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Battlefield V looks to be a step in the right direction for EA

Recently, I spoke on Electronic Arts' (EA) upcoming release, Anthem, and how it will be EA's best chance to improve its reputation. However, after seeing the reveal of Battlefield V and the news that we've gotten about it, I think it is now the game needed to fulfill that duty. Here's why I think it will do just that.

The removal of loot boxes

It's crazy to think that an EA game won't have loot boxes. After all, EA's CEO Andrew Wilson recently spoke on the issue, saying that "We're going to push forward" in regards to the business model. Yet, it would appear that, at least for Battlefield V, the company is removing them. According to Polygon, loot boxes will be absent.

After the maelstrom surrounding these microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront II calmed down, many fans were worried that EA was going to quietly continue implementing them. The fact that they'll be gone completely in Battlefield V shows that EA is not only listening to feedback, but acting on it. Whether or not this continues with subsequent games like Anthem remains to be seen, but this is still significant progress regardless.

New untold stories

Instead of focusing on the popularized parts of World War II, such as the liberation of occupied France or the war of attrition in the Pacific, Battlefield V instead is choosing perspectives that are often overlooked. An example of this is a woman fighting to save her family from the Nazis in Norway. A piece of artwork shown during the reveal hints at another angle: the ability to play as a German soldier and get the perspective of a member of the Axis.

While charging the beaches of Normandy is a fantastic way to showcase World War II, I do think that the decision to focus on the stories that never get told is a breath of fresh air. If it's authentic, this will most likely end up giving players an entirely new perspective on the conflict, and I think a narrative like that will stick with people a lot longer than a regurgitation of "traditional" World War II stories yet again.

Extensive customization

Unlike previous entries to the Battlefield series which have been criticized for the lack of meaningful customization, Battlefield V is going to offer a mind-blowing amount of personalization options. Everything from the look of your soldier to the tools they use are going to be things you can pick and choose.

Your soldier's gender, skin color, helmet style, and clothing will all be able to be extensively mixed and matched, and you'll even be able to give them face paint. When it comes to weapons, they'll all be modular, meaning that the player can change several different components like sights, stocks, muzzles, and more. Surprisingly, vehicles are also getting an upgrade to customization — on top of the usual ability to swap out different types of camo patterns, you'll also be able to attach things like sandbags, tree trunks, and graffiti to the hull of your tank or plane.

Customization isn't a major part of the Battlefield series, but an in-depth system like this has been something players have wanted for a long time. It's great to see that they're finally getting what they've asked for.

Your thoughts

You can preorder Battlefield V on Xbox One now for $59.99. Do you think Battlefield V will be the game that proves EA is improving?

Brendan Lowry is a Windows Central writer and Oakland University graduate with a burning passion for video games, of which he's been an avid fan since childhood. You'll find him doing reviews, editorials, and general coverage on everything Xbox and PC. Follow him on Twitter.

  • LOL
  • I think it's cool that they are highlighting other parts of the war. There are a lot of interesting stories out there. I heard about this Canadian soldier who cleared an entire town of Germans. He ran around in the middle of the night throwing grenades making it seem like the whole town was under attack.
  • Really wow, hadn't heard about that
  • Search for Leo Major. The dude was crazy awesome.
  • You gotta do what you gotta do haha.
  • If Dice and EA had chosen to promote the untold stories etc instead of the Trailer we got it would not have over 50% dislikes by now. The Customization is also one thing that was a major turnoff for many players of past battlefield games. It looks like a cartoon set in an alternative reality WW2 directed by Michal Bay where they consulted with young Fortnite players to find what is considered cool by youths today. For many WW2 has certain expectations and one of them is tone. The reveal trailer pissed of a lot of players due to the lack of tone expected from both a battlefield game as well as a WW2 game. We see ridiculous customization to the extent that we see a cosplay kratos as well as a katana wielding soldier within the first minutes. The fact that none of them wear uniforms only further the disconnect. Now many has focused on the female cripple but beyond the misogynist thoughts that do exists there are also concerns by those of us that find the mockup portrayal of a female fighter lazy and uneducated. If you where a cripple male or female you where sent home not into front line combat. The reason the portrayal is lazy is because if Dice had done their research they would have known that of the around 3% females fighters that fought in the war. They where either in various resistances like the french or polish one or they fought for soviet as bombers or snipers. Britain however did not allow females to fight on the front lines during the war. So its jarring and feel like they just used her in the trailer as a means to tick off a check box instead of showing of what extraordinary things real females did during the war. Why not show off the Norwegian resistance fighter spoken about in this article? That would have been a far better representation of females in the war and much more interesting to see then something that felt like a tired old cliche out of a bad movie. In my opinion how Dice And EA handled the trailer reveal has actually damaged the trust the community had in Dice being able to deliver a WW2 game they wanted to play. If they want to regain that trust they need to show the mechanics and gameplay that the community are hungry after. If they take the customization's to far it can actually damage gameplay and i am not talking about female soldier models here we have had that in several WW2 games before without all but the most insecure players not caring. No the issue here will be if the Customization makes it near impossible for players to tell friend from foe.
  • +1
    This comment is more insightful than the article it's commenting on. I agree with all of it, from the trailer utterly misrepresenting WW2 to how this degree of customization detracts from an authentic WW2 feeling and is detrimental to game play for a squad based tactical shooter with exactly two sides (rather than a battle royal style everyone vs everyone).
  • Well this saves me from commenting my rant! Well done and said!
  • Guys, it's a game. A GAME. Not a historical documentary. Just have fun, no need for all this sweating over 'historical accuracy'. I can find that on Discovery Channel, or National Geographic, or my history books. I'm certainly not trying to 'relive' the actual painful, sad and brutal history of humanity when I sit in front of my console. There's too much reality out there anyways - that's why we play games to escape for a while to keep our sanity :-) I'm here to have fun, and I think that's what we all just do - relax and have fun, life is too short to stress out over some of these things.
  • @Kaymd
    Ever heard the phrase "suspension of disbelief"? If you are completely ignorant of WW2, know nothing about the equipment or technology that was available at the time, and what wasn't, then a micky mouse ninja game with WW2 vehicles and guns might not seem out of place to you. Sure. Just accept that for those who do know this just looks/feels ridiculous. You are right. Games are, to a degree, about escaping reality. So are films. To actually serve this purpose the portrayed environment must be at least believable enough that your mind isn't regularly crying out "fake"! Otherwise it can't serve its escapist purpose. You've certainly experienced this in some film or game before too, and couldn't then choose to become invested regardless. That's not how the human mind works. If not to you, that is how wrong/fake/distracting the BF5 trailer appears to some of us. That's not a huge problem. I just won't buy BF5, but I would have liked to.
  • @a5cent
    Unfortunately, I know too much about WW2, much more than I would like to actually.
    My point is simply that this is fiction, a deliberate escape or distortion of reality. I don't know about you guys, but easily 98% of the games, movies, novels and so on that I have enjoyed since I was a kid are totally unreal, and I know that, but I have loved them anyway - from the talking rabbits in alice in wonderland (before I even realized she was dreaming all along!), to the fireballs coming off 'human' hands in street fighter, or physical teleportation in star trek, or intelligent human sized ninja turtles (and a rat!) - countless totally 'unrealistic' things in practically all of my favorite movies, games and novels - even till today. We all know these things will probably never happen, and are mostly totally baseless, but we have enjoyed them anyways because it has never been about real or fake (until the modern day of gaming I guess). It was either just a means of telling a deeper story on core human values, or just plain entertainment and fun for kids. I mean, who really wants to play a 'realistic' game?? Seriously.
    I still say people should just chill out and have fun, let go. Maybe EA should just delete any ties or references to the actual WW2 and just call it some random alternate universe in a parallel timeline or something so that people will just stop getting worked up over the authenticity of a video game. Something similar to Wolfenstein's take on post WW2 were at least no one can argue about anything because it is all unreal anyways, and they can finally settle in and actually enjoy the smooth gameplay!
  • Good point. It's a Videogame at the end of the day. Just enjoy it and have fun. If you want accurate real historical news just watch CNN ;)
  • I can guarantee that after the dust settles, all these keyboard complainers will most likely have the MOST ridiculous customizations and have spent plenty extra money to get them. Fakers.
  • Tell you what... in most old-tech and Japanese games, a human shape character in VISUAL WORLD is JUST A CAPSULE in the GAME WORLD, how accurate / realistic can that be. Even game with advance animation controller like Assassin's Creed still not REAL enough because game has rules and game mechanics. We should pursue realism but realism cannot defy game mechanics. It's game after all. Learn the rules, try to beat the rules, be better than other players and have fun. But well, your fun might not be my fun and mine might not be yours.I love Avenger and Player #1, but some people think fiction is pointless.
    So, in the end, part of game business is not about making game what dev wants to play, it's about making what most players want to play. If you don't like a game that's sold more than 10, 20 millions copies… dev's not wrong about their direction.
  • This post needs to be pinned in the comments for the Battlefield V trailer on Youtube.
  • Also, no one ever said that Battlefield V will not have loot boxes. Cosmetic DLC that you get free for playing or by spending real money = loot boxes. This game *will* have loot boxes without a doubt! And I love and play the **** out of the Battlefield series, but i also think we've gotta be real about it.
  • An EA representative literally said there won’t be lootboxes. Read the source that I cited.
  • What could go wrong with a WWII game that looks nothing like WWII? Can't wait to see the game bomb.
  • SJW ww2 simulatior, no thanks.
  • You did us a favor