter.
    But nevermind it all.  Like the guy below says, this is blogging, not journalism.  So feel free to write up whatever you want.
  • Let go of your pride Fuzzy, you lost.
  • Fuzzy, I have noticed and found your posts appropriatly fuzzy on logic before.
    Comparing specs to pricing, the 920 clearly has this battle wrapped up.  I personally prefer the looks and amplifier in the 8x, but those seem to be the only benefits, and one of those is highly subjective.  The photo processor might allow taking shots faster, but so far I haven't seen any actual comparisons on that.  The higher res wider angle front camera might be a benefit to some people.
    The Nokia's benefits include:
    - high refresh screen
    - high sensitivity screen allowing use with gloves
    - slightly larger screen wihtout a big increase in overall size
    - slightly higher resolution screen (admittedly at a slightly lower PPI)
    - gyroscope
    - twice the storage
    - wireless charging (which MAY come to the 8x)
    - potential FREE wireless charging pad (yes, this is a big deal to a lot of people)
    - Nokia exclusive apps, including Drive+ (which is a big value) and CityLens
    - Optical Image Stabilization
    - Much better low light photography (thanks in part to OIS)
    - Substantially lower price
    That's a pretty big list to ignore... really hard for you to argue that the HTC is a better or even equal value... unless you put a LOT of value on that amp or photo processor.
    As for why the 8x is even mentioned, these are the two front runners for most people, so it is very appropriate to compare them whenever and wherever it might be informative.
    While I prefer the looks of the HTC and was intending to get it, I am gradually being swayed to Nokia.  It's just too hard to pass up on all the extra features, especially if they are coming in at a significantly lower price.
  • Where do I say that the 8X is better or equal to the 920?  I didn't.  My point is that that's up to the readers to decide, and the author of the article is blatantly endorsing the 920.  If the site wants to help readers choose a device, then offer reviews of both and link to them within an article (like this one) when it makes sense.
  • Lots of your posts say 'where do I say'. How much coddling do you actually need?
  • Everyone else's point is that with this many additional features over the 8x for quite a bit less money, it is not unreasonable for even an unbiased editor to make it clear that the 920 is a better value for most people.
    If you could make a case that the 8x is even or somewhere close to even on features and price, then you might have a point.  But at this point it's just a slaughter unless you really need the Beats audio.
  • I think you're expecting this site to be something it's not. I made that mistake at first also. Just read the articles and take from them what you want. I haven't seen journalism devoid of opinion in probably 30 years. It's just the way it is now. Additionally, I doubt any of the writers here would consider themselves professional journalists. It seems to me they are enthusiasts like the rest of us. I see nothing wrong with that.
  • What everyone seems to be forgetting is that the 8X is likely to feel much better in hand for a lot of people (see Thurrott for an extreme example of this opinion). That Similarly most people don't care that much about specs. Anyhow, we should be happy with 2 great choices. A 920 for me and 8X for my wife!
  • Ok, for starters, I'll agree fuzzy went overboard as really at the same price there is no contest between the two phones. If the 920 were to come in at $200, it starts getting different. But there is one 8x advantage, the beats sound and amplifier. If you are the kind of person who listens to things via the speaker vs the headphones (not me!) then it might be a factor. Thats no advantage to me, but I can see that some might find it so.
  • If the amplifier is also used to drive the headphones, then it could make a significant difference in the quality of sound.  Personally, I use a headphone amplifier, and even when hooked up to a desktop computer, it makes a significant difference when listening with headphones.  However, my headphone amplifier cost over $100 used, and I don't have an 8X, so I can't say how the 8X sounds vs. anything else.
  • Your logic truly is fuzzy. This is a blog, and he can say whatever he wants. We're all human and we all have opinions. But he wasn't voicing an opinion, he was voicing a fact... the features AND the specifications exceed that of the competing product. The price being the same and adding a free accessory makes it a no-brainer... unless you just happen to prefer the style of the alternative.
  • Fuzzy, you lost just let it go.
