If you're not familiar with the Windows Central forums (shame on you!), it's a place where like-minded Window users can ask questions, find answers, share personal experiences and opinions, and make online friends. We've got forums for everything Windows, and each and every section — every single thread — is populated with passionate folks looking to share insight and absorb information from intelligent Windows lovers like yourself.

We know just how important Microsoft's Windows Insider program is to Windows loyalists, so we decided to dedicate a new forum specifically to the initiative, and more importantly, to you, the Insiders. If you haven't already checked it out, pop on over to the new Windows 10 Insiders forum, and take a look around.

James Falconer

Simple roll call here! If you're an Insider, raise your hand by posting in this thread!!


It's new but it's already a happening place, with a variety of bustling threads, including these:

You're already a Windows Insider. Now it's time to become a Windows Central forums insider.

The new Windows Central Windows insider program forum