10 awesome controller designs from Xbox Design Lab

The Xbox One controller is great, but if you stick with the one that comes with the console you're using the same thing as millions of other people around the world.

Why not treat yourself to a custom creation from Microsoft's official Design Lab, where there are more combinations on hand than you could ever try for about $70. Here are eight awesome designs courtesy of the Windows Central community.

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Smart in blue and pink

We'd maybe go for blue on pink not pink on blue, but needless to say we're big fans of this color scheme in these parts!


Fan of the Chicago Blackhawks? This one's for you!

If you're not, don't worry. Tell your friends you just went wild.

Sophisticated in dark blue

There's a sophisticated elegance about this design with its dark blue base complimented by gray accents.

This is a controller ready to take you out for a fancy dinner.

Racing Club

Sports teams are a popular theme for Design Lab controllers and this incredible effort is based on the soccer team, Racing Club.

It's a pretty perfect match for the jersey!

A classic combo

There are some colors that just go. Red and white is a classic combo that never looks bad.

This controller puts red on white which we think is the right way to do it!

Devilishly good

Whether you like the New Jersey Devils or not I think you'll agree that this is one hot looking controller.

Classy looking grey and blue

This controller looks like a nice suit, all dressed up for a day at the office.

Blue and gray works really well together, especially in this combination.

Love this controller, you must

Themed after everyone's favorite small green Jedi, we love this Yoda themed design lab controller.

The colors are even a pretty good match for his skin and robes!

Gamecube's greatest

Nintendo nostalgia is always strong, and the Gamecube is something of a cult classic.

This Design Lab effort brilliantly brings back to life the purple and yellow dream!

Here's one we made earlier!

An actual controller! This one our Executive Editor, Daniel Rubino, designed and had made up. It's pretty wild!

Show us your Design Lab creations in the Windows Central forums!

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Updated February 26, 2018: We added some fresh selections that caught our eye, be sure to drop your own creations into the forums thread!

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