Best USB Type-C Adapters as of May 2018

Why the HooToo Hub is the best overall USB Type-C adapter

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Sure, you could pick up a small adapter and connect just one device to your PC, but what if you only had a single USB Type-C port and a bunch of hardware to use? This is where a hub comes into play, and the HooToo is a great option at $49.99. Using just one USB Type-C port, it's possible to connect up to six devices. There are three USB Type-A ports, Ethernet, Type-C charging port and HDMI.

Not only can you transfer data but also video and online packets. It's also quite stylish, which is important considering the rather high price tag. If you do not need all the ports, go with a $10 adapter, but if you need to conserve space, have none to begin with, or wish to utilize more than one port at a time, you can do much worse than this USB Type-C hub.


The adapter you require depends on what you need to do. Whether it's to change a USB Type-C port into a Type-A (or the other way around), hook up various older devices to a new Ultrabook, or connect a smartphone to a PC, there are various options available. We rounded up a few that will cater to different requirements, but the best option to get the job done with loads of features is the HooToo hub.

Updated on May 07, 2018: This guide has been refreshed to offer only the best USB Type-C adapters.

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