Top selling Xbox One games of all time

With hundreds of games currently available for the Xbox One, no gamer should have trouble finding something that captures their attention. In that massive selection of games, however, there are the standouts that go on to sell many millions of copies, leaving the others in the dust. So what are gamers playing the most? It shouldn't come as a surprise that the top sellers are made up of some of the biggest franchises in gaming — including a dominating presence from online shooters. With that in mind, let's run down the top 10 best-selling Xbox One games of all time.

Xbox One

Data Source: We are aware of the problems behind VGChartz, including estimated data and their admitted lack of a large sample size. Despite its shortcomings, VGChartz strives to offer a glimpse of game sales not often seen by the public, and is indeed the best source of data currently available.