  • You are an idiot, he's simply saying you get more bang for your buck....nothing more nothing less!
  • Maybe it's not a big deal to you, but it is to me.  I think the wireless charging is a great thing and is a big incentive to buy for me.
  • Let's not forget that not having to connect/disconnect a cable saves wear and tear on the phone's connector ;)
  • +1...Wireless charging doesn't seem like that big of a deal...until your micro usb port doesn't work.
  • Both the Lumia and 920 have the same specs. You buy a phone for what you can do with it. The lumia screen give it an edge there. Nokia drive and all the nokia apps also give it an edge. So, why buy the 8x? The only edge I see is the weight, which doesn't effect what you do with it, and possibly the better audio (still some debate on that one).
  • Hey Daniel.... Did you get chance to view my email yet? Cheers
  • It is certainly an incentive for me in EU, the pad alone is 60-70$ here!!!!! I got a yellow 920 with a pad and 6 month contract (40$x6) total 840$ It this cheap or? Contract comes with free sms/mms, 15h talk, 20gb data 74/24mbit speed. 
  • I hope the charging pads are in that price range.  I'd like to get another one - one for my nightstand and one in the living room where I spend most of my time. 
  • Why are you rubbing it in our face that you have a Lumia 920. Haha you're really special!
  • "I have a Lumia 920 with a charge pad. You don't." wow. Were you sticking your tongue out at the screen as your wrote that? .
  • That isn't a case of a site endorsing a phone over another... It is quiet simply true that the Lumia 920 is dramatically more advanced in the technical feature department than the 8X. If Apple came out and charged the same price for the 4S as it does the 5 people would be incensed by such an idea. You effectively have that very same situation here.
  • Exactly.
  • The only reason I see the 920 as being worth more than the 8X is the 32gb of storage versus 16 on the 8X. Better screens and cameras usually don't bring an extra price, especially with phones running the same hardware.
  • better screens and better cameras mean that they are not the same hardware. There are costs associated with those things and for some, they are a value added benefit, especially the camera technology. I'd also say that the software support is a significant value add. I find value in the free/no ads/unlimited Nokia Music. I find value in the Drive app and even though it will be made available to other OEMs, I **know** it will be on the Lumia and it will have extra features. I find value in City Lens, the first augmented reality use that I don't think of as gimmicky. I find value in the exclusive 3rd party apps and part of me wants to reward the work done to bring these things to our platform.
  • That's pretty extreme. The 5 is lighter, faster and better screen than the 4S. The speed and screens of the 8X and 920 are the same. And the 8X is 50g lighter! You do pay a price for all that whiz bang tech in the 920. I am going to get the 920 myself but we gotta keep it balanced.
  • Nokia have screwed up big time here in the UK and after all the trouble with my 710 they can get lost now
    I'm getting the 8X as I never had any issues with my Trophy7 (and it's screen is better than the 920 haha)
  • Where in the heck do you get that idea? A phone from 2 years ago has a better screen then the 920, which is supposed to have the best screen on a smartphone ever? lol. that's funny.
  • The 8X has a better screen ppi than the 920 so what you talking about a 2 year old phone? I don't think you read my comment correctly
    Lumia 920 has 332ppi and 8X has 341ppi (both of which are better than the iphone5's 326ppi)
  • that is like 2% difference for that stupid ppi...  but you are missing super sensitive touch, viewability in sunlight and over all 13% smaller screen area... come on, do not make us call you stupid...
    the 820 screen with super sensitive clear black OLED is in my mind is better than the 8X screen..
  • It also refreshes faster, which reduces blurring, so you can read the tiles while flipping through them, or get better looking graphics in games.
  • cheers
  • The way you wrote your sentence you did imply the trophys screen was better which of course is impossible. If you meant the 8x screen you should not have used parentheses at all. And there is no way the human eye can tell the difference in two ppi. But it can tell the difference in bright Sun light, having 16gb more storage, great Nokia apps, wireless charging, sensitive touch, and prob a superior camera.
  • Agreed, the sentence was written incorrectly, implying that the Trophy screen is better than the 920.
