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The Best Movies Based On Video Games in 2020

Ffvii Advent Children
Ffvii Advent Children (Image credit: Square Enix)

Movies based on video games are a bit hit and miss. Mostly miss, if we're honest. However, there are some really great movies in amongst the rubble that are well-worth watching, whether you're a fan of the attached franchises or not.

Silent Hill (opens in new tab)

Spooky times

The original Silent Hill movie is actually remarkably good, amalgamating the stories of the first, second, and elements of the third games. Set in the titular fictional town, Silent Hill follows a tale that revolves around demonic cults, a shadowy otherworld, and creepy demonic zombies. Oh, and Pyramid Head.

Detective Pikachu (opens in new tab)


In what might be the best video game adaptation of all time, Detective Pikachu is a genuinely hilarious and heart-warming take on Pokemon. Ryan Renolds assumes the role of Pikachu, set in a world where Pokemon are commonplace. It shouldn't work, but it somehow does. Really well.

Street Fighter II (Anime) (opens in new tab)

No, not that one

No, this isn't the Jean Claude Van Dam movie... Capcom actually had a full Street Fighter II anime movie made, and it's true to the games, with excellent character treatment, animation, and epic music.

Sonic the Hedgehog (opens in new tab)

Gotta go fast

Panned by critics, with a generally positive reception from fans, Sonic the Hedgehog is a fun and entertaining exploration of what Sonic might look like on the big screen. Albeit after a very massive re-design. Fair play, Paramount.

Warcraft (opens in new tab)

For the Horde!

Warcraft is one movie in dire need of a director's cut, with many important details removed to reduce the run time. That said, for fans of the game, this is the closest thing we'll probably ever get to a Hollywood re-imagining of the iconic franchise. And it's pretty good!

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (opens in new tab)

Return to Midgar

With Final Fantasy VII Remake upon us, now is a better time than any to check out FFVII: Advent Children, the movie sequel to the original 1997 game. Set in the cyberpunk dystopia of Midgar, Cloud once again grapples with a familiar enemy.

Games based on movies aren't all bad!

There are plenty of awful video game movies, but some of them at least break the mold.

To recommend just a couple, Detective Pikachu (opens in new tab) is a truly great pick. With masterful character acting from Ryan Renolds, and truly wonderful and detailed 3D Pokemon models, Detective Pikachu really is a quintessential example of what a movie based on a video game franchise should look like.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (opens in new tab) is also a great option if you don't mind over-the-top anime-style tropes. The fight scenes alone are infectious to witness, with moves and stunts that would make The Matrix blush.

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