Be productive like a boss in the new Windows Central t-shirt!

If you watched the Microsoft Windows 10 devices event live today you'll have no doubt seen executive, Bryan Roper, declaring how amazing Continuum for Phones is on the new Lumia 950 phones.

"I Can Be Productive Like a Boss Wherever I Am Now!"

The whole presentation was a blast, but we particularly enjoyed this little segment. So we put it on our latest special edition t-shirt! We love Bryan, we love his Fedora, and so too it seems does the Internet! (Check the twitter link at the bottom of this post for more!)

Now you, too, can be productive like a boss all day and look good while you're doing it. It's available in the style up top, or in a couple of ladies styles which you'll see below. We're not running this one for long, October 12 to be precise, so we can get them out to people as soon as possible. They're all $20 plus shipping and you can get your orders in at the link below!

Buy the Windows Central "Like a boss" t-shirt now!

And if you missed it, jump to 2m55s on the video below to hear the t-shirt's phrase in all it's glory!

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at

  • Ordered in the Mint Green!
  • This is awesome!! lol Keep the shirts coming guys! #CommunityFun
  • Yeah
    #Python comment
  • lol
  • Hands on video daniel ...plzz upload it fast :D
  • The Verge hands-on video showed several different replaceable back panels. One looked like wood!
  • Hey Dan! how long before the hands-on videos?
  • Shirt on video Daniel, please do a shirt on for this wearable device! :P
  • The one at the top of this post is mine. Love it!
  • Hot damn! You guys sure are quick!
  • Where's the men's tank?! lol
  • We can't have those. Kevin would buy one. And, yeah, you don't want that ;)
  • Ohhh... hang on. Let me see if I can edit campaign to include a men's tank. May need to sacrifice a color. Or.. you know.. we can always run an additional "tank only" campaign later :)
  • Dude, anyone can rock a women's tank. Do it. If the tank don't fit, fug it.
  • Ya I'm pretty sure if you're wearing a tank it won't matter if it's men's or women's.
  • One with Panos Panay please..That guy is a LEGEND!!
  • I think where "beautiful"was the word of the day for apples last keynote. Panos tended to make "Cool" the word of the day. Panos and "Cool"!
  • He dropped sooo many lines today. Need to re-watch the keynote and see what would make the best tee. Ideas?
  • Its not Lapability anymore its HOLYCRAPABILITY!!!
  • He did come up with witty lines, specially when he made fun of a pencil not having en eraser :P I dont remember the exact line but pound for pound ounce for ounce one sounded slick.
  • That would be great. Or one of his repeated statements, drilling it home. Guy was perfect up there.
  • Remember when he opened up the toaster fridge? I thought that was so funny because Steve jobs said a two in one is like a toaster fridge, no one would want to buy it
  • Steve Jobs never said that, it was Tim Cook's remark in 2012.  
    Who knows that after few years he would himself present such a device and call it repeatedly; Magical, Remarkable...
     I feel that Apple seems to live in a bubble now where they claim everything from them is from the future.
  • They are already trying to do it with the ipad pro. That is one thing that I really hate about Apple. They are hypocrites.
  • Remember when everyone made fun of the iPhone? Yeah. Whole industry does it; Undermining.
  • You should make a logo with the toaster-fridge in the middle. Might even work without text.
  • Man that would be EPIC
  • Panos tshirt - "You wanna touch it?"
  • Haha. Nice!
  • He also said something like the best in this world and any world. His hyperbole and hype was real, beautiful, and palpable - and it was beautiful, because they had the proof to back it up.
  • Why is everyone saying "Today"? Wasn't this like days ago?
  • Haha I know...but the article has jst been pushed up to the top for more views... along with the older comments...check the comment date and time...
  • I am super pumped. :D
  • Pumped or Super Pumped was Panos' word for the day! :-)
  • Yeah it should say: A pencil without an eraser???   HAHA
  • So clever haha!!
  • wow. that was fast!
  • Booo
  • I bought the Ninja cat shirt and hoodie, but I'm not a big fan of this new shirt.
  • Ugh!  Stop tempting me.  I'm trying to save money here...
  • Tell me about it... My wallet is NOT ready!!!
  • Good god, no....really? That guy had to of been the worst thing about the whole presentation. It is fine to be relaxed but he put it on too thick and looked damn silly doing it. Maybe it was the tilted fedors, or the huge baggy pants, or perhaps the colour clashing neon Nikes, or just the way he talked but it just sucked. 
  • Bryan Roper's story leading up to Microsoft is actually one of the more interesting ones out there. Although you may not like his fedora, dress style, or style of speaking it's actually what got him noticed in the first place to be recruited by Microsoft. He was a musician on cruise ship that got into teaching "introduction to tech" courses on the ships. All of that experience made him REALLY good at captivating an audience and teaching people. That's why he got picked up. He's also an incredibly gifted musician. You can read all about it here.