  • You are correct, I did not read your post correctly. I thought your "(and it's screen is better than the 920 haha)" was in reference to your Trophy, not the 8X. While I disagree with the statement all the same, I retract my previous snark as the 8X and the 920 screen are probably close enough for some people to prefer the 8X over the 920, though I still believe that's wrong.
  • If you think that having 9 more ppi makes the screen better then you have no idea what your talking about.
  • Fair, but also true that 0.2" bigger is also not necessarily better either. From reviews it sounds like the refresh rate is not noticeable. Sunlight viewing is cool though and super sensitivity may be useful depending if you live in a cold place etc
  • He means that the screen on the 8x is better than Lumia 920 which it is in the way the the Lumia 920 screen is "zoomed" in the menues... 150% scaling due to the resolution isn't 720p.
  • Well your right  about one thing 920 is not 720 it's a higher res at 768.  
  • Should have went with the 800 or 900
  • Sure, but I think it's mostly accepted that outside of some subjective views (looks, company, whatever else) the Lumia 920 is technically better on paper and thus deemed as worth more $.  More memory, more advanced screen tech, more camera tech, wireless charging.
  • You are just like that Baby on the commercials with Jimmy Fallon! LOL! Free is a good thing you! I've never seen these guys at WPCENTRAL endorse ANY phone over another.
  • The Nokia has a more advanced display, twice the storage, more advanced camera, timed exclusive nokia apps, and now free wireless charging pad.
    Sounds like Daniel was stating the obvious to me.
  • Hey man.. Facts are facts. I think wpcentral does a good job of listing those. The 922 is definitely a STRONG device. Superior? Eh.. Depends on your wants/needs. For me, the 8x is the phone to get. I just need to do my own hands on comparison then its a wrap!
  • I interpreted the post the same way Fuzzy did. Obviously Daniel likes the 920--I do too :-) so it's hard to blame him for that. I'm not impressed by the negative remarks in the comments though (I have a 920 and you don't, we don't need another editor.). That's pretty lame. Maybe if you had another editor you wouldn't have a million typos in each of your posts.
  • Thank you for the bit of support 
  • I thought his comments were hilarious. Although I do think they need someone to proofread before they post. Not me as im terrible with sentence structure :P
  • Wireless charging is a big deal.
  • The truth hurts :P that's what the phone has and they're telling it how it is.
  • Hey!! Where was Rogers with a free charge pad??
  • They barely could get 2-3 units per store imagine them trying to source charge pads? Being "first" usually comes at a cost, unfortunately.
  • this really rocks.. hope it will be on Amazonwireless too
  • Yes please!  I've been scoping out Amazon as well hoping they make a Best Buy-esque slip up.
  • Seriously Daniel, do not play with people's emotions lol. Anyway screw headphones if it means a free charge pad. Was at a Microsoft Store yesterday they're completely in the dark about availability about any WP devices but the Surface Pro should come out ninety days after launch. They said they're trying before the holidays but most likely will be in January.
  • Does anyone know if the horizontal charging plates can be converted to the more vertical style?
    Edit: I just looked at, and it doesn't look like it. Hopefully, they give us a choice..
  • Yes, they make desktop stands as well.  Look them up on
  • Horizontal charging pads and desktop stands are different, technology wise with desktop stand having more features than just charging.
  • That's cool... I didn't know they were going to make vertical stands as well!
  • Oh wow.. Freakin cool. Gonna get 2 920s. 1 off contract and other on 1. Gonna get my gf to throw away her iPhone and switch to Windows=)
  • WOO-HOO!!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these Lumia 920s! Come on AT&T!! Pull through!
  • What about the preorders...that's what i want
  • The 8X is compelling but this is even more.  Does anyone think 16 GB would be enough for a Windows Phone?  I know on Android (switching from this) it was never even close to enough.
