Steve Ballmer

As the owner of the LA Clippers, Steve Ballmer is now focusing his attention on bringing the Larry O'Brien trophy to Los Angeles. Bloomberg Businessweek is running a feature on the executive that offers a glimpse into his life after Microsoft, and his passion for basketball.

Ballmer admits that there is a lot of work to be done before the Clippers can achieve success:

"You've got to decide whether you need to do Version 2.1, or do you need to just blow it up and do a whole renamed product or a Version 3. I think the basic theory is that we're close. We have to work with blood and guts and hard-core commitment and good character on and off the court. You have to be all in."

Ballmer has already mentioned that he was veering players away from using iPads to a Windows-based tablet, and is looking to further integrate technology into the team's training sessions.

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For the feature story, head on over to the link below. It's an interesting read, and comes with a great cover photo:


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Source: Businessweek; Via: The Verge