Be productive like a boss in the new Windows Central t-shirt!

If you watched the Microsoft Windows 10 devices event live today you'll have no doubt seen executive, Bryan Roper, declaring how amazing Continuum for Phones is on the new Lumia 950 phones.

"I Can Be Productive Like a Boss Wherever I Am Now!"

The whole presentation was a blast, but we particularly enjoyed this little segment. So we put it on our latest special edition t-shirt! We love Bryan, we love his Fedora, and so too it seems does the Internet! (Check the twitter link at the bottom of this post for more!)

Now you, too, can be productive like a boss all day and look good while you're doing it. It's available in the style up top, or in a couple of ladies styles which you'll see below. We're not running this one for long, October 12 to be precise, so we can get them out to people as soon as possible. They're all $20 plus shipping and you can get your orders in at the link below!

Buy the Windows Central "Like a boss" t-shirt now!

And if you missed it, jump to 2m55s on the video below to hear the t-shirt's phrase in all it's glory!

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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