  • That really is a good question for many to consider.  I'm thinking that with all of the forthcoming games WP8, that maybe they will take up more space, especially if one does alot of casual gaming on their phone.  Also, if people take a lot of photos and short videos , I think 16GB may be pushing it.  I have 16GB onboard my N8, and bought a 16GB SD card, and I'm just a little over 18GB total (but then, there aren't any compelling apps, and surprisingly I don't take as many photos as I thought I would).
  • I have to make choices about what music to keep on my Lumia 900 with 16GB that I wouldn't have to make on the 920 with 32GB. Also, I use my phone as my point and shoot camera replacement, so the additional storage space is me.
  • Agreed.  I have music on my N8 as well and I'm glad that I got the 16GB SD card, otherwise, I'd have to be making music choices as well :)
  • My source made it sound as if the general release date was the 11th, but people who preordered should get it on the friday before. But I suppose they could have just decided to release it entirely on the 9th due to Veterans Day being on Sunday.
  • Now if only we could get that pre-order page to pop-up....
  • I am about 99% positive it is supposed to be coming back up sometime this weekend or early monday.
  • I just checked the ebay site and it doesn't show the 8x anymore =(
  • Out of everyone... Microsoft, OEM's, Wireless Carriers, Best Buy has screwed up at the most epic level with their multiple false pre-order launches. 
  • This sounds great and I hope it's true. But at the end of the day it's just another rumor.Would love to start hearing some official stuff from the horses mouth. Lol
  • Not just another rumor, buddy. A rumor with a rumometer score of "09" ;)
  • LOL
  • The 11/4 date had a score of 10 
  • Yea right buddy. The November 4 rumor had a rumormeter of "10". Try again.
  • Do you think the best buy pre-order will come with one as well?
  • My question as well since I got a pre-order locked in there. Let's hope we do and it isn't just from AT&T direct.
  • You can alway cancel it over the phone like I did yesterday.
  • I wonder if us trigger happy Best Buy pre orderers will get a charge pad as well? I'm actually starting to wonder if I should cancel my Best Buy order, and buy directly from at&t
  • If this is true AT&T and you throw in the free charge pad, all will be forgiven on the late release dates. :)  GTetting excited now!
  • +1
  • I had a best buy pre-order on October 21...any free charge pad too?
  • Getting Lumia 920 is a no breainer. 
  • Where was Rogers one :(
  • That's a crazy huge selling point for the Lumia. It's nice to see that AT&T is doing more to incentivize the sale of Windows phones other than giant posters in their storefront.
  • I'm convinced now to get the 920. Only thing left is to get the 920 with AT&T and get the free charging pad, OR wait until black Friday and see if I could get it for $0.01 or something of that nature. Last year I got my Titan from the Microsoft store for a penny!
  • Im with you ha. Got my Focus S for a penny. Gonna give it another go and just wait till black Friday.
  • If you got your Titan last year for a penny, how could you get the subsidy again this year? Are there one year contracts that I'm not aware of???
  • Not sure about his particular case, but I called AT&T and they will let you renew early - not sure about how much of the subsidy I'll get though - need to wait till the phones are actually out. 
  • If so, all is forgiven.  Wouldnt the charge pads go for like $100+?
  • They are listed around that much at Expansys; not sure, though, how much they would sell for at the AT&T store. Nokia assessories are expensive and they rarely drop in price (those Purity earbuds are still around $99), so a free charging pad is super awesome, in my opinion.
  • First I was on board for the 920. Then I got pushed to the 8X because it's more ergonomic (read: smaller and lighter). But if a free charging pad is included... crap, I might be back on the 920 wagon.
    Dammit 820, if you had a better screen resolution this would be a much easier decision!
  • If the 820 had a better screen resolution, it would be the 920!! :P
  • The 820, to me... is more attractive. I saw both in person. BUT... it misses the internal guts
  • It has the guts... it's got the same 1.5 GHz S4. It loses the screen resolution and pureview camera.
  • If this pans out this will be great for Nokia. I can't wait to get one.
  • When is the Microsoft Store getting it? I'm assuming the same day...
    I really want the white 920. I love the high contrast theme - Black tiles with white background.
  • I need to know this too, and if the MS store will have the 920 in gray....
