Battleloot Adventure goes free through myAppFree promotion!

If you are looking for a fun game without paying a dime, look no further than Battleloot Adventure. The modern quest game with turn-based action scenes is dropping from 99 cents to $0 for the next 36-hours. The promotion is in conjunction with the myAppFree service, which makes deals with developers to temporarily drop the price of an app or game in an effort to gain visibility in the Store.

Battleloot Adventure "blends comedy, turn-based combat and role-playing for a whimsical adventure like no other!" but what I like about it is the endearing artwork, which has a hand drawn like charm.

Battleloot starts off with a mini play to explain the story (no worries as you can skip the short cutscene), which places city against city in an attempt to win favor of the ruthless king. As a result, you go on quests with battles to achieve various goals set by the game. Battleloot Adventure is a combo RPG game but with a modern twist for smartphones. From the game description:


  • Pledge your allegiance to one of four cities and earn fame and fortune
  • Recruit an assortment of adventurers, each with their own perks and unique skills
  • Upgrade and customize your characters and their abilities
  • Carefully choose your 3 ideal adventurers to face each danger ahead


  • Brave over 60 quests, each including a unique feat to further challenge your skills
  • Super easy touch controls
  • Carefully arrange your team for battle, deploy your heroes in front and rear lines for the most effective offense/defense balance
  • Cautiously plan every attack, selecting the right characters and moves for each quest
  • Leverage Auto skills and Special attacks galore
  • Be ready to take action anytime in the battle with the Assist and Block commands
  • Master unique combos to rake up hits and collect stars to unleash Special attacks
  • Battle across different environments – some infused with magic and each affecting your adventurers differently

Battleoot is certainly a unique game amongst Windows Phone offerings, and it is well worth the 87 MB download. Not only is it free for the next 36 hours but it also runs on 512 MB devices. The game maintains a 4.6-star rating (out of 5) from a few hundred reviews on the Windows Phone Store, and it is also a popular title on iOS and Android. The take away is this: go download it now and try something new!

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