Microsoft Surface Pro 3

If you're anxious to get your Surface Pro 3 pre-order in, you can now do so at Best Buy — with an added bonus. While you can pre-order direct from Microsoft as well, Best Buy is also offering up an exclusive blue Type Cover* as well for $130 with a ship date of June 20th.

Best Buy has the same options as Microsoft, so no real benefit of one over the other at this point. Here's the breakdown of what is being offered:

  • 64GB i3 - $799.99
  • 128GB i5 - $999.99
  • 256GB i5 - $1,299.99
  • 256GB i7 - $1,549.99
  • 512GB i7 - $1,949.99

The 128GB and 256GB i5 models will ship on June 20th, however the wait goes up to August 31 for any of the other variants.

You can head to the Surface Pro 3 page at Best Buy to pre-order now.

Will you be pre-ordering from Best Buy? Waiting for now? Let us know in the comments!

*The dark blue cover is available for international users via Microsoft Store; it's only in the US that it's a Best Buy exclusive

Source: CNET

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