Best Affordable Desk for Kids Windows Central 2021

A desk will help keep you organized and on-task, but they're not just great for adults; they're great for kids, too. Whether your child needs a space to do homework, a dedicated arts-and-crafts zone, or something else, a desk will provide them with the surface area they need. Here's a list of our favorite affordable and kid-friendly desks on the market.

SD Studio Designs Project Center

Greatness all-around: SD Studio Designs Project Center

Staff Favorite

This nicely-sized desk features a durable steel frame and hooks for hanging backpacks or jackets. It also comes with a bench included, making it our favorite.

Mainstays Basic Student Desk

Top alternative: Mainstays Basic Student Desk

The Mainstays Basic Student Desk is an excellent alternative to the SD Studio Designs desk, as it offers shelves and a lower price tag. However, it doesn't come with a seat.

POTBY Kids Desk and Chair

Best elite: POTBY Kids Desk and Chair

This desk is stellar, as it brings height adjustment, desk tilting options, a drawer for storage, and a super durable frame to the table. However, it's the most expensive option on the list.

$130 at Amazon
Kidkraft Table and Chairs

Best for two: Kidkraft Heart Table and Chairs

This solid wooden table will serve excellently as a desk for work and/or art purposes, and the dual chairs it comes with mean it's a perfect option for families with more than one child. It also comes with some nifty storage bins.

ECR4Kids Desk

Best for the floor: ECR4Kids The Surf Portable Desk

This unique portable desk allows kids to keep it in place by sitting on its "foot," making it an excellent option for kids who want to sit on the floor.

Keskov Lapdesk

Best lapdesk: Keskov Lapdesk

If your child would prefer to sit on the couch, look no further than the Keskov Lapdesk. It's a nifty surface that includes plenty of storage underneath once you flip the face of the desk open, making it very convenient.

$30 at Amazon

If we had to choose

All of these desks would be a fantastic choice for kids, but if we had to pick just one, it would be the SD Studio Designs Project Center. For an attractive price, you get a large, durable desk, a bench, and hooks to hang backpacks and coats on. This means there's a ton of value in this purchase, making it our favorite of the bunch.

If you want the best of the best, look no further than the POTBY Kids Desk and Chair. Between the adjustment options, tanky frame, and convenient drawer storage, it solidifies itself as the fanciest and most versatile desk on the list.

Finally, if your kid is looking to do homework or draw while lounging around the house, your best bet will be the Keskov Lapdesk. It will fit snuggly over your child's lap and stay secure, and it can also be opened up to reveal a surprising amount of storage space.

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