Battlefield 1: Friends in High Places field manual guide

The Battlefield 1 campaign contains field manuals scattered throughout individual chapters that you must find if you want to claim a special tank skin and some achievements.

Here's where to find all six field manuals hidden throughout the Friend in High Places campaign.

Fall From Grace chapter field manuals

There are five field manuals in the Fall From Grace chapter. Here's where to find them.

First field manual

  1. After you kill the smoking guard and his pal, walk down the road past the barn.

  1. Go right as soon as you're past the barn.

  1. Walk between the barn and the shed with the lamp. You will see a cart ahead of you.

  1. The field manual is located on the far side of the cart.

Second field manual

  1. Walk down the main road as you continue the chapter until you come to the next farmyard.

  1. Head to the right of the farmyard; you can ignore the guards or kill the guards.

  1. The shack with the sloped roof is your target.

  1. The field manual is located inside this little room.

Third field manual

  1. Immediately after collecting the second field manual, turn 180 degrees and start walking.

  1. Keep going past the fence until you see the lantern. You might have to dispatch some guards if they notice your presence.

  1. Enter the barracks with the lit lantern out front.

  1. The field manual is located between the second set of cots in the barracks.

Fourth field manual

  1. Continue along your way until you see a loudspeaker with a brazier near it.

  1. Run into the trench past the loudspeaker and go up the staircase.

  1. Take the first path to your right.

  1. Walk down the path until you come to a gap — jump over it.

  1. Walk straight ahead toward the overturned cart.

  1. The field manual is located next to the overturned cart.

Fifth field manual

  1. Immediately after collecting the fourth field manual, turn to your right. You will see a bunker with a large spotlight on top. Walk toward the bunker.

  1. Enter the trench at the opening and go to your right.

  1. Go left at your first opportunity.

  1. Follow the trench up the stairs.

  1. Enter the bunker and turn to your left. There might be an enemy soldier within.

  1. The field manual is nestled in the corner.

Forte et Fidele chapter field manual

There is only one field manual to find in this chapter. Here's where it is:

You start this chapter in your fighter. After you take out enemy fighters and bombers (and some surprises), you'll eventually end up atop a zeppelin. Once you fall into the zeppelin, the fun starts.

  1. There's really only one direction to go. Follow the zeppelin's catwalks until you come to a diamond-shaped doorway with white tanks hanging just past it.

  1. Turn right after the second tank.

  1. The field manual is located on the catwalk.

Your collection

Were you able to locate all field manuals in the Friends in High Places campaign? How's the rest of your collection shaping up? Let us know in the comments section below!

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