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Better sorting for games and apps coming to Xbox One

The way the Xbox One sorts inside My Games and Apps is somewhat frustrating, especially when it comes to games that start with "the" "a," or "an." Rolling out today in the latest Skip Ahead and Alpha Insider builds is a new, better way of sorting.

"Our team has made it even easier to find what you're looking for in any Games & apps. From now on, articles such as "a," "an" and "the" will no longer be used to sort titles when using the "Sort A-Z" and "Group by letter" views; for example, "The Witcher" will now be found under "W" instead of "T." Thanks so much to our Xbox community for helping prioritize this change by voting in our recent "My Games & apps" Idea Drive, and don't forget to check the Xbox Idea Hub for other topics to which you can contribute!"

It's a small touch, but a welcome one, lest your OