Battlefield V looks to be a step in the right direction for EA

Recently, I spoke on Electronic Arts' (EA) upcoming release, Anthem, and how it will be EA's best chance to improve its reputation. However, after seeing the reveal of Battlefield V and the news that we've gotten about it, I think it is now the game needed to fulfill that duty. Here's why I think it will do just that.

The removal of loot boxes

It's crazy to think that an EA game won't have loot boxes. After all, EA's CEO Andrew Wilson recently spoke on the issue, saying that "We're going to push forward" in regards to the business model. Yet, it would appear that, at least for Battlefield V, the company is removing them. According to Polygon, loot boxes will be absent.

After the maelstrom surrounding these microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront II calmed down, many fans were worried that EA was going to quietly continue implementing them. The fact that they'll be gone completely in Battlefield V shows that EA is not only listening to feedback, but acting on it. Whether or not this continues with subsequent games like Anthem remains to be seen, but this is still significant progress regardless.

New untold stories

Instead of focusing on the popularized parts of World War II, such as the liberation of occupied France or the war of attrition in the Pacific, Battlefield V instead is choosing perspectives that are often overlooked. An example of this is a woman fighting to save her family from the Nazis in Norway. A piece of artwork shown during the reveal hints at another angle: the ability to play as a German soldier and get the perspective of a member of the Axis.

While charging the beaches of Normandy is a fantastic way to showcase World War II, I do think that the decision to focus on the stories that never get told is a breath of fresh air. If it's authentic, this will most likely end up giving players an entirely new perspective on the conflict, and I think a narrative like that will stick with people a lot longer than a regurgitation of "traditional" World War II stories yet again.

Extensive customization

Unlike previous entries to the Battlefield series which have been criticized for the lack of meaningful customization, Battlefield V is going to offer a mind-blowing amount of personalization options. Everything from the look of your soldier to the tools they use are going to be things you can pick and choose.

Your soldier's gender, skin color, helmet style, and clothing will all be able to be extensively mixed and matched, and you'll even be able to give them face paint. When it comes to weapons, they'll all be modular, meaning that the player can change several different components like sights, stocks, muzzles, and more. Surprisingly, vehicles are also getting an upgrade to customization — on top of the usual ability to swap out different types of camo patterns, you'll also be able to attach things like sandbags, tree trunks, and graffiti to the hull of your tank or plane.

Customization isn't a major part of the Battlefield series, but an in-depth system like this has been something players have wanted for a long time. It's great to see that they're finally getting what they've asked for.

Your thoughts

You can preorder Battlefield V on Xbox One now for $59.99. Do you think Battlefield V will be the game that proves EA is improving?

Brendan Lowry

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