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Best Dell XPS 15 Ethernet Adapters in 2022

2020 XPS 15 Backside Open
2020 XPS 15 Backside Open (Image credit: Dell)

Dell's XPS 15 (9500) is a stunning laptop, but for the company to create such a beautiful notebook, it had to ditch a few ports traditionally found on portable PCs, including the LAN port. To hook up your Dell XPS 15 to a wired network, you'll need to pick up one of these handy little accessories.


Dell USB-C to Ethernet


Because the XPS 15 doesn't come rocking a LAN port, Dell created a simple USB-C to Ethernet adapter that supports PXE boot. It's compatible with 10/100/1000Mbps networks to ensure you can connect everywhere, and the slim, rounded form means you can easily fit it into your pocket.


StarTech USB-C to Ethernet

Better Value

This adapter is compatible with 10/100/1000Mbps networks when hooked up to a free USB-C port. It's not cheap, but it does offer some impressive speeds for browsing websites at a lightning-fast pace.


QGeeM USB-C to Ethernet Adapter


This adapter isn't the fastest on the block, only going as high as 100Mbps, but it's one of the most affordable around, especially when compared to official solutions from Dell. If you don't mind where you get the adapter from, this is a great choice.


AmazonBasics USB-C to Ethernet

USB passthrough

What if you need some USB-A ports as well as Ethernet? This is where Amazon comes in with a four-port USB-C adapter. It's also pretty well made and should last a fair while. The only downside is the 10/100Mbps support, which excludes 1000Mbps.

Making a smart choice

Part of owning a slim laptop like the XPS 15 is the trade-off that you simply won't get all the ports you might need. In the case of Ethernet, at least, that's easily rectified, and since you have a USB-C port, the tiny Dell USB-C Ethernet Dongle is a smart addition to your arsenal. Not only does it serve Gigabit Ethernet and support the enterprise-friendly PXE boot, but it also leaves your regular USB ports free for all those accessories and cables you already accumulated.

Adding USB ports is also something you can easily do while getting Ethernet on your laptop, too, and Amazon's excellent USB Ethernet hub is just the ticket. Not only will it give you a super-fast wired data connection, but you'll get a few USB-A ports to hook up all your non-USB-C accessories. You can't ask for much more.

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