  • Thank you for the story in link. Haters gonna hate. Bryan was captivating.
  • I didn't know, but in the prezo on Continuum I get this impression that he's a great salesperson - it's actually a skillset MS needs, desperately.
  • While he did OK, I kept expecting him to say, "And if you act now, we'll throw in a set of these kitchen knives, ab-so-lutely free."
  • Just when I thought that the ninja cat thing was the dumbest thing possible....touché.
  • We're always aiming to not please you.
  • Might I recommend a shirt in rose gold, then?
  • Awesome... I wouldn't rock a "rose gold" shirt but it might be popular with the iPro crowd...
  • So funny. Its all about him.
  • I know, how dare an opinion be my own?!
  • And what better place to cast anti windows hate then Windows Central. Because those are the people that will share your opinion...
  • Ahh, so what your'e saying is that if you come to Windows Central, you must get on your knees and praise all things that come out, even if what comes out is a shirt carrying a phrase my 9-year-old brother had on a Minecraft shirt?
  • I remember saying Like a Boss in the mid 90's. What made it popular in the mid-late 00's? Bryan used the phrase...wait for a boss.
  • That stupid Lonely Island song did the trick. I'd post a link or tell you to look it up, but don't. It's awful.
  • Heh, it's ok. I'll find it. Hopefully it's not awful yet sticks in one's head.
  • It's a great song - very funny. Especially the video.
  • No. When you go to church, you should not speak atheism. When you go to a funeral, you should not speak ill of the dead man. And I you go to "_______" fan site, you should not speak ill of "_______"(fill anything; even non tech related) for no reason. That might make you look like a stupid who is just wasting your own time.
  • "make you look like a stupid" No irony there.
  • This may come as a nasty surprise to you, but speaking/writing flawless English is not a requirement to be considered intelligent anymore.
  • It's not a surprise. Given all the other failings of modern society, basic intelligence in communication is really the least of our worries...though it's still pathetic people can't use nouns and adjectives properly.
  • Can't disagree with you there, but cut the guy some slack, eh?
  • Well there might be a very slight possibility that I may not be a citizen of native English speaking country. Well since you are more bothered about the grammar rather than what I tried to say, I guess you missing this point is understandable.
  • The point is you're a hypocrite, if that's your defense. You say I shouldn't come to a Windows site and be unfavorable towards Windows, then you come to an English-speaking site and use poor English? If I'm to be ridiculed, so are you. That's how you decided you wanted the game to be played.
  • The point is if you go to a site and you do not like something, keep your opinion with yourself and not comment like that is a fact. Saying this is not my cup of tea is far different from saying this is very bad.
  • That is completely ignorant and pathetic. Is this supposed to then be renamed Windows Circle Jerk? How does anything get better if no one makes it known when something needs improved? By that stupid logic of yours, when you came to my comment and didn't like it, you shouldn't have come and spoke out against it, because the comment was a place for peopel to voice displeasure, not defend anything. I'm not going to meter my opinions because some people get their feelings hurt when I call something dumb and childish just that. My initial comment CLEARLY said "I thought," so that's clearly not stating my opinion as fact, you're just trying to make up some kind of ridiculous defense as you go along.
  • "Is this supposed to then be renamed Windows Circle Jerk?" No need. There are a few grammar Nazis present too. "How does anything get better if no one makes it known when something needs improved?" By giving positive criticism of course. Instead of saying "this is dumb" or "I don't like this" say something like "this could have been better by doing ...." "when you came to my comment and didn't like it, you shouldn't have come and spoke out against it" I never spoke against your comment. I just asked you not to comment in case you didn't like something AND without giving any reason for not liking it. "so that's clearly not stating my opinion as fact" Here are a few more: "I'm baffled at how desperate people are to add another meme to the list of excessive, uninteresting one-liners in society." - Your opinion sounded like a fact. "That stupid Lonely Island song did the trick. I'd post a link or tell you to look it up, but don't. It's awful." - Your opinion sounded like a fact. "You say I shouldn't come to a Windows site and be unfavorable towards Windows, then you come to an English-speaking site and use poor English?" - Your opinion sounded like a fact. I never said you should not be unfavorable towards Windows. I CLEARLY said that 'And I you go to "_______" fan site, you should not speak ill of "_______"(fill anything; even non tech related) for no reason.'. I underlined the words you missed before so you may not miss it again. Hopefully, instead of calling people hypocrite, jerks, etc, try to be polite. This is online forum and people may think that you are stupid. (I looked at the word stupid and found that it is an adjective AND also an informal noun. Even there is a plural "stupids". Thanks for letting me learn something).
