AT&T Tilt ROM Update Tomorrow (Update: It's Here!)

Update: The update is out now, you can go get it from HTC's site - looks like we should have been clearer when we said “AT&T will be releasing” the update, it's technically coming to you direct from HTC. Which is something we should have figured, since HTC seems to prefer providing their updates directly (ala the Mogul update) rather than mucking about having the carriers provide it. (Tip of the hat to Tilt Site for pointing out the distinction!)

Thanks to nbarksdale in the comments for telling us it's here. :D

We have it from reliable sources that AT&T will be releasing a ROM update tomorrow, February 15th. The update isn't going to add any significant new features -- unless “working properly” counts as a feature. It's not Windows Mobile 6.1 or a magical driver to speed up the display, either. Instead, expect a bunch of bugfixes, mostly related to speed and Bluetooth issues.

Here are the things you'll no longer suffer through on your Tilt once you apply the “software version 1.62.502.0”:

  • Device freezing during unlock process when a password is enabled on the device.
  • Pocket Outlook unresponsive when launched while on an active voice call.
  • Fast Forward and Rewind not working with Bluetooth headset and the Tilt.
  • DTMF tones for the slide out QWERTY keyboard not working.
  • Intermittent unresponsiveness from Touch Screen (aka Start Button Issue).
  • Excessive background noise while using a BT headset.

The update comes out tomorrow, but you might want to head to our How To article on Customizing your Tilt today so you can be prepared. A new ROM means that AT&T will be throwing a lot of crapware “bonus applications” onto the device, and the tips in the comments are something you'll want on hand when you apply the update.

Thanks anonymous tipster!

Update: We lied [about there being no new features available: WOW, can't believe I let that be so ambiguous!!] -- looks like there'll also be a new version of BlackBerry Connect tomorrow as well - though that might be available for any Windows Mobile device that uses BlackBerry Connect. It won't be built-into the ROM, but you can download the new version via the standard stub-app included on the Tilt.

WC Staff