Today, developer MakinGames and publisher Team17 announced that Raging Justice should release in Q2 2018. To celebrate the release window, the companies shared a brutal new trailer showcasing the various weapons you will be using in the game. The title will be available on Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 soon.

As seen in the trailer, you can use a variety of weapons found in the environment. For example, players can smash their way through a bar fight with a stool, but there are also quirky devices like deadly pigeons. It's unclear how the pigeons work but we are curious.

Raging Justice is a classic-style brawler brought back to life with high-resolution graphics and surround sound. You battle your way through hordes of thugs, unleashing maximum brutality with your character's savage fighting style. The best part is that you can choose to arrest or annihilate your foes. Whether you play as a good cop or bad cop has consequences and will result in a different ending.

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The streets of Big Smoke City aren't for the faint-hearted at all. Gang lords and their thugs rule, and there's danger around every corner. The city doesn't need a hero, it needs someone who is tough and rough enough to take on the scum that festers in the streets. The goal is to clean up the streets by beating up everyone in sight.

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