  • My understanding is the MS Store will have every color for every device available.
  • Has there been any rumor to Microsoft doing the same deal they did with the windows phone 7 launch in getting a free Xbox 360 game?
  • I have a feeling we're being set up for disappointment again. Hopefully I'm wrong as a free charging pad would be pretty sweet.
  • I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!
  • There was a report the 920 on Rogers in Canada was pentaband. I would be very interested to know if the ATT US version is as well.
  • AT&T version is locked to AT&T. Since you know, it's the AT&T version.
  • Very nice if the rumors turns out true. WP8's flagship phone with a free pad for 149=well beyond a no brainer purchase:))
  • wireless charger i would love that if I could buy from at&t
    Simle wp central guys because you designed really great website
    nokia lumia 920
  • So if I pre-ordered from Best Buy I'm not getting a free charge pad? Seems like I wouldn't but jus want to confirm.
  • I am hoping the Off contract price will be $350 or so that would be great!
  • Um no, more like double that unfortunately buddy
  • We are staring to see why the ATT exclusivity may not be such a bad deal after all. Sure, it's terrible for those on Verizon or T-MO (forgetting Sprint, they wouldn't have taken it anyway), but it'll mean that it's REALLY competitive on one carrier, rather than being more niche but available to all carriers.
    Seriously, people need a killer deal and a killer device to switch from their favorite ecosystem. All the features (especially the 32gb) and a charging pad for $149 on contract make this a killer deal. I do doubt that Amazon and costco will get the free charge pad, but we'll see.
    On another note, how much space is going to be left after the OS on an 8GB 8X with no SD slot? I guess if you don't need the space and can save 50 bucks it's fine ... but it seems like you are asking for a frustrated customer down the road.
  • From what others have said there is around 27-28 GB available when you get the device turned on for the first time.
  • That is accurate.
  • If it's locked to AT&T, what is the point for off-contract? Just asking, I don't know
  • So you do not make any changes to your contract, meaning you still are eligible for an upgrade down the road without having to wait 24 months.  And you dont get any changes to your plan.
  • I am currently the 26 month with at&t. I have a grandfather data plan. Will I be able to keep this grandfather plan if I sign another 2 year contract?
  • I also have a grandfathered data plan and am able to keep it with every upgrade. (beware upgrading through amazon/best buy, I know of quite a few people that had grandfathered plans and were screwed out of them through services other than at&t)
  • You don't have to sign a contract so you are not contractually obligated to keep service with them for 2 years.
  • I think some may buy it, and then use it with a less expensive service (i.e. Straight Talk).
  • Come on ATT, lets get the lead out. :)
  • Is it really $450?? Im buying it.. The most interesting part here is.. AMAZON AND WALMART
  • it will be 549 or 599 probably. 
    the 450 price was through ebay if you used the coupon code, but the site was taken down yesterday. 
  • I was told yesterday (at an AT&T store) that the official announcement of availability and pricing will be on Monday. That timing could definitely jive with this...
  • Man...that's gonna piss me off a little if it comes with one. That's at least 2 carriers now that will include it, meanwhile in Canada we have no info whatsoever on where to get one, when, how much, and will have to pay extra for what others are getting for free.
  • I just wish these phones would hurry up and get released. I've been using this Samsung Infuse for a few months. And while its nice having access to apps like Instagram and for my bank, Android really is buggy as hyped and I miss the live tiles.
  • So with the possible release 1 week away, is AT&T gonna have a pre order or what? And when if they do have it.
  • Just called my AT&T store and they said that they are currently revieving training on the device right now.  He also made it sound as thought we could expect it within the week if that's any sign of a confirmaiton.
  • OMG!
  • I was just told in a AT&T store that they had training this morning and it will be selling next fri the 9th.  Just relaying what I was told. 
  • Does anyone know the ATT return/price match policy? If they have a black Friday sale I dont want to miss out by buying early.
  • So the L820 is $49 on AT&T but the L810 is $99 after $50 MIR on T-Mobile? WTF??
