New black Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Studio revealed in leaked marketing image

A new marketing image spotted by Walking Cat on Twitter has confirmed that the upcoming Microsoft hardware event will unveil refreshed Surface devices, including an updated Surface Pro and Surface Laptop in black, and a new Surface Studio.

For weeks, there have been rumors that Microsoft were planning minor refreshes of its Surface line up in October, and this marketing image all but confirms this. The devices look almost identical to the current ones on the market, with the only real differences expected to be upgraded internals.

Rumors also suggest that the new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro will come in a new black color; a call-back to the original Surface tablets that also shipped in black. It doesn't look like Microsoft is removing the grey options, only that black will be an additional color choice for customers to choose if they so wish. It doesn't look like the Surface Studio is black in the marketing image, however.

Microsoft is set to announce these new products, plus more, in just a few hours at a private event in New York. We understand that the event will not be livestreamed, meaning if you want to keep up with all the latest announcements as they happen, you'll have tune in to our live blog which we'll be running from the event itself.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • No USB-C on a premium product like this = fail
  • Of course there will be USB type c
  • Rumor is there won't.
  • Rumor has it there will not be. This shows just how out of control the Surface team is. They are the new Apple. They want to force you to buy overpriced proprietary docking stations. They don't want universal compatibility with anything. Desperate cash grab from Panos.
  • They have to not piss off the OEM's. If anything, leaving out USB-C is the opposite of a cash grab. They're restraining their own competitive instincts. The goal is to enhance the ecosystem by inspiring the OEM's.
  • Rumor is they are not
  • A rumor that came from MSPU who routinely has zero credibility. WC has said time and again they don't report on these things if their sources don't verify the legitimacy. If every other outlet wants to copy and paste an article for clicks that's their choice but the fact nothing has been mentioned here is all the evidence I need that the leak was fake.
  • Who said it came from MSPU? WC don't report on anything. It's all 90% advertisement and 10% opinion articles. Come back after the announcement.
  • They report on what their sources, who have consistently proven their trustworthiness, can verify. They could have easily written an article debunking the leak but they didn't acknowledge at all because there are "leaks" like that about everything every day and there's no point in giving them the attention. Other outlets only reported it because "oh no microsoft messed up" is the easiest clickbait in the world.
  • Way easier than Windows Central's "adicles". Those take real journalistic integrity and courage.
  • bleached Then why are you always here?
  • Oh look I was right.
  • I rather get a display port and USB-A than a USB-C. So..."fail" depends on your taste and needs.
  • I would agree with you if this was a cheap product. But it's not.
  • Yet another reason. I prefer diversity of ports instead of a cheaper "jack of all trades, master of none" one like USB-C.
  • Surface are reference or aspirational devices. Old technology like USB-A and display port should not be included at all. The OEMs already know how to do that stuff.
  • Aspirational devices and useless devices aren't the same thing. Niche tech like USB-C doesn't make them aspirational at all. They make a few nerds happy but not most customers. And, believe it or not, Microsoft doesn't design these things to appeal to nerds. They design it to appeal to the broader consumer.
  • A device that has USB C is "aspirational" lmao Man some people just see whatever they see on the media and regurgitates their bullshit. Its like the people that defines iPhone or Android phones as a fashion statement.
  • I'll replace the display port for thunderbolt and keepy USB A thank you.
  • who cares, im still getting one. i dont need usb-c right now.
  • *Courage There, FTFY
  • Although USB-C is not pervasive in the market as a full replacement, Microsoft has to realize that perception is an important part of sales as well. Shipping these in 2018 without USB-C ports 'feels' last gen and out of date. That affects press and overall translates into reviews and user recommendations. Since the Surface line is a "premium" line, it becomes hard to recommend the device when it 'feels' old, regardless of build quality, etc. If these devices do not have USB-C, it's a real misstep for the Surface line and proves once again, Microsoft has no idea on how to STAY relevant in the marketplace.
  • usb c feels so flimsy and fragile. I would hate it if they went to a usb c charger instead of the magnetic surface connector
  • All-black (almost) everything.
  • ***** no black surface go
  • This was leaked like ten days ago!
  • **** all that usb c **** and disappointment, I feel like they are holding out till 2020 to be like bam here's all you want and more
  • They look way better than the silver versions. Which poses a problem...I'm gonna have to replace my SP5 even though I definitely don't need to...crap.
  • I'll buy it forom you half off 😂😂
  • the event doesn't get any "minor" and these gotta have type-c.. its no brainer.
  • No USB C. Dongle life.... Here's a leaked unboxing:
  • Isn't USB-C what gives you dongle life? Isn't USB-A what keeps it away?
  • That Surface laptop is looking amazing in black...OMG
  • wow.. so the surface team was working on a painting project to color the surface devices to black? Huh.. I dont think they have enough resources and guts to upgrade their devices yearly. I am desperately waiting for SB 3 but there is nothing... I think they only need "a moment of your time" to show you their new black color devices. If thats going to happen, I will be very disappointed. I hope MS come up with some new hardware and upgrades.
  • Guts? Really? It's a computer. A big company like Microsoft can release it year after year and still be well financially. They don't do it because it just doesn't make sense to release a new product with nothing new to show year after year. Of course what am I saying, I just don't go buy the same new **** that came out just because it's new and shiny.
  • seriously, it is a pretty sad state when the most exciting thing to announce is "black" ):
  • Just wait for the next big thing. In 2021 they will have a slate blue option!
  • If there isn't a need to release a new device then why? They are doing it just like Apple is.. nothing significant.. just have releases.. keeps them in everybody's imagination
  • That's why it isn't live streamed. Not a major update.
  • Is not only Apple. Samsung, HTC, Google, One plus all do the same thing. Huawei even take it to the extremes and release something new almost every week 🤣 People like to spend money they don't have on useless **** just because they saw it on the media.
  • Black Surface Mobile (Andromeda)...Now THAT would be something really worth reporting!! 😉
  • Black means fingerprint magnet! That's how it was with the surface RT and Pro 1 and 2
  • One of the worst hardware event... I can only laugh or cry... completely disappointed.
  • Surface is now at the product stage where there is no innovation, just iteration.
    they have everything covered: desktop, laptop, tablet, 2-in-1, budget tablet.
    what's left that they could do...