Battlefield 6 reveal date and time: Trailer audio leaks as announcement nears

Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Electronic Arts is soon expected to debut its first teaser for a new Battlefield game, with rumors of an imminent unveiling for the next mainline entry. Reports suggest a near-future setting, serving as the backdrop for the largest Battlefield project to date, colloquially dubbed "Battlefield 6."

Official word on the next Battlefield game is fast-approaching, with the publisher promising an imminent reveal. Early May has seen speculation surge, with alleged leaks surfacing online. Here's what we know about the Battlefield 6 reveal so far, plus what to expect from the first trailer.

Battlefield 6 trailer reveal date and time

Hopes are high headed into the next Battlefield unveiling, with Electronic Arts pitching a "next-gen" experience, leveraging the best of modern console and PC hardware. We expect expanded multiplayer hosting up to 128-player matches, updated map-wide destruction, and an overall leap in visual fidelity. The game is currently on track for a late 2021 release, with the reveal soon to hit.

Electronic Arts has remained relatively quiet on the Battlefield 6 reveal, solely teasing more on the title via an initial reveal "soon." Reputable insiders suggest May will provide our first glimpse at the experience, ahead of a full gameplay unveiling this summer. It appears likely that we'll hear more about the next Battlefield game in the coming weeks.

Update May 7 (10:01 a.m. ET): The full audio track for the upcoming Battlefield 6 unveiling has allegedly surfaced online.

Update May 7 (10:19 a.m. ET): GamesBeat editor, Jeff Grubb, reports the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer may arrive later than initially expected, now targeting late May or early June.

Update May 10 (11:45 a.m. ET): Music duo 2WEI, creators behind music found on the leaked Battlefield 6 trailer audio track, have teased "two new game trailers" featuring its music dropping this week. It suggests the next Battlefield could be unveiled by May 14.

What we know about Battlefield 6

Battlefield 6 Demo

Source: Electronic Arts (Image credit: Source: Electronic Arts)

Electronic Arts has long teased its next Battlefield game, briefly mentioning the project in passing at EA Play Live in June 2020, alongside Dragon Age 4. The appearance primarily focused on technical advancements behind its vision, showcasing large-scale battle simulations, new destruction models, and facial animations.

The conversation has since shifted to its "next-gen" ambitions amid the launch of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles. "The technical advancements of the new consoles are allowing the teams to deliver a true next-gen vision for the franchise," Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson told investors in late 2020. It suggests the next Battlefield has been built around the capabilities of the latest consoles, raising questions around availability on older Xbox One and PS4 hardware.

The latest on Battlefield now relies on rumors and leaks, with insider sources recently providing an insight into what comes next. Tom Henderson, a reputable leaker with a proven track record, suggests an upcoming soft reboot titled "BATTLEFIELD." It will embrace a near-future setting, blending modern-day conflict with drones, robots, and upcoming military tech.

The next Battlefield also appears poised to embrace franchise staples, described by Henderson as Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4 "on steroids." That comes with increased environmental destruction, allowing players to level the majority of multiplayer maps, with the same meeting of infantry and vehicular encounters. We've rounded up all the latest Battlefield 6 news and rumors so far for a deeper dive into what's ahead.

What to expect from the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer

The upcoming Battlefield 6 unveiling is expected to provide the first taste of the project, laying the foundations for a full showcase later this year. Battlefield has always maintained a reputation for its action-filled trailers, and Battlefield 6 will likely be no different. These initial trailers frequently set the bar for artistic vision without actual gameplay, lightly touching on fundamental systems to expect.

The debut trailer will likely feature in-engine footage depicting the game's setting, although with an extended gameplay demo assumedly held for Electronic Arts' EA Play Live event, currently forecasted for June.

Alleged Battlefield 6 screenshots are the latest spoiler for the upcoming trailer, with reputable insiders backing their authenticity. The images support previous leaks, showcasing large environments with drones and rocket launches, all indicative of the proposed near-future setting. As low-resolution, work-in-progress captures, we don't expect the quality of these images to reflect the final trailer.

Update May 7 (10:01 a.m. ET) — Battlefield 6 full trailer audio leaks

The alleged audio track for the video has started circulating online, with the reveal trailer for the next Battlefield title reportedly close to dropping. The trailer features the expected soundscape for any Battlefield trailer, including references to the rocket launch represented in previously leaked screenshots. The audio also features a rendition of "Run Baby Run" from 2WEI and Ali Christenhusz.

You can listen to the alleged audio track via a post on Reddit.

Update May 7 (10:19 a.m. ET) — Battlefield 6 reveal trailer delayed?

While Battlefield 6 was previously expected to surface in early May, video games industry insider and GamesBeat editor Jeff Grubb now implies internal plans may have shifted. Grubb has since stated that the next Battlefield game's debut trailer could debut sometime later in May or spilling into early June, via a recent tweet.

It currently remains unclear whether internal plans have further changed, with leaks surfacing at a rapidly increasing pace. Still, images from the trailer and the whole audio track are now reportedly circulating, which could push the publisher to adapt its approach.

Update May 10 (11:45 a.m. ET) — Battlefield 6 reveal trailer "this week"

Just days after alleged audio from the upcoming Battlefield 6 reveal trailer hit the internet, music duo 2WEI has sparked additional speculation. "Happy Monday! Two new game trailers with our music coming this week," the group said on Twitter. It comes after its track, "Run Baby Run," was identified in a supposed leak from the debut trailer. If one of the two games in question, we'll hear more about Battlefield 6 very soon.

While a formal reveal date for the next Battlefield project remains in flux, it appears almost certain that we'll hear more in the coming weeks. Electronic Arts has suggested something is brewing, with the first traces of assets in the wild. With next-generation consoles on the market, plus a new setting diverging from recent entries, Battlefield 6 looks to be an anticipated release for the fall.

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