Battlefield V gets Wake Island map on December 12

Battlefield V
Battlefield V (Image credit: EA)

What you need to know

  • Battlefield V is getting a new Wake Island map on December 12.
  • You'll get a chance to fight in the Pacific theater again.
  • Wake Island is one of the most popular maps in the Battlefield franchise.
  • You purchase Battlefield V for $30 on Amazon.

Battlefield V didn't garner the thunderous response Battlefield 1 received, but that hasn't stopped EA from working on new content for the game. Recently, the team released the Pacific theater arena as a free update. It looks like a Wake Island map is coming to the game soon, too.

According to the company, you can "experience the reimagination of Battlefield's most iconic map, Wake Island" on December 12. As expected, it's going to be "a free update for all Battlefield V players."

Hopefully, it'll be an engaging map that doesn't end up being a boon for snipers. It'll be interesting to see how diehard fans receive this update.

Battlefield V fans have been unhappy with the slow pace of updates, and lots of missed deadlines on the previously-announced roadmap, but additions like this could be signs of EA trying to turn the ship around. However, only time will tell. Right now, Battlefield V is quite low on the list of "Most played games" on Xbox One.



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