AT&T Samsung Focus 2 Windows Phone first photos

Although the Samsung Focus 2 coming on AT&T is not the most exciting phone out there for our more hardcore users, the device is certainly a looker with the glossy white and curved edges.

Microsoft's Ben Rudolph got his hands on the device about a week ago and gives it a thumbs up, noting that the 4G LTE and sharp 5MP camera make the device a good choice for many people. With a leaner design, typing is suppose to be nicer with no "hotspots" for hand-cramping and the 4" Super AMOLED screen should hold up nicely for most users these days, especially at a nicely priced $49.99.

In turn, he's thrown up a couple of photos of the new Focus 2 which shows off a nice design and we can even compare it to the original Focus.  Head to the Windows Phone Blog to see more pics.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Meh good stop-gap I guess, but I won't be picking one up.
  • A $50 phone(!).
    And still!
    It Looks better than the Galaxy S III. :D
  • I thought the same thing, the home button on the SGSIII is abysmal.
  • I totally agree. Not as a windows phone fan but as an Android hater.
  • if the camera is the same as the original Focus it is worth buying.  That phone could take amazing pictures for just 5MP.  Other than that it is just a recycled Samsung....
  • Nice phone, but I still prefer the Lumia 900.
  • My original focus is great and definitely stood the test of time.  4” screen, Super AMOLED, 2 day battery life, still good even by today’s standard.  The Focus 2 is better in that it can leverage a front facing camera for Skype and 4G LTE.  Processor speed is over-hyped because my original Focus 1Ghz snapdragon runs every app flawlessly.  Bottom line is that the Focus 2 is very well rounded.
    I am beginning to see that the phone hardware is leveling off and the phone software is what really matters.  The Focus 2 finally seems to have everything you need from a hardware perspective. Hopefully Windows Phone future software provides the innovation the platform really needs.
  • I agree with you on nearly every point. Good perspective! My only problem with this device is that it only sports 8 GBs of storage. This is still enough for most people, but Samsung has basically eliminated a whole contract generation of Samsung enthusiasts that were wanting a bit more.
    We really need to see devices with a minimum of 16, and upwards of 32 GBs of storage by the time WP8 rolls around.
  • Agreed on not enough storage in there.
    ANYBODY who tries to make a case for cloud storage of music and/or video should be made to permanently reside within one of the many GPRS/EDGE sinkholes I frequently encounter. 16gigs in my Titan and there's currently about 400Mb free.
  • I agree with you guys. I actually tried using Zune Pass and not downloading songs to the device. I get solid 3G and it took 30 seconds for a song to start playing. That doesn't work well for me. I'm sure it's better on LTE, but until LTE is everywhere I want my crap on my phone and not in a cloud. Even with LTE, I STILL want my crap on my phone and not in a cloud.
  • I want my pictures, music, videos and podcast on my phone as well. I have to watch my AT&T 4gig of data usage closely to keep from going over every month. That is without streaming anything!! The carriers are going to have to work out some kind of deal with Skydrive, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu if we are ever to be able to truly use those services effectively on our phones!!
  • Music streams fine on EDGE.
  • Fine is a bit optimistic. I'll grant you a "just about".
    How about video though? How's video streaming on EDGE?
    Or music on GPRS?
    How are they?
  • It's fine too if you use low quality and hold it.
  • Agreed to as well except my question is, "Have they back tracked on specs on their android offerings"? I don't think so and I wish everyone would stop dying MS limited the specs manufacturers could use in the devices. MS only provided a set of minimum specs needed to run the WP7 OS. Manufacturers are choosing to make hardware with minimal specs on wp7 so they can continue investing in their android offerings...which sucks
  • Specs are limited for a reason. If you have phones with drastically different hardware in such a short time that causes fragmentation. That is the problem with android, too many devices with drastically different specs. I'm tired of this spec thing already. If you want to have updates to work on all phones, they have to all be close spec wise. I said before not to expect any major changes in specs until WP8. After 2 years they can finally bump it up a bit without causing too much fragmentation. That's the same as iphone, the specs are not dramatically different from the last iphone, so older iphones can get OS updates. That's why 2 years later Microsoft can still support even 1st gen devices. They understand people are locked into 2 year contracts. So they don't plan on drastically changing things every 3 months like android does
    How would you feel about getting a phone today with dual core WP8 and all of a sudden you can't get WP9 cause you don't have quad core? Microsoft knows what they are doing and it's the best for end user experience
  • You can just install an SD card ad expand it... I have like 22GB on my Samsung Focus. Make sure it's one of the supported ones and you have to follow a tutorial on how to hard reset your phone. It's as easy as that...
  • That's the original Focus. This one does NOT have that expansion and I've read. So no, you're stuck with what they give you.
  • Same look and feel of my original Focus (which I still love after over a year), with 4G LTE and front-facing camera? Give me it in black and guarantee it'll upgrade to WP8 and you got yourselves a sale!
  • That is a very sharp looking phone! The only downside is 8 Gb of storage.
  • what are the chances this device comes to canada...
  • What is going on with this non-expandable memory? 8GB is NOT enough for a phone! Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot by doing this.