  • Bosses don't produce. Bosses take credit for what the workers they abuse produce so they can get bonuses. Bosses are just plain bossy! And cats can't wield handheld weapons, trust me, I've tried.
  • Bosses let you do the work and finish it. So Surface can be productive like a boss...
  • Bosses do the things on how to make the people in his/her department work effectively and efficiently. Are you mad at your boss?
    Be there so you would know whst it is like to be the boss. It aint easy.
  • He didn't literally mean "boss". It was used like the ones used in memes. Like a boss.
  • Silent Patriot
    Yep ... One day your planning world domination and the next your just dealing with Kitty Litter! ;>)
  • I agree with Keith in this one. Seeing how many people actually like all this stuff has really opened my eyes.
  • Indeed, I'm baffled at how desperate people are to add another meme to the list of excessive, uninteresting one-liners in society.
  • The fact that this is a conversation shows that you don't have to love apple to be an "iSheep."
  • Looks really good... Hands on video for this also? Lol.
  • Bryan seemed to be VERY excited to show continuum off. can't wait to try myself
  • God dammit. I am going to buy this shirt aren't I?
  • This guy was the best part of the presentation.
  • Dangit, I started saving up for the 950xl Last week....I need not buy this shirt, I need not buy this shirt....
  • You have to sell the matching hat too!
  • That would be sick. Both sick cool and just sick... 
  • Bryan Roper's sneakers were awesome.
  • If you're not yet familiar with Bryan Roper. Please take a few mins to read up on a guy who's taken a pretty unimagineable route to get to where he's at today. The story is not only inspirational, but the guy just seems like the type of person you'd want to have a beer with.
  • Are they available in India
  • Yes. ₹499
  • Ordered one! this guy is awesome: Here's his twitter @broper00
  • He was the one who really seemed to enjoy being up on the stage... Definitely wanna see him more often, he produces excitement for MS!
  • He delivered most of the IFA press conference last month that Mark and I were at. Very good showman, definitely someone Microsoft should be putting in front of the camera.
  • I absolutely love this. :Swoon:
  • Bryan Roper and Panos Panay were both exceptional today imo
  • Agreed. They could have stolen the show even if only showing the L550.
  • I'm not trying to be a downer, but do you guys have his permission to use his image for profit? 
  • Err! Don't think they thought of that.
  • Lets twitt hum a oit and ser what happens... In fact they are using his image w/o permission.. Generating profit.. Really would like he to que them for doing it :)
  • Thanks, this needed to be done :D
  • Ordered - great addition to the collection. Yesterday was very cool. I am in NYC in January, and am heading to the store to load-up.
  • Productive Boss? Oxymoron!
  • "That's insane!"
  • yes in bule
  • You need to do a shirt With"when in India" ;D
  • It's "Wen in India".
  • Lol.
  • Doesn't have in large sizes. Like 4xl.
  • Haha yeah that was epic.
  • My girl wants one but not in store...
  • Why would anyone want a t-shirt like this? Or the odd ninja cat, t-rex ones for that matter. If Microsoft takes a dump do we put that on a tshirt too. I fear we are becoming like the Apple community. Worshipping the company.
  • No, because it is funny and shows our passion, like many pieces of clothing. Football teams, bands, etc. I am wearing my ninja cat sweatshirt now.
  • Wearing my blue ninja cat today as well..
  • Doesn't make any sense to me, but I suppose it doesn't have to. I have been a passionate Windows Phone fan since it's inception, but I don't see how these t-shirts with random phrases or guys on them make someone any more or less passionate. And by the way, I am a huge sports fan, but I don't feel that wearing my teams clothes makes me any more or less passionate. Like I said though, to each his own. if people want these types of items, I'm sure Windows Central will keep printing them and marking them up for you guys.
  • Today?
  • This article was posted on the 6th. They must have reposted because it got lost in all the news of the day. I didn't see until today...
  • No full-sleeve? Cmon...Winter's coming...
  • Ship to Singapore?
  • I have to admit that my initial reaction was about his apparel. Once he started to talk about the products he really did seem genuinely excited about the phones and I really liked his demo. Gonna place my order now.
  • Gimme that shirt pliz!!!
  • You guys are killing it with the shirts. Love it!
  • Love my t rex ninja cat shirts.
  • Microsoft win! Getting people to pay to advertise for them!? Lol Now that's BOSS!
  • Ordered one already
  • Why to buy when u can ask a friend that works with silk to make one :)
  • Once again... no tall shirts...
  • People like MS and anti MS people cant handle the fact that now increasing number of people are likeing all negetive comments. 
  • Iwant it
  • Got the Win10 Ninjacat T-Rex T-Shirt and the material was too thin, length was awkwardly too long and poorly sewed loose hanging threads. I love this design and would love to get it but quality is seriously lacking.