From retro 8-bit classics to the latest indie releases - platformers are one of the biggest genres in video game history. With an established presence on the Xbox One, a wide range of innovative and memorable platforming experiences are now available on the console. These are our top titles available today!


Named our favorite puzzle game of 2016, INSIDE is a mind-blowing, unmissable platforming experience for the Xbox One. Taking control of an unnamed boy, players will uncover the secrets of the game's monochromatic dystopia through a range of atmospheric puzzles.

Although the game's captivating narrative is noteworthy, its unrivaled level is polish is a key factor towards its success. With finely tuned gameplay, an effective art style and an ending that'll render you speechless, INSIDE is a must-buy platformer for any Xbox One owner.

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Sonic Mania

After a long string of Sonic games receiving subpar critical response, Sonic Mania marks a huge turning point for the series. Regarded by many as one of the best Sonic games to date, the game calls back to series' golden era, with retro 2D side scrolling gameplay. All this also games in a high resolution at 60 frames per second (FPS), making for a truly authentic Sonic platforming experience.

While capitalizing on the nostalgia associated with the franchise, Sonic Mania also introduces several new concepts to change up gameplay. As a result, while the game should still be welcomed by any diehard Sonic fan, this is also a great way to jump into the series for the first time.

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Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest delivers a moving narrative and gorgeous art style, wrapped around its platforming gameplay. After losing his mother when a dark presence takes over the forest, Ori and the Blind Forest follows Ori's travels through the breathtaking wilderness.

You'll come to learn that even with Ori's abilities, the game's forest is as brutal as it is breathtaking. Often winding up the game with hundreds of deaths per playthrough, the game's tight controls and general beauty make every second feel worthwhile. Ori and the Will of the Wisps, the game's successor, is also on the horizon, making this a better time than ever to pick up the game. If you're looking for an astounding platformer to throw your money at, Ori and the Blind Forest is an unmissable experience.

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ReCore: Definitive Edition

From the creators of Mega Man and Metroid Prime, ReCore is an action-based puzzle/platformer which blends together a variety of interesting concepts. Following Joule and her army of Corebot companions, players will uncover the mystery behind a terraforming project that's gone horribly wrong. Taking advantage of the sidekicks' abilities, players will traverse through the game's desert landscape and fight off the rogue robotic forces. Bringing together shooting, puzzle-solving and platforming into a single experience, ReCore gameplay has the potential to appeal to a wide variety of gamers.

While the game released with mixed opinions at launch, a recent update introduced a range of both technical and gameplay enhancements for all owners. Not only was new content added – the game also saw a resolution bump, hugely improved loading times and a long list of bug fixes. Following the release of the Definitive Edition, ReCore is now available for $20, making this an affordable choice for those looking to delve into the genre.

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Unravel is yet another platformer with a touching narrative, following a yarn-based figure known as 'Yarny'. Developed by Coldwood Interactive in collaboration with Electronic Arts, Unravel follows Yarny's adventures through the countryside in search of lost memories.

As the name suggests, Yarny unravels his body over time, in order to solve puzzles and climb across the landscape. With only a limited amount of yarn on his body, players must make sure to collect spare balls of yarn to prevent him from unraveling entirely. With the added bonus of a heart-breaking narrative which drives Yarny's journey, Unravel is another unforgettable Xbox One platforming experience.

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Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight has received it fair share of praise since its debut back in 2014, which led to a port of the game on the Xbox One. The retro-style platformer is an amazing nostalgia trip for many gamers, with side-scrolling platform and combat.

In Shovel Knight you'll play as a knight on a mission to save Shield Knight, who mysteriously disappears when a cursed amulet releases a terror spell. Solely using a shove, players must fight their way through the world's creatures, digging up treasure along the way. For any fan of 8-bit platformers, Shovel Knight is an essential purchase for your Xbox One.

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Hue is a heart-warming adventure-based platformer, which uses color and ingenious environmental design to generate its puzzles. Given the ability to change the color of the game' backdrop, players must use this to navigate the world, phasing objects in and out of existence.

Although a simple mechanic at its core, this single idea has been built into a cohesive single player experience. As more colors are collected, puzzles will becoming increasingly complex, but never stray too far away from the game's principal values.

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Limbo is a puzzle platformer from Playdead – an indie developer renowned for its platforming experiences. Like the game's successor, INSIDE, Limbo was met with acclaim for its polished graphical and audio presentation, and intuitive gameplay mechanics.

There's an eerie vibe to Limbo, from the moment you wake up in a forest, to the first time you encounter one of the game's creatures. The game's art style lends itself to this atmosphere, with a simple monochromatic, layered design across its single player narrative. Although it's a few years old, it's an iconic release of the previous console generation.

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst

The first Mirror's Edge debuted some time ago now, pushing some truly unique values, but sadly held back by its flaws. Mirror's Edge Catalyst reboots the Mirror's Edge franchise, moving its first-person platforming gameplay over to an open-world setting.

Although retaining its distinct art style and flowing movement, the game introduces several reworked mechanics to improve overall player flow. Pushing a greater emphasis on fast-paced combat, world building and general player freedom, Mirror's Edge Catalyst offers some outstanding improvements layered upon the series' core formula.

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Updated September 14, 2017: We've added ReCore Definitive Edition and Sonic Mania in our latest update!