  • Non-expandable storage is the reason that some (such as myself) can have 9GBs worth of apps and games on their device. Many Android devices that have a 32 GB microSD card can only install 512MBs worth of apps and games.
  • Don't care about Android.  Windows Phone is supposed to be a successor to Windows Mobile.  Windows Mobile had onboard storage and expandable storage.  You could install apps to either, although it was recommended to install to local storage.  If WP had expandable storage we could use the 8 or 16GB onboard for apps and stuff and then the microSD to store huge amounts of music and video.
  • WP is not a successor of WM.  WP is a reboot.  Correcting the design mistakes of WM that contributed to its demise.   Expandable storage was one of them. 
  • How can you say having expandable storage is a mistake? Perhaps you could argue that the way it was implemented wasn't good (which I would also disagree with), but to say having an option for more storage is a mistake is simply asinine.
  • Microsoft isn't making the phones. This is an excellent $50 phone
  • The only thing that kept me from buying a Focus when it first came out whas the cheap plastic-y feeling of the phone.  I like my device to feel like it isn't going to explode into a thousand tiny pieces when I drop it.  The phone shouldn't be heavy, but it should have a little bit of heft, and really leave a mark if I throw it someone.
    It's hard to tell if the Focus 2 has a plastic back, but overall, it looks much nicer.
  • Which phone did you end up getting instead?
  • I ended up going with the HTC HD7s.  I waited forever for a decent phone, but nothing was coming out.  If I had just waited a few more months, I could have had a lumia 900.... *sigh*
  • Bummer...
  • I currently own a Focus and have dropped it a few times. It's not as delicate as it appears (either that or I got lucky!). It agree that it seems fragile with all the plastic, but the light weight and slim form factor make up for it (at least for me). My only gripe is the smooth plastic makes it more prone to be dropped because it's always slick. Desptie that, I haven't dropped the phone nearly as often as I should have!
  • You are correct, and quite funny.  Do you throw your phones often?
  • I try not to, but things happen ;)
  • It may feel that way but I think the Focus is one of the most durable phones ever. My girlfriend has launched hers literally hundreds of times. It falls out of her purse, off the treadmill, off the dresser, kitchen table, on the road when we are running - it just keeps going!
  • While I do agree with the "plastic-y" feel of the thing, it is never going to "explode into a thousand tiny pieces when I drop it". This thing is all plastic (a good kind, heh) and very light so when it drops the impact is minimal (at least when you compare it to a Lumia 900 or an HD7 in your case). 
    Incidentally, I've had a Surround (which felt really nice in the hand) and a Focus drop simultaneously from the same height. The Surround shattered (and I still have that broken phone) while the Focus had nothing on it (no, not even a scratch).
    Point being, I'd rather take something that feels a little plastic-y but is increadibly sturdy than have something that feels great but is actually really fragile (think the iPhone) - Lumia 900 is the exception over here, I adore that phone.
  • The original Focus really is a durable phone, I've dropped mine far too many times, twice on concretw, and it's now to the point that I'm no longer fearful of damaging it, instead I'm quite careless and seemingly abusive towards my plucky little phone. Eventually I added a rubber bumper with Sugru to the bottom edges so it doesn't slide so easily. It's been a good phone, I'll be sad when I upgrade, well at least a bit.
  • Not sure why you would want this over the Nokia Lumia 900 or even the Focus S.. The S has no LTE but camera is 8MP instead of 5MP on the focus 2. I agree that Windows Phone needs more storage 8 and 16GB just isn't enough!
  • Well, the Focus S was meant as a premium device...the Focus 2 is meant as an entry level device.
  • Not to shabby looking
  • Pretty nice. I've added a 16GB MicroSD to my original Focus. I wonder if it's possible in this one.
    I doubt it though.
    My Focus is still quite solid though. Great phone and a had a great experience with it. I'm planning for a Nokia Pureview WP8 phone next if my original Focus doesn't get a WP8 upgrade.
  • My original focus has a micro SD slot, so I can't really complain too much. U just have to use it before you set your phone. That's what the AT&T rep told me
  • Yes I live in the Rocky Mountains so I get spotty reception at most out side of my neighborhood or the city. I need storage and at least 32gb as I have 38 on focus which I'm still using and I delayed my upgrade until later because of that. I'm not getting a new WP until 32gb or of wp8.
  • Pretty nice phone, but entry level.  Coming from the iPhone 4, the Lumia 900 made more sense.  I am very happy with my purchase, which amounted to $5.00 shipping, plus the $36.00 AT&T activation fee (I purchased it before April 21st for $99.00, so I got $100.00 credited to my AT&T account).
  • Sheesh, I guess I'm the only one who still uses an old iPod classic. I'm nowhere near the 16 GB limit on my Quantum, even with the ridiculous amount of apps & free games I download. Then i have my 160 GB classic filled with music and podcast. Long winded way to say I don't think internal storage needs to really be expanded. Lots of people still carry multiple devices and don't care or want their phone to be the all-in-one. However i do believe that they should give you the option for using your own sd card.
  • Nothing exciting there. It looks to me the only upgrade is the 4g lte speeds. I would not downgeade from my Samsung focus S to the focus 2. I say downgrade because the focus 2 only has a 5mp cam.
  • While the upper plastic shell looks like the one from the old Focus, they are copying the style of the Nokia Lumia 610 on the backside.