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AT&T to snatch the Lumia 1520 as a US exclusive; also stocking the Lumia 2520

Those of you who reside in the US and have your eyes glued to the screen to figure out where they will be able to purchase the Lumia 1520 will be able to blink now. AT&T has officially announced the company will be the exclusive carrier of the Windows Phone. Already rocking AT&T's 4G network? Good stuff, you're all set for a 6-inch Windows Phone experience.

Not only will the mobile operator be snatching the Lumia 1520 (head on over to the AT&T website for more details), but the Lumia 2520 too. Fortunately, the Windows RT 8.1 tablet won't be an exclusive deal, but you'll be able to get your hands on one this holiday season. Once again, for more details on the Lumia 2520, check out the AT&T website. No word on pricing, colour and other options just yet for either device.

If you haven't already done so, rewind time and read through our hands-on coverage of both the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520.

Source: AT&T

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  • Let it be penta-band for once please. I want to leave ATT, but these exclusives keep me glued to them.
  • This is by design... why would they stop when the strategy is so effective?
  • Won't stop me. ATT blows, I'm out. Their handling of GDR 2 and Data Sense sealed their fate with me.
  • Really? A 1 month late (but non-buggy) release of a firmware, and the lack of a native data tracking and compression app are going to make you leave?
    I mean don't get me wrong, there are legitimate reasons to leave ATT, but you and most of the other like you are overreacting just a bit too much. Leave over cell service, or the botched release of GDR1, or their in-store customer service, or their business practices, or their high prices, or their nearly nonexistent over the phone support. Truly, plenty of reasons to leave. But really, being a month late on what is a relatively minor service pack that had very little to do with existing devices, while annoying, is not the end of the world.
  • I totally agree with this.  Though annoying as hell in some respects AT&T has been the best in my area and the service I've gottten has been great.
  • I still don't have GDR2 and my phone is Unlocked. So, maybe it's not all on AT&T. Just sayin' 
  • Who said the strategy is effective? If it were effective Apple would still be doing it.
  • If Rogers gets it, that version will probably be pentaband, like the 920 & 1020.
  • When will Rogers get it? I don't want to wait half a year for it. Also the fact that it uses a nano sim instead of micro sim is giving me second thoughts about it.
  • Sounds like I'll be waiting for the Rogers version so that I can finally switch to T-Mobile. I am so tired of AT&T and their outrageous fees for everything while claiming hardship even though they rake in multibillion dollar profits each quarter. Every new service keeps increasing prices. Shared data plans? More expensive than normal ones (and conveniently undiscounted for customers that have discounts!). International anything? Good luck with your second mortgage.
  • According to Industrial Canada wireless certification, Rogers Nokia Lumia 1520 (RM-927) *will* have AWS support. But no wireless charging.
  • so maybe we canadians will get it sooner then later, interesting find.
  • And it will also probably lack the ability to use the T-Mobile WiFi Calling app, just like the unlocked Rogers Lumia 920 and Lumia 1020.
  • if its anything the wait for the 1020 it could be a long wait. Canada really sucks at getting these phones at release date other the the l920.
  • AT&T purposely disables AWS 3G even though all the new phones support it. They have all the required hardware because LTE band 4 runs on AWS but AT&T just requests that AWS 3G be disabled. 
  • Been AT&T customer since 2005.  I have no problems with their service. 
  • Its not their service. I like their service. Its their insane prices. I understand paying for SMS in 1995, but this is 2013. And their data plans are outrageous.
  • I don't think my pricing is high. I was paying for Sprint 70 - 80 a month, and now I pay 90 - 100. And with Windows Phone 8, LTE and amazing service, I don't look back.
  • You pay $1200 a year for one phone?  Yikes. 
  • How about telling the carrier you want to leave for to grow some balls and show apple/android they're not afraid to stock windows phones and advertise them too. Until then, I hope it's not penta-band. Why should ATT pay the cost of stocking a device only so others can leave and take it to another carrier who was willing to take a real chance on windows phone.
  • yes, because this works very well, I used to call sprint and threaten to leave and leave, and it would get me so crazy wound up, and finally I just left for at&t, (sprint here sucks, no LTE, slow 3G, dropped calls, no windows phone support)  I love at&t, who cares if i pay a little more, I get what I want.  You'll find tons of deflected sprint users to at&t, they didn't care, it's not like they take a survery when you left, for all they know, they think I couldn't pay my bill and cancelled.
  • Lame.....
  • Agreed. Why do they keep making all of these phones ATT exclusive? Part of the reason WP fails in the US is that ATT gets 6 months exsclusive on every decent phone. 
  • As usual, people with no facts assert their judgment. Nokia would tell you (if they could) that AT&T's large subsidies and store promotions are one of the big reasons they have done as well as they have in the US. If these phones were $300 a pop on contract nobody would be buying them. And without an exclusive, carriers don't stick their neck out. So why don't we let Nokia (you know, the guys with all the FACTS?) decide what they should do? Nah... you're right... much better to take the snap judgment of random internet guy.
  • I wonder if the Nokia people actually visit stores outside of maybe flagship stores in NY or LA.
  • What they would find in NYC are stores with NO WINDOWS PHONES, and sales associates that dont know shit about them.  I went to ATT store on Park Avenue to demo the only do they not have one, they only had 1 windows phone tucked back in the corner next to the flip phones, it was the 520.  This is how you gain
  • truth! I have been to two locations in Manhattan and neither the sales reps encourage windows phone purchases, it's either Android or Apple for mobile devices in a number of NYC stores it looks like. For the record, I've been with AT&T since around 2004 and I will agree, they have some costly price plans and my service hasn't always been great at times however, overall I am satisfied with them as a provider but can understand the points of views of others who have left or are considering leaving AT&T for other carriers at the end of the day. 
  • These phones ARE $300 a pop on contract. Why is it you assume that Nokia is right here? They obviously made tons of terrible decisions which put them where they are today.
  • Actually the point of exclusivity isn't to reduce the price, its to force the carrier to advertise it.
  • Well said.
  • My Nokia Lumia 920 was $99 on contract, with a free wireless charger. It was and still is a flagship model. The Verizon version of mine, with upgrades that do matter, same price. The only $299 phone was the Nokia Lumia 1020, which has 32GB of storage and the best camera on a phone (41 MP Preview). That phone should have been more, but wasn't.
  • I love Nokia, but Nokia is making an unnecessary mistake here to go for the short term gain by having AT&T gain the phone as an exclusive. By giving it to AT&T, AT&T gets to shell out some amount of money that clearly does not effect their bottom line, while blocking T-Mobile (and any GSM-based regional carriers) from getting a flagship phone for a meaningful amount of time. At the exact same time, AT&T does absolutely nothing to push the phone that it buys the exclusivity toward, which means AT&T get whatever modest benefit there is to having the flagship WP phones (admittedly, a niche market, but I suspect that it nearly pays for itself and not much more for the time being) while expending no effort. You just have to look at what T-Mobile (US) is pushing in terms of their fees to understand where AT&T is going: screwing everyone except them whenever possible. I have a 25% discount, and I still pay $200 per month for four smartphone lines with 700 minutes (shared), unlimited texting (shared) and 2 GB per phone (not shared). To get a shared data plan would _increase_ the cost of my plan by $10 without risking overages. On the other hand, I could go to T-Mobile with unlimited minutes, unlimited texting, and any data plan for less than what I pay on AT&T ($100, $140, or $180 depending on the plan, assuming they all use the same plan), with no risk of overages and pre-discount _plus_ tethering included ($15 extra for AT&T per line, which I do not pay for). It goes without saying that traveling overseas also must be avoided to avoid a signing up for a new mortgage with AT&T. I'm convinced that AT&T is downright evil and I look forward to a phone that enables me to switch to T-Mobile, but unfortunately the 1520 is not it because of exclusivity. I will pay out of pocket for my next phone, but it must work on T-Mobile's 1700 MHz frequency (AWS), and I will break my contract (unfortunately renewed for the Lumia 1020; I absolutely love the phone, but I hate the carrier that worked around my discount agreement to not have upgrade charges by calling it something else to the tune of $40). Considering that only AT&T's version of phones do _not_ support 1700 MHz, it is pretty clearly intentional. Even AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S4 disables 1700 MHz, but a software switch can re-enable it on rooted devices. Certainly, AT&T's subsidization provides a short term gain for Nokia, but I suspect that if you really do the math, then the split manufacturing lines that push different hardware internals (deactivating AWS) in addition to the practically-mandated AT&T-logo-stamped shells (unavoidable) costs Nokia more money, particularly when losing out on potential sales on other networks. Apple is in a unique position of being able to bully the carriers, and the carriers are unlikely to make that mistake ever again (at least until the FCC steps in, but that appears unlikely to happen). Where Apple really wins big for themselves is manufacturing the exact same phone for each US carrier with the exception of Sprint (which, weirdly, is even more of a world phone than the others'). Just imagine the money saved by having one manufacturing line compared to Apple's competition (Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, etc)? Apple must make a killing on savings there alone (slave worker jokes aside). Maybe with Microsoft's weight, they can get there, but Microsoft seems unwilling to make the hard decisions to force carriers to do the right thing. The Lumia 920 is no longer a flagship model. The Lumia 925 has superseded it in the same category (style over all-else as it's mostly the same internals minus the slightly better camera), and the Lumia 1020 became the WP flagship model at its release. The Lumia 928 is a cousin of the Lumia 925, and it is effectively identical to the Lumia 920 (,Nokia-Lumia-920... ) minus the AMOLED screen.
  • I don't dispute anything you say, BUT it's also a fact (albeit an anecdotal one) that I'm completely unable to find an AT&T retail person who isn't against WP.  They don't know jack crap about it, they try to steer you toward an iphone, and they MISREPRESENT at times the ecosystem. 
    of the 1020, one said "it has a nice camera, but it's not THAT nice.  It doesn't take a 41mp picture, just a 5." 
    One said it "lacked BASIC app functionality"  (emphasis mine). 
    One was truly trying to be helpful, but said they had received almost no training on the phone.
  • I Agree! AT&T does not give A F**K about Windows Phone.
    They would do much better on another carrier.
  • I work for at&t and I can tell you that the reason at&t employees don't know as much as I do about the devices is because most reps there are average folks hired because of their fun personalities and soft skill set not tech savy, when I worked for big box retail it was the same way, I push windows across the board but it comes down to apps, apps, apps, they know that if a customer gets a phone/tablet and they don't have instagram or candy crush it will get returned (third party apps are no excuse) period. Things are getting better in that department and not everyone cares about those apps but the majority of consumers do. I can tell you that I love windows tablets personally but think about this, u have customers constantly coming in for help
    with their Asus rt tab but hardly ever see an iPad customer twice, you make the same money regardless of the OS they run, what one do you sell more?
  • You're right about ATT employees. They do have lively personality, but only a few I have encountered seemed tech savvy....btw, have you heard when the 2520 will be released or what the subsidy price will be? I'll even take your best guess.
  • ATT literally doesn't support Nokia phones.  My wife just picked up the 1020, wound up with a warranty issue and has to go directly to Nokia.  The ATT store we were at has a warranty/tech support department built into the back, but no help for a Nokia phone.
  • I didn't have that. The guy who sold me my phone said great things about it and asked questions as well. So it varies from location to location like anything.
  • It does vary, but your case is much more of the exception than the rule.
  • The people with the facts drove a multi-billion dollar company into the ground. That aside, where do you get that nokia windows phones are cheap on contract? Sure, after a few months they drop like a rock, same as every phone EXCEPT the iPhone. As for the comment about "without an exclusive carriers won't stick their neck out," I call BS. Is the s4 an exclusive? What about the Moto X? Sure you can only get custom backs for the Moto X on ATT, but I would gladly take a 1520 in only one color on Verizon, even if was that garish red.
    As for my judgement, if part of the reason for WP8's poor performance in the USA isn't related to carrier exclusivity, then it must all come down to what, a crappy OS? I personally know at least 5 people that would have loved to have the 1020 when it was new, but weren't willing to leave Verizon for it.
    Honestly, I hope the reason ATT is getting exclusives is some monetary concession they are giving Nokia and not any of the crap you came up with.
  • I think what he is saying is that your judgment means nothing compared to people at the top who know he facts. You are going off snap judgment and don't REALLY know the affects of exclusivity. You just don't like it ... So because you don't it is automatically labeled as something that hurts Nokia. Lets get something straight. You know absolutely nothing. You have very limited information of what goes on behind the scenes and the financial underpinnings associated with it. And so, your judgment is just as valid as my 12 year old son that says iPhone is going to fail next year. Why? Just because.
  • Numetheus, thanks for that post. Exactly what I am trying to say about making assumptions.
  • While I may or may not know the inner workings of nokia (which I admit I don't, but you had no way of knowing that), I do know about business. Exclusivity can be a boon, but it can also be a handicap. As for a snap judgement and it not hurting Nokia, how can availability on more carriers, including the LARGEST carrier in the US not help nokia? I could understand if they were bypassing Sprint, based on some sales numbers, but to bypass Verizon?
    Nokia, and windows phone in general, are the underdogs in an Android and Apple world. One of the primary concerns as the underdog is to grow marketshare and presence in the minds of consumers. Limiting your flagship devices to one carrier, especially the number 2 carrier, isn't the best way to do this. It worked for the iPhone because there was literally nothing like it when it was released. Even so, Apple is constantly looking to work with new Telco's.
    Hopefully some of this will end with the nokia purchase.
    Concerning getting something straight about what I do and don't know, I do know you have as little or less proof concerning your statements as I do with mine. I will favor less though because at least I can reference business models and sales numbers.
  • Galaxy S4 and Moto X are phones that bring people to the store, whereas Nokia and WP are unknown. Carriers want to carry S4 because people come in and ask for them. Not at all the same thing. There will always be anecdotal evidence that this or that AT&T associate didn't push WP, or some store doesn't display them. But on the whole Nokia gets better placement because of the exclusivity. And the $99 on contract price of most of the Nokia phones IS cheap for flagship. 1020 is an exception for obvious reasons. But this pricing is possible because AT&T is kicking in a bigger subsidy for the customer. Look, I understand... I wish things were different and every carrier had every model. But it's not the way it works here. Nokia is doing what they think is best for building their business the quickest. And again... you (and I) don't have the facts.... neither of us can say for sure if they made the right or wrong decision, because we don't know exactly what they got and how they did in the deal. Im just saying what i suspect is true based on listening and experience, and a theory that the people Nokia pay aren't actually idiots throwing darts and hoping they hit a target.
  • Yeah. This place seems to be filled with back seat business majors and analysts that think they know better than people at the top. I just laugh and ignore their comments. It's for the best really.
  • ^this "snap judgment of random internet guy"
  • Well, the ATT store here in Hawaii does well to show off Windows Phones in a normal day. Everything was dwarfed by the iPhone release.
  • Great point. It's not like Iphone was tied to AT&T. Oh wait...
  • Indeed; fuck ATT, until they can provided proper support for existing devices thay should not be geeting any new ones. Where the Fuck is Data Sense, Wifi Calling, etc...
    Had to wait for ages for the 920 gdr2...
  • But whataa about t-mobile?! :/
  • I stopped asking long time ago :( .... hopeless!
  • T-Mobile getting the Lumia 1525, in 3mths. Works for me as my girls JUMP kicks-in in March. Either that or get it unlocked from Rogers (if I can't wait)
  • Seriously, does no one pay attention? All they have to do is change a few things and call it the 2522 and sell it to Verizon/T-Mobile/Sprint. They've done it with the 822/925/928, and they'll probably do it with this if they think it'll be profitable.
  • Well there is Lumia 929 likelu incoming. 
  • Looks like you didn't pay attention. 2520 is a tablet and it's coming to Verizon as well without being renamed. You are thinking about 1520 but I definitely don't see it coming to Sprint or T-Mobile. Maybe Verizon.
  • I didn't proofread. Wrote my comment kinda quick. 1522*
  • Yes, they rename the phones for other carriers after 6 months of exclusive on AT&T.
  • THIS SUCKS!!!!! If Nokia don't take their face out of Att's ass and give T-Mobile a variant I'm getting a Xperia Z1 when it comes out. I'm tired of Nokia shafting us on T-Mobile
  • Its life. Its happened ever single time they've announced a killer device.smh
  • Ever think that maybe it's T-Mobile that doesn't want WP, not Nokia not wanting on T-Mobil?
  • I actually did until I asked. I was told due to Att exclusive deals Nokia wasn't making a high end available. I guess Nokia is following in Apples footsteps and screwing T-Mobile customers.
  • Gee, I wonder who told you that? They couldn't possibly have a motive for making it seem like it's Nokia's fault, right? If T-Mobile coughed up a better deal than at&t Nokia would take it. Why wouldn't they?
  • You do know Tmo publicly begged for a iPhone for years???? Tmo might not be publicly begging for a high end Nokia but they want one. They have every other manufacturer high end. Att just flat out bullies Nokia. Unfortunately Nokia doesn't have the balls to say no exclusives to Att like Samsung does.
  • Dick move Nokia. I thought they learned that exclusives aren't a good thing...
  • I think they are just learned to ignore the US market and focus to Europe and Asia.
  • Another exclusive. I don't even get my hopes off the ground anymore. Thanks for thinking of everyone else Nokia but otherwise, a great day for Nokia and Windows Phone!
  • Stupid. Dumb exclusive.
  • Suck my Dick. :D LOLZ
  • so im guessing $299 and around mid nov?  can't imagine them releasing the 1520 in december, but who knows.  They've been doing the announce and ship way of things lately. 
  • If it follows the 1020, expect it free on contract in a couple of months. This ATT exclusivity has got to stop.
  • Agreed!!
  • Let the bashing begin, but this is why I love ATT, there not afraid t invest in WP despite their over advertising the iPhone & lack of real WP advertising
  • +1520
  • That's all well and good for AT&T, but what about the others that actually want GOOD GSM and not be charged an arm and a leg. I love T-Mobile and had nothing but issues with AT&T. Carrier exclusives are stupid. Apple and Samsung learned this long ago. Even BB has changed their model to suit this. WTF is up with Nokia and Microsoft? You want market share in the states, make your high end stuff available to ALL carriers. IT WILL SELL!!!
  • Maybe T-mobile doesn't want the phone. Or maybe since it costs around $800 off-contract, T-mobile feels as though it would be a tough sell to their customers. Fact is, we don't know why it's exclusive to Att...aside from the fact that Att has supported WP from the start where other carriers stood on the sidelines to "wait and see".
  • You sound foolish. T-Mob coverage is abysmal. Due to the failed merger attempt two years ago, T-Mob now roams on AT&T's network, for LTE, as well as 3G. That's why you THINK your service is up to par. It isn't. Nokia would love to sell a high end phone on T-Mob, but T-Mob is unwilling to pay for it. Why do you think they got the paltry storage 925, instead. Their customers are cheap, so they only get what they know they can sell. Cheap. AT&T has the highest ARPU in America. That's why they get better phones than even Verizon. Less cheap a$$ed customers, equals the best stuff. Dont like it? Get over it. R&D ain't free. Advertising isn't either. I haven't seen a T-Mobile commercial in months. Where'd they go? Dang! They done JUMPed of a cliff, into a swamp! LOL! Quit whining! I wouldn't want Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint. None of them would even touch windows phone just 2 years ago. I go where there has always been at least a little love for my OS of choice.
  • Wow! I guess I'm not allowed my personal experience, in my area? I stopped reading after you decided to personally attack someone because they think different than you. TMO has been flawless for me in Boston. I've had, at&t and Sprint. For, me a$$hat, T-Mobile is the better GSM service. Your roaming argument is ridiculous, lol. Roaming doesn't work that way. I've been on TMOs network from day one, never roamed once. They use AWS here in Boston for LTE! Where do you get this mess from? Went back and read. You do know, at&t got the same 16gb 925 as TMO. Smh... You must work for at&t? Or did TMO fire you? Either way, you just made a complete a$$ of yourself because you have your facts incorrect. At least be knowledgeable if you're going to disagree with someone.
  • Apple and Samsung didn't "learn" that exclusives are bad. They became powerful enough and in enough demand that they didn't NEED to make exclusive deals anymore. Nokia would LOVE to be in that position. They simply aren't. Pull your heads out of the sand and use your brain.
  • HTC managed to get the HTC 8x, or a variant thereof, released on all the carriers.
  • Exactly, and they launched the HTC One, looks like someone else has their head up their ass and can't seem to use logic...
  • So you're happy they are gifted all of Nokia's exclusives and then spend more time and money promoting iPhone? This is why all of these Lumias need to be on every carrier. Such a dumb move by Nokia. There is a reason why the 822 was the best selling Windows Phone in the U.S. for most of the year, and it wasn't because it was the best Windows Phone. It was because it was on Verizon. People don't switch carriers.
  • I agree because I haven't seen ONE advertisement for the 925 from T-mobile. So out of all the carriers At&t does the most for Nokia. Verizon did well for the 928 also but at&t was better at supporting the Lumia brand.
  • AT&T doesn't advertise WP either. It's all on Nokia.
  • I don't think I got my answer before. But do I have to add the 2520 to my data plan? Or do they sell them outright? I really don't need more than WiFi.
  • I would assume you can buy it outright. If not at AT&T then somewhere else. Its not exclusive.
  • Agreed, I don't need an LTE tablet. I want a WiFi only version, separate from any carrier...
  • Come on at&t, let this come out before Nov 22nd so I can use smartglass when I play bf4 on Xbox one ... Commander mode yeaaaaaa boy
  • Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak :-( no T-Mobile?
  • Yeah I don't expect any flaghship on T-Mo til the hardware is kind of on the way out everywhere else...
  • Tmo sucks get over it...
  • You get over it. It would at least be nice to have a 32gb 925 -_-
  • That stinks.
  • I once again hope it gets released factory unlocked before the 24th of November, for such a cool device a 800-750$ price range is nice, and a must buy for me.
  • Verizon is getting the 929 exclusive and it will also have the 2520, they had verizon branded tablets on hand there.  I will patiently wait for the 929 cause i dont want a 6 inch screen :) plus i like verizon.  
  • Isn't the 929 just the 1320 for the U.S. market with the same 6-inch screen?
  • Rumors are saying its a 1080p 5 inch screen with a 20mp pureview camera also rocking the snapdragon 800 quad core. Hopefully they announce it sooner than later.
  • Damnit Verizon, give me COLOR!!!
  • I don't want a 6 in screen either, but ughh do I hate Verizon, not really sure how you could like them?
    Only reason I am still there is because that is what we use through the company. Sick of AT&T exclusives for WP and Verizon taking forever to get anything half decent.
    Why can't we just get decent plans where we can buy off contract phones and use on whatever network we want like most of the world?
  • GOOD NEWS!!!! j/k :)
  • Awesome...another great device that no one at AT&T will know a thing about, say it's junk, and then refer customers to Apple/Google crap.
  • Yup. Nokia will advertise the hell out of this like they do the 1020, only to have people go to stores and find it sitting turned off and lonely in a display somewhere (if they go to an AT&T store, if they go to a mall store or Best Buy they won't find it at all, of course) with salespeople barely containing their laughter when people ask about it.
  • O, how shocking.
  • Yall should have seen this coming, glad im a att customer.
  • Why? If you were a T-Mobile customer you could just ditch them and switch to AT&T for this since you're not on a 2-year committment. If you're on AT&T already and under contract, you can't upgrade to this phone if you recently bought another one. Why does this make you glad you're an AT&T customer? Do you enjoyed getting screwed over?
  • Maybe he's not under contract and can afford to buy the phone outright, which you'd also be doing on Tmo?
  • Unless he thinks he wouldn't be able to take his phone number with him or something to AT&T if he was with another carrier currently, I don't see the relevance of being currently on AT&T without a contract when seeing this announcement. And if he is currently on AT&T and not under contract, he's being screwed over, subsidizing new phones for everyone else. That's the AT&T business model.
  • Read about 1520 why? T-mobile
  • And this is yet another reason why I'm sticking with my 925, and getting a Surface Pro 2.
  • #teamatt
  • Well, shit. :(
  • It will most likely be sold as a network exclusive in the UK too, if they bother to release it here.
    Personally speaking, it won't have much success here in the U.K. because Phablets just aren't that popular here.
  • Uk is the same as SA brainless !!!!
  • I love AT&T exclusives.
  • I would just like to say as an at&t user... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • And how long did you wait for gdr2? Lololololol
  • Exactly! I will try my best to wait for a unbranded version.
  • "AT&T Version comes without wireless charging and only 16GB of internal memory" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • LOL
  • Goddamn at&t. They got the 900, the 920, the 1020 and now this. Variants are beside the point when there is a set time for at&t to c*ckblock the rest us first.
  • The 900 was crap bro
  • We'll guess what device will be some other carriers exclusive..? The 1523 or something, yup!
  • Another 2 month wait for those outside the US.
  • I figured this would be the case. For sure no 1520 for me then.
    Hoping the 1320 will be on T-Mobile.
  • That is what I am thinking...the 1320 will arrive as the 1325 or something like that on Tmobile soon and then in about 9 months the 1525 will arrive. I will take the 1320 if it arrives on Tmobile..or if its Pentaband...I will grab it from somewhere...I saw on another site that it would be around 339.00 I am not sure if that was true or some fan just saying that...either way...if i can get it ...I will trade the limitations of the 1520 for this....I dont thin its a bad device and it will be a 6 inch screen...all in all...LOVE WP
  • Previous WP Central article said 1320 would be $349. Since I'm not a spec junkie I would much rather have a lower end device at that price on T-Mobile than a higher end device for more on AT&T.
  • I can't wait to dump Sprint for AT&T in December.  To think 14yrs. ago I left AT&T(Cingular) for Sprint because they weren't getting the latest phones, now I am leaving Sprint for the same reason.  LOL.
  • Makes leaving WP all the more easier...
  • Been thinking the same thing
  • Oh yippee
  • See ya. Dont let the door hit ya in the Asha on he way out! Lol. One leaves, another one enters...
  • Tell em Goku !! :P
  • Any news on when it'll come to Canada? I love how Stephen Elop is Canadian, yet he always refers to just the United States as a market... The two markets typically get things at the same time, but you never know with Nokia what's coming to Canada...
  • The sleek design of the Nokia Lumia 2520 is available in red and black for Verizon Wireless customers, and black for AT&T Wireless customers. White and Cyan not in the USA.
  • I kinda hate the fact that AT&T seems to snag WP devices as exclusives.. even on a limited time. I'd be on verizon right now were it not for the fact that the 920 was exclusive to AT&T and verizon had abslutely nothing I wanted with respect to a windows 8 phone. Add to that I've never really been a big android fan and I won't go near an iDevice ever again and I was just sorta stuck with AT&T or nothing.  so.. another 2 year deal with AT&T... yay..... at least the next time the contract comes up I'll have choices *OUTSIDE* of AT&T. 
  • WTF?!  If MS and Nokia are serious about sales, they will STOP GIVING AT&T all of the good EXCLUSIVES!  While it may be an effective way for AT&T to gain customers, it's not going to help grow Windows Phone sales as much as if they offered them across the board.  Look at what it did for Samsung!  They made the GS3 (android, I know) available across all carriers, and it really vaulted them up the sales charts! 
    I am seriously contemplating returning to AT&T, since our Verizon service is about on par.  Verizon should really be making a stink about this, but they have the Droid lineup, so they don't care.  Someone stated (i'm not scrolling through all that again to say who) that they come out with a Verizon variant for all of them, but that's not true.  The 928 is the only Nokia worth a crap on Verizon.  The 1020 has been out plenty long enough, if they were going to make a Verizon one, they would've done it by now.  Of course, by the end of the conference, I' sure they'll come out with one and make me look like a (bigger) a55hole, lol
  • When att says we will spend 20 million advertising the device hive it its own table in our stores. Or if you don't make it exclusive we will still carry it but we will put it on a table labled windows phone and blackberry and won't spend a penny advertising it. What would you chose in a market your product can't break 3% market share, or in a market your breaking 15% share. Nokia has to meet carrier demands till it can get the share up. Simple fact.
  • ***Wireless charging shell sold seperately.***
    Just lost interest. My 920 has convinced me that not only is wireless charing essential, I want it built in. The global variant looks perfect, but everyone knew AT&T just had to find a way to f%#k it up.
  • You sure they aren't talking about the new wireless charging plate?
  • Wireless charging built in for the US (AT&T) variant.
  • I hope you're right. What are you sourcing to confirm that AT&T's variant maintains the built-in wireless charging?
  • I can kind of deal with the exclusive if I knew it was eventually going to come to t-mobile but so far no word on a 1020 variant coming to t-mobile.
  • Please have a new phone on T-Mobile before the end of the year! Disappointed with all the exclusive deals... :/
  • This is nuts.....Im with ATT and I'm annoyed by the monopoly on phones....doesn't that HURT sales...
  • Ah, another failed carrier exclusive. I mean, it failed with the 900, and the 920, and the 1020, so why not fail a fourth time and make sure that the 70% of the country not on AT&T still can't buy the flagship Windows Phone? Samsung, HTC and Apple won't complain -- they'll happily sell S4s, Galaxy Notes, Ones, One Maxed, and 5Ses to the 70% of the market that Nokiasoft have chosen to ignore, again.
  • I agree....
  • Yup. Like that popular definiton of insanity... doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
  • AT&T, and Verizon are separated by a few million customers. Each around what ~120+ million subs? If that's the case you can say the same about Verizon exclusives. I hate how everyone thinks Verizon has so many more subscribers than everyone else. There are two sharks hunting those waters, and AT&T's customers are the preferred ones, btw. Everybody's chasing their ARPU.
  • AT&T.....ooh Ok, see you later. I pass.
  • Despite everyone complaining about at&t, in my area it's generally the best carrier. There are a few areas where service is better on Verizon, most areas at&t is better. Their plans are nearly the same cost. Why so much hate for at&t?