  • With or without a charging pad, $149 is a great deal for a phone with 32 GB and lots of cool features.  A 32 GB iPhone is $299 and it doesn't have as many features (wireless charging, NFC, etc).
  • if true this will be a nice deal,but ill contiue to wait until we hear official news. dont want to get my hopes up too high about this just in case.
  • so very tempted, 32gb phone, with wireless charger, for $150.
    But so many questions: Will they fix notifications? Will the app ecosystem catch up (when android still is a redheaded stepchild  for many devs)? Did ATT lock down tethering, which sucks when I travel and use non-att sim cards. Will all my techy friends laugh at me?
  • "Will all my techy friends laugh at me?"
    Dude.. grow a pair. This phone will be awesome. I'd be rubbing it in your friends' faces.
  • mostly joking on that one
    but another question is, why no video-out? iphone has an hdmi dongles, and the top android phones all do mhl
  • It is nice that Nokia and Att are doing this, I just hope T-mobile does something similar for us that are stuck without the option of getting the 920.  The 810 has some close specs to the 920 but it just isn't one.  It would be nice if T-mobile gave some incentive for the 810!
  • Nice, that's even more incentive for me to buy. I don't think I would have payed for a charging pad full price honestly so I feel free is awesome (who doesn't love free). I'm just wondering if it is only through ATT or through all pre-orders. I was thinking about pre-ordering through Best Buy but now maybe ATT just to be safe.
  • Yey...good news, guys. According to latest and greatest from unnamed source Nokia 920 is pentaband ( T-Mo's 3G/4G friendly in other words) after all...huh could've mentioned the name since now I've got to post the link below anyway ;), haahah
    Good Times ;)
  • Tip them.
  • I hope T-mobile does this for 810, doubt it though...
  • The 810 is $99 after $50 MIR on T-Mobile.  Which of course sucks.  Let's see, $149 out of pocket for the L810 on T-Mobile or $149 out of pocket for the L920 + charging pad on AT&T? Decisions decisions... /s
  • AT&T to Lumia 900 owners:  "Sorry for the wait.  Upgrade to a shiny new Lumia 920 and we'll throw in a free wireless charging pad, a free wireless speaker, AND free wireless headphones!"  
    At least that's what I just wished for as I threw my two cents in the wishing well!  
  • if they just let me resign i'd take that deal even without the extra accessories.
  • Why not the new JBL speakers?! ... Please understand I am joking...
  • Good
  • Please be true.
  • I wonder for those that preordered from Best Buy... would they be getting this deal too or... is it an AT&T store deal... yeah... ellipses...
  • Always amusing when people say the carrier has clearly been moving the date around when they haven't actually announced the date at all.  What has moved is the date that the rumor mill has targeted, not a release date from the carrier. 
  • Don't get me wrong...I love the price but as a Nokia stockholder I really think they could of sold just as well at $199. Guess they feel people are not willing to pay that much for a lesser known OS. Hope they make up the difference with accessories :)
  • Anyone know how the 820 compares to the 8X?  I don't want to pay $149 (though if there's a BF deal that brings down the price, I would probably go for the 920), but I don't know what I'd be giving up if I went with the 820 vs. the 8X.
  • you'd be giving up a higher resolution screen, some internal storage (iirc the 820 is 8gb?) and from my experience (i've played with an 8x and i'm kind of guessing the camera in the 820 is going to be similar to the 900) a slightly worse camera.
    you gain nokia's apps, uSD support and changeable backplates, and you net $100 in the process.
    it's a tough choice, but if i couldn't get the 920, i'd be all over the 8x, it's quite nice.
  • Thanks for answering my question.  I guess I misremembered what I read.  I thought the 8X would be around $100.  So now let me ask, what would I give up if I went with the 820 instead of the 920?  I am trying to determine if the extra $100 is really worth spending.
