Best laptops for photo editing 2023

The best laptops for photo editing all have strong, modern processors, plenty of RAM, and a high-res screen that can accurately display the photos you're working on. That cuts out a lot of even the most popular PCs on the market, making it harder to choose properly. We've rounded up a bunch of the best photo editing laptops right here to help you get the right device.

Choosing a laptop for photo editing

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The best Windows photo editing apps and the best Photoshop alternatives on the market today all run best on a laptop with modern Intel or AMD CPUs, plenty of RAM, fast storage, and a color-accurate display with high resolution.

Try to go with an 11th or 12th Gen Intel Core mobile CPU or AMD Ryzen 5000 or 6000 mobile CPU, as well as at least 16GB of RAM and speedy M.2 PCIe NVMe storage. You also want a screen with a high resolution (1080p will do but higher is always better), accurate color reproduction, and enough brightness to work in well-lit spaces. A discrete GPU isn't absolutely necessary, but it can help in some applications. These are similar requirements as for our best laptops for video editing.

The Surface Laptop Studio is a great pick if you have artistic ambitions and want to explore beyond just regular photo editing. Its unique fold-out design, high-res touch display, and high-end specs make it ideal for creators who need added versatility beyond a regular notebook laptop. In the same vein, the Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 is a high-end media machine that has the right stuff to handle editing.

If you're thinking a 14-inch display isn't big enough, the Dell XPS 17 (9720) might just be what you need. It has a massive high-res display with accurate color reproduction, flawless XPS design, and plenty of powerful performance hardware options.

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