  • Not hate for atnt. Hate for the fact that they get all the exclusives. Hard to show support to your own of choice when you can barely find a place where you can buy it.
  • I don't know, because they suck, maybe?
    Along with beating baby seals, and polishing their network towers using bottled orphans' tears, of course.
  • Lool waat ??? xD
  • I can only speak for me personally, but I hate them for being the strongest perpetuator of the extortionist business model and getting WP exclusives to support said extortion.
  • Verizon plans cost more, but they are the biggest perpetrators? Color me confused!
  • really it depends on where you are. my home is effectively in a 'dead zone', up until we moved it was perfectly fine going with AT&T. I've sent them messages, talked to them over and over and over and gotten zero results and zero help on trying to get something... *anything*... to help with the signal. if I go about two or three blocks in any direction things are fine. Meanwhile someone with Verizon visits... everything is fine.  if you happen to be in an area that AT&T has good coverage, you'll generally not have issues with them but if you're in a spot where it's patchy, prepare for crap on a cracker.  where this ties into Windows Phone is there are a LOT of people now starting to realize WP8 is good, sales volume is good for app volume and developer interst, these exclusives, even timed, shut out a LOT of potential buyers this is something of a turn off to developers who want the largest potential install-base they can get. 
  • WTF AT&T why would they remove the built in wireless charging? 
  • To sell wireless shells?
  • Atnt exclusive... Yayyyy...... Ffs..
  • Le me gets 1520 takes big dump on you :P LOLZ XD
  • The reason why Samsung does so well is they are everywhere but the WP is now the low end device.exclusive hurt just like the 1020 hey use your feet and walk.don't get pissed switch.
  • While the exclusive does suck, I don't undersand all the comments directed at Nokia. Does anyone really think that if Nokia was in a position to offer devices across all carriers at one time that they wouldn't? Do people really think that if Verizon or TMobile wanted the 1520 out of the gate that Nokia would say no? Think about it for a minute. So until the other carriers are clamoring for the devices, we will continue to see exclusives. Blaming Nokia won't change anything. Call your carrier.
    If memory serves, if wasn't until the SGS2 took off that Samsung was able to start offering the Galaxy line on all carriers at once. If a Lumia device was to sell in those numbers, I'm sure that Nokia would be in a better position to dictate deals.
  • BlackBerry sales hardly set the world on fire, but they were able to get the Z10 and Q10 onto almost all the major carriers.  And all four major US carriers have expressed a strong desire to grow Windows Phone's share of their devices.
    If Microsoft wants WP to truly be relevant, it needs a solid position in the US market.  And that's not going to happen by selling janky half-baked variants of devices on other carriers, six months to a year after launching the flagship as an exclusive.
    Customers on Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint will just buy the cool Androids or Apple devices instead, and WP will continue to fail in the USA.
  • BB has a much stronger history with US carriers than Nokia has which I think helped with those devices. I am not privy to any deals or negotiations but I haven't seen any publicly expressed desire by any other carriers to grow WP. If you do, please share.
    I agree that WP needs a solid position in the US but I believe the exclusives are due to a lack of carrier interest and not because Nokia wants it that way.
  • Thanks for pointing this out it's like people don't remember that sometimes carriers like Verizon don't care about pushing a flag ship WP when they are selling iPhones and Droids
  • Well, these are the last official Nokia WP devices, using the Nokia brand, not only will we not continue to see exclusives.....these are the final true Nokia devices.
    Going forward, it'll all be released under Microsoft's moniker, along with whatever carrier deals that they can work out.
  • Right you are how well will the MS branded phone sell..people have bad feelings with MS look how well surface did.even though its a great product
  • Kbilly, take your voice of reason and get out. People are trying to riot in here for cryin' out loud! ;-)
  • Does anyone know if you can purchase the phone unlocked and off contract? Im a tmo customer but would love to have this device. Please let me know!
  • Damn! I'm on Verizon and was interested in this! I agree that these exclusive deals are not helping WP. I'm also blown away that Verizon had already delisted my Lumia 822 on their website! I like the phone because of expandable storage, but like most, wanted the 920 or the 928. The 822 was a huge seller for Verizon and the 928 has really high reviews, so you pull the phone after less than a year? Stupid. WP is apparently doing well, so why not more carrier support? Damn!
  • Looking more and more like the 928 will be the last Lumia I puchase unless Nokia gets their collective head out of their ass and releases a NEW flagship on Verizone or TMobile at the launch of the device rather then 6-12 months down the line.
  • I agree! I still can't believe Verizon had to wait 6 months to get the 928! I have no regrets getting the 822, but this lack of support is really going to hurt WP.
  • This pisses me off.
  • AT&T version is going to be 16GB?
    In above link it says:
    Battery life Optional wireless charging  
    So, no built-in wireless charging for AT&T 1520?
    More differences: it says AMOLED display, and 2.3 GHZ proc instead of 2.2
  • I noticed that as well. I rather have wireless charging than 0.1GHz faster SoC and 32GB memory.
  • At&t always has had windows phones but the other three carriers not so much I get being frustrated about it but I can't blame nokia/Microsoft for making exclusive deals with At&t but they do need a Lumia phone that is on all four carriers in the future because I don't think HTC or Samsung will grab enough ordinary peoples eye so the first Lumia windows phone should be sold unbranded on all four carriers and on Microsoft store of course specs and size between the 1020 -1520 I guess it would be the 1120 or 1220 hmm just a thought
    Why are you doing this to us?
  • I had plans to buy the 1020 from MS Store this weekend, but now I am definitely getting the 1520, for the love of god this phone have specs better than my dell laptop. Jesus man.
  • As a T-Mobile costumer all I can say is ((clears throat)) NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  • Of course. Att.
  • This is beyond infuriating.
  • Why no Verizon? I've had no problems with them and my 928...
  • That AT&T product page better be damn wrong, or else they've royally ruined the 1520. No built-in wireless charging?! Different screen/processor specs?? Come on...
  • AT&T Version comes without wireless charging and only 16GB of internal memory. F.U. AT&T.
    You force me to buy an international version of the 1520 somewhere else.
  • This is exactly the reason why Windows Phone market share is low in the U.S. because of this exclusivity nonsense. If you want to start chipping away at Android's market share then you need to offer great devices on all carriers. T-Mobile has two WP devices, Verizon has two, Sprint has two yet they're not Nokia devices. Galaxy S series has been offered to all U.S. carriers since day one. It's not fair AT&T get first dibs & leave the rest of us out in the cold. Look at iPhone, as soon as their exclusivity deal with AT&T expired in 2010, they have been offered on every carrier now. C'mon Nokia, let's play hardball & let everyone have a share. Not to mention AT&T has expensive plans.
  • Buying it international. I will never sign a contract for service again.
  • Where would you go to buy an international version that's unlocked? Please do tell.
  • How much is it?
  • 1520 will retail for about 750 USD, and 2520 for about 499 USD.
  • I think everyone here all agree exclusives are hurting and not helping WP platform.
  • I work for at&t and I can tell you that the reason at&t employees don't know as much as I do about the devices is because most reps there are average folks hired because of their fun personalities and soft skill set not tech savy, when I worked for big box retail it was the same way, I push windows across the board but it comes down to apps, apps, apps, they know that if a customer gets a phone/tablet and they don't have instagram or candy crush it will get returned (third party apps are no excuse) period. Things are getting better in that department and not everyone cares about those apps but the majority of consumers do. I can tell you that I love windows tablets personally but think about this, u have customers constantly coming in for help
    with their Asus rt tab but hardly ever see an iPad customer twice, you make the same money regardless of the OS they run, what one do you sell more?
  • if they dont screw up the pricing like they did for the 1020 ill probably get one.
  • Bad move by Nokia I liked the talking about just buying it for 750
  • A quick spec sheet comparison Global vs. AT&T version: Global L1520 AT&T L1520 6.0" ClearBlack, IPS LCD 6.0" PureMotion HD+ AMOLED 32 GB storage 16 GB storage microSDHC up to 64 GB microSD up to 64 GB 2.2 GHz QCOMM 8974 2.3 GHz QCOMM 8974 Wireless charging Optional wireless charging Data Sense No Data Sense  
  • I though wireless charging was built in? And only 16gb of internal storage? Seem inaccurate
  • These specs are on AT&T's web site.
  • FML.
  • If At&t really has dropped the built in charging and gimped it down to 16Gb that kills any interest I had right there.
  • The AT&T site shows only three colors, black, white, and red.  When I saw the news this morning that this was going to have QI builtin and comes in yellow  I was in.  It is already big, don't feel like I want to add a charging plate.
  • Well that sucks for everyone else.
  • Praying for good variants.
  • I hate att. My next phone will probably be a Rogers running on tmobile once again. Just wish WiFi calling worked.
  • This is ridiculous. I'm on TMO... Is there any hope for me... Ever :/ I shudnt have to pay full price for an unlocked one just to be able to get it. Wtf. TMO better get a variant like they did with the 925 (which I currently own and love to death)!
  • This just once again confirms that if you want the latest and greatest on windows phone you have to be with ATT. I freaking hate ATT but am tired of seeing every great windows phone go to them. I would wait for a Verizon variant but I don't want it in black or white. It seems Verizon is not a fan of color choices.
  • Why no love for Verizon or T-mobile??
  • Nokia logic: Lets make our best Lumias exclusive to AT&T even though they take years to release updates
  • This seams like a great phone. That being said I wish Nokia would stop with the exclusive agreements with the carriers. By not releasing the same phone model to all carriers the adoption rate of a particular model is limited. (Lumia 920, 925,928) Limited adoption will not get accessory manufactorers onboard. It hurts Nokia and Windows Phone when someone looking to switch has a lousy accessory eco system to choose from. The case selection, extended batteries, etc is all piss poor for Nokia phones. I made the mistake of buying a Lumia 928 and regret it not because the phone itself isn't great, but because of a lack of available accessories. I won't buy another windows phone until I see great accessories. App are not the only think when considering a phone for business use.
    Release this same 1520 to all the carriers so the penetration of the phone will be the highest possible and will entice the accessory manufactoring community to make great accessories for this device.  
    Anyone else on board with this?