BES12 now works better with Windows Phone

It's now easier than ever to activate a Windows Phone onto a business network powered by BlackBerry Enterprise Server thanks to the new BES12 app that's arrived for Windows Phone. The BlackBerry-developed app, available for free from the Windows Phone Store, helps to automate the integration of Windows Phone devices onto the cross-platform business network.

BES12 manages a few key aspects of the BES experience for Windows Phone users, including:

  • Automated configuration of work-related policies and Wi-Fi® settings
  • Easy installation and management of your organization's approved mobile apps
  • Dual business and personal use of mobile devices for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies

BlackBerry's been pivoting more and more towards enterprise business and catering to cross-platform support, and the release of BES12 for BlackBerry is yet another sign of that process. We're sure at least a few of you are working at businesses that use the BES12 service — sound off in the comments if that's you.