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Best Windows 10 Apps to Customize the Look and Feel of Your PC

CursorFX 4
CursorFX 4 (Image credit: Stardock)

Windows 10 has some built-in customization options, but if you want to tweak it even further, you need to grab some apps. The apps in this collection will let you customize your mouse pointer, Start Menu, Taskbar, and more. With these apps, you can do little tweaks to make your PC look better or change things more dramatically to create a unique feel built just for you.

Make it your own

Windows 10 has some options to customize it built into the operating system, such as accent colors, themes, and wallpapers, but you can customize the look a lot more with these apps.

CursorFX is a unique app that allows you to replace the mouse pointer on your screen. You can choose from a preinstalled library of options, make your own, or grab more cursors online.

Another handy little tool is StartButton (opens in new tab). With it, you can swap out the Start button on your taskbar to any image that you'd like. They have to be pretty small, so you'll have to be creative, but it's a great little way to personalize the look of your PC.

Sean Endicott
Sean Endicott

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