eBay lists AT&T Windows Phone 8 devices with November 9th release, confirms low pricing

Good news for those on AT&T eagerly awaiting the Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC 8X as eBay/Best Buy have the devices listed with pricing and “expected availability” date. And yes, you can now order them too.

The new date is November 9th, which fits in the idea that AT&T is really scrambling to get these phones out the door. Originally we heard early November and then later November 4th. News came forward recently that it had been pushed back and seeing as AT&T did not reveal any information at Monday’s event, it made sense that this was in “motion”.

Of course since AT&T has still not officially announced pricing and availability, all of this is subject to change.

On the pricing front there are a few interesting tidbits. For one, the option of 8GB or 16GB versions of the HTC 8X is confirmed with the former fetching for $99 and the 16GB variant going for an extra $50 at $149.99. The bad news is there are only two colors: California Blue at 16GB and Limelight Yellow for the 8GB version, also confirming that Verizon has an “exclusive” on the Red HTC 8X.

Probably the best news is saved for the Nokia Lumia 920, which is available in five colors: Cyan, Yellow, Red, White and Black. For those of you like matte colors, you’ll want to opt for Cyan and Black. The pricing though is now confirmed at a very reasonable $150 for the top-tier device on contract.

Un-activated/no contract pricing for the Lumia 920 is $599. The 16GB HTC 8x meanwhile is more, sitting at $649.99 and the 8GB matching the 920 at $599. Seeing as the Lumia 920 comes with a full 32GB of storage, larger screen and that PureView camera, the financial incentive is to go with that phone over the HTC 8X—even on contract. Still, the decision for many will depend on preference and both phones hold their own.

And yes, our review of the AT&T Lumia 920 is forthcoming. Sit tight.

Update/Pro-tip: Use promo code EBSAVE25 and save 25% or $150 off your pre-order!

Update 2: Ebay has put the site under maintenance. We're not sure if they put these up too early, didn't want people using a coupon or just normal fixes. We'll keep you posted.

Update 3: eBay/Best Buy is back up but alas, while the HTC 8X is still there for ordering, the Lumia 920 is not. We placed our order for one too, but no word if deliveries will still be honored for that "expected" date. Seeing as that wording is ambiguous, we're not betting on it.

Source: eBay; Thanks, Josue M., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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