  • You lose ois camera, a higher resolution screen, built in wireless charging, 32gb of internal vs 8gb. The 820 has a uSD slot though and changeable backplates. Plus you save $100. On ATT the 820 makes no sense unless you're really short on cash
  • Also the $100 price point is for the 8gb 8x with the 16gb version costing $149
  • Wasn't November 4th "confirmed" to be the release date for the 920, even sporting the only level 10 rumor I've ever seen on this site?
  • The Lumia 920 is the same price as the 8x, but doesn't have beats audio, dedicated image chip, wide angle front facing camera, built in amplifier, 720p display with an extra row of icons.... ;)
  • Or you could say the 8X is the same price as the Lumia 920 except the Lumia has a larger/better screen, OIS camera, 2X the memory, wireless charging and support from Nokia.  Support might be the biggest thing.  I guarantee Nokia phones will get updates sooner than the HTC phones.  This coming from a Titan owner on ATT.
  • I just put that because what you state is exactly what wpcentral says in every post, just saying, they both have their own advantages and they should be listed as such...either phone would make a great choice so its not one is clearly better or worth the money more..ya know? I love music so my choice is more clear cut...
  • I could not agree with you more.  Support is really a big thing.  I am really disgusted with the lack of support with my Titan from HTC.  It seems every other day I am reading of some other update that Nokia is throwing at their Lumias while HTC sits on their asses and even refuses to acknowledge the muffled nasty call quality of the Titan.  And then they release the Titan II right afterwards and screw us original owners.  I have owned many HTCs in my life and yeah the 8X is a gorgeous device but I am done with them.  Lumia 920 is definitely my next phone.
  • Do we know if the Gray version will be released on ATT?
  • no grey version for att we got cyan insted!
  • Yup, only hope at this point is that it will be released later like Magenta for the 900. But no use waiting to I guess it will be black for me!
  • I hope they don't change the date anymore. My week will go by slow waiting haha.
  • Why are u guys arguing with fuzzy he's obviously an idiot
  • I talked to a at&t rep at the store two weeks ago and he said he was 99.9% sure 920 would be in store Nov. 9 I didn't believe him but turns out he was right . And the $150 price tag and the free charging pad was a nice surprise lets just see how long till there sold out my guess is buy the end of the first day ;-) get em while there hot boys .
  • I also have a titan on at&t and still have the disappearing keyboard :-( I did get one update from at&t I believe it was 7.5 I love my titan its the best phone I've ever owned . I love the l920 but im gonna miss the big screen of my titan .
  • This is a HUGE problem.  I would call AT&T and escalate the issue.  Contact the Better Business Bureau and whomever else you can get ahold of.  Say that this update was NOT about getting new features, but rather it fixes a critical bug in your device that makes it difficult to use the data service that AT&T requires you have.  Also remind them that Microsoft made the fix available to AT&T this past JANUARY and they STILL haven't released it.  If you send to the BBB (or write the Office of the President of AT&T) you will get a call/email from their executive response team.  From there you can negotiate a solution.  I'd ask for a discount (100%?) on a new device.
  • I just met a guy that works for microsoft, and he said for sure next week will be the launch of the 920. Obviously I'm not gonna say his name or where I met him, because the guy was really cool. We talked about the surface and how he had a lumia 900 and was waiting for the 920. But yeah for sure next week he said. Now that we may get a wireless charging pad, the 920 will be mine.....alll mine.
  • God when are they ever going to release details for the 820? 
  • Wow I almost forgot what I was going to say after reading all the banter I just have to say this to Fuzzy next time maybe just email Daniel I think it's rude to try to call him out in comments box this isn't YouTube. Ok so I've had wireless charging before and I had to shell out money for when I got my palm pre so it being free with the 920 is a big deal and the best value aside from the free 360 speakers
  • How did you get a 25 % discount code?
  • Well Monday is here and still no news. Anyone hear any more 'rumors'? Hopefully we hear something mid week but I won't hold my breath. It would be nice to pick one up on Friday if the rumor mill is correct. I'm gonna put on my sad face and mope until Firday :-(
    Update: Went into my local store and they did confirm availability of the Lumia but would not give a date. Guess I can always sit out front on friday and hope they have them.