AT&T Tilt 2 and extras for only a penny; Also make $100

Looking for that holiday bargain on a Touch Pro 2? Look no further as Walmart is basically giving the darn thing away for a single cent (opens in new tab).

In exchange for your soul for 2 years, you can have

  • Touch Pro 2
  • Car charger
  • Bluetooth headset (generic?)
  • Screen protector

This matches nicely the offer from T-Mobile (free) and like them, AT&T and HTC have a trade-in deal where you swap your old phone for $100.  Certainly not a bad price at all, so feel free to pick up one...or a dozen for your friends.  Get it here (opens in new tab).

[via PPCGeeks forums]

Phil Nickinson

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  • C'mon Sprint, help us out
  • Great. I had to pay $350 to get my Fuze out the door. This one they're practically giving away. I hate AT&T.
  • I'm returning my Cute looking Palm Pre and i should be receiving my TP2 from t-mobile for free with a bluetooth headseat. HELL YEA!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING ON SPRINT TO DROP THE PRICE OF THE TP2 BUT THEY NEVER DID SO I JUST HAD TO JUMP SHIP!
  • Still need to get a 900 minute plan, at least (for individual plans). The 450 minute plan kicks the price up to $199.99 for the phone. No deal, and clearly not comparable to T-Mobile's, whose TP2 is free even with their lowest minute plan.
  • Mm...good point. Although if you trade in your old phone, it brings it down to $99, which is still pretty good. Don't forget, for some it IS the network that comes first, then the phone deal.
  • If you were talking T-Mobile vs. Sprint or Verizon, I'd give you the network coming first. But AT&T vs. T-Mobile? I know you want to defend your post, but give me a break. And the $100 trade in also applies for T-Mobile, which brings the phone down to -$100. And if you get a data plan you get a $50 credit. Which brings the phone down to -$150. So you're talking about a $250 difference. And then you can pay $200 for the ETF and switch to Even More Plus, where you're saving $15-$20 per month over AT&T.
  • Why give you a break? I can't imagine everyone thinks T-Mobile and AT&T are equivalent--they don't have the same coverage, some just don't prefer the service, T-Mobile's lack of 3G availability is legendary. I don't have to defend my post: for some who want AT&T it's a good deal and not everyone wants T-mobile and their sparse 3G network, m'kay? It's about choice.
  • Product Price $249.99
    $50 LetsTalk instant discount -$50.00
    Shipping FREE
    Price Today: $199.99
    $199.99 LetsTalk mail-in rebate -$199.99
    Your Price* FREE and it does work for extensions! i think i'm gonna take this offer up... was getting ready to call up At&t and bargain with them to see if i could get it for $200.
  • Hi folks,
    New to the board, lurking for a little while.
    Got my ATT Tilt II ordered from, w contract extension. Free shipping, free activation, free Tilt II.
    Will receive in 2-3 business days. Lets Talk agent said this deal was only good for today.
    Thanks for the heads up. Great Deal.
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  • What a freakin' scam. Walmart is NOT selling the HTC Touch Pro 2 / AT&T Tilt 2 for a penny at any of their retail establishments anywhere in the country. They're also not selling it for a penny on Walmart dot com. I said "SCAM". Right? Walmart is NOT offering the HTC Touch Pro 2 / AT&T Tilt 2 in any capacity at any level throughout it's entire corporation. IF you were to click on the Walmart link that precedes these comments (which I did), you'll see that it says "Product Not Found". WME Experts needs to research things, before it attempts to collect money for each coded hit that comes from this site. What a freakin scam. And the fictitious "post" from NYCNY"? Gimme a freakin' break.
  • wow, walmart is offering the tilt II on its site via [heres the link for a handicapped person as yourself ] Both of them partnered up a while ago and that deal was available on fri 11/27. If you go now to walmart's wireless site the tilt II is offered for $99 with the accessory bundle ($299 with 2x $50 instant rebate and $100 mail in rebate). says the offer is only valid until today monday 11/30
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  • Read the fine print above: a penny and a soul. How much is a soul going for these days?