AT&T updates their support page for Mango

AT&T is gearing up to roll out Mango today and presumably over the next few weeks. In doing so, they've updated their support page for customers to grab some information on the whole process.  The update advisory states:

AT&T and Microsoft have released software updates for the LG Quantum, HTC Surround, and Samsung Focus with Windows Phone 7. This update will install Windows Phone 7.5 (AKA "Mango"), and includes the following changes:

  • LinkedIn and Twitter integration
  • Contact groups
  • Facebook chat, check-ins, and photo tagging
  • New Bing search features including music and vision search
  • Improved web browser
  • Local Scout
  • Many more updates and improvements

While still not the update itself, it's more than obvious that AT&T wants to be out the gate here with Mango. Hopefully you'll be getting your notification soon.

Source: AT&T Support (opens in new tab); Thanks, Tom A., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Where's my Focus S?!
  • There's going to be a lot of unhappy folks tonight (and the next few weeks) with this rolling update.
  • They'll get over it.
  • microsoft is a strange beast :) I love their slow deliberate approach, but man I am pulling my hair out here.
  • Guess I'll have to stay patient for the update as an HTC HD7S owner. Isn't this fragmentation, the exact thing Microsoft was marketing wouldn't happen with their phones?
  • Nope cause unlike android, EVERY Windows Phone is capable of running mango and will get mango
  • A slight delay isn't fragmentation. The fragmentation came from every phone being permanently on a different OS, because no one had to update.Also because all the internals were different amongst even the same generation. Everything was different.
  • Nah, this situation isn't fragmentation. My old LG Panther not being able to be updated for no discernible reason is though.
  • its already 7:02pm of Sept 27th here in the Philippines but I'm still not seeing any update on my phone.... cant wait for it... :D
  • its already 7:12pm of Sept 27th here in the Philippines but I'm still not seeing any update on my at&t htc surround.... cant wait for it... :D
  • There's no promise that you'll receive it today. You should have it in the next 2 weeks. It's a rolling update. You may read of someone receiving the update, but you may or may not receive it today.
  • Att rep said in an exchange today, they only show it should be available via Zune today, and they have released it. Putting it back in MS hands.