Racing around and blowing things up with Awesome Chase for Windows Phone 8

Awesome Chase is a new Windows Phone 8 game that puts you in the middle of a combat arena where you have to drive your car through various open courses, battling enemy cars, blowing them up and collecting various odds and ends.

Awesome Chase four game modes, four car classes, sixteen power-ups and six different gaming arenas. It is a fast paced game for your Windows Phone 8 device that has a certain level of appeal.

Awesome Chase Menu

Awesome Chase Main Menu

The main menu for Awesome Chase has options to play one of the two main modes, play a survival mode and access the game's store where you can purchase upgrades. You're gaming settings sit along the left side of the main menu and include sound/music on or off and access to your player profile.

Awesome Chase Store

The Awesome Chase Store is where you can go to buy upgrades to your existing fleet of cars or buy new cars to increase your fleet with the cash you earn on missions/levels.

You have two main gaming modes with Awesome Chase.  The Survival Mode is just as it sounds. You try to survive enemy attacks for as long as possible. You also have the "Play" mode that has three unlockable game modes within that includes Death Match, Capture the Flag and Rush Hour. You being with Death Match where you are tasked with certain objectives, avoid being wiped out by the enemy and for added bonus see how many of the enemy cars you can take out along the way.

Awesome Chase level objectives

Awesome Chase Mission/Level Objectives

As you complete the Death Match levels, Capture the Flag becomes available and once you complete those levels you will find Rush Hour becomes unlocked. All totaled there are eighty-four levels or missions to tackle with Awesome Chase.

When you first start playing Awesome Chase you'll be taken through a tutorial that explains what the icons are for and your gaming controls. Awesome Chase lacks a help section or the ability to repeat the tutorial so you'll need to pay some attention to things.

Awesome Chase

Awesome Chase Game Screen

The gaming control is limited to steering your car. Acceleration and any weapons fire is done automatically. A virtual steering wheel sits in the lower right corner of the screen. The car doesn't turn on a dime and it does take a little time to get used to the steering response. Don't be shocked if you find yourself constantly running into things or missing your target all together.

Your health, ammunition count, money and experience stats line the top of the screen with your mission objectives and timer sitting at the bottom center of the screen. Mission or level objectives are laid out before each stage and you have a set time to meet those goals.

As you run around in circles avoiding and attacking enemy cars, you collect items such as shields, health points, and weapons that appear at random on the screen. The challenging part of things is that your enemy cars are trying to collect the same items.

Awesome Chase

Awesome Chase Game Screen

Overall, Awesome Chase has potential. I would have liked to have seen a help section for reference and the mission title sits at the top of the screen, minimizing your field of view. You already lose a good bit of the playing field with the on-screen steering wheel. It would be nice if that mission title banner would disappear after a few seconds to open up more screen real estate.

Graphics are a little on the minimal side but it works, there is plenty of gaming involved with Awesome Chase and once you get used to the steering, the game does begin to grow on you. Not sure if Awesome Chase can hold up to marathon gaming sessions but it's not bad for shorter spurts.

Awesome Chase is a free game for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can find here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Awesome Chase

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  • 1gb ram..don't cry L720 my love.. The app will return once optimized for 512mb ram devices
  • +720
  • Not sure why a game like this would need 1GB, but its nice that the dev has promised to update it for 512MB soon.  My hope is that the massive popularity of the 520 line will spur devs to target 512MB from the beginning.  There is no reason for 99.9% of apps to need more than 512.
  • from experience, i think they just defaulted in Visual Studio to 1GB so they don't have to think about it first then try to recompile it for 512MB later, not... exactly... sure if that is a good idea at all...
  • If it makes you feel any better, i cant run this on my Ativ S either since the res is 1280x720
  • +620 :(
    8MB 2D app that needds 1GB RAM? Maybe just ensuring it always runs smoothly...
  • Clay Bike can you please publish this game here in the Brazilian Windows Phone Store?
    I can help with the process.
  • this is why I come here
  • Why don't developers publish world wide?
  • Because some regions need rating certificates and other nonsense that can be tiresome, hassle or even costly to obtain.
  • Not available as app uses features not on my phone??? WTF!!! (HTC 8X)
  • It's great to see a dev answer queries like this.
    Hopefully I'll be able to play it on my ATIV-S at some point when the 720p fix is done :)
  • And freakily, all the replies from the dev disappears...
  • Not sure why all of my messages are marked as spam, so I decided not to comment in a few hours
  • I read that as Chase as in the bank, LOL!!!
  • I tried this about a week or so ago.  Looks neat.  Controls are horrible, IMO.
  • I tried it briefly. I love the art style for the cars. Unfortunately, the interface is amateurish and the controls are terrible. There's little indication that they did any kind of gameplay balancing. It's difficult to play for all the wrong reasons. It's got potential, but it's going to need a lot of polishing.
  • XBLA is a disaster !!!! more than 5weeks without games except  HALO and UNO that has been uploaded
  • Autoduel anyone? Would love to see this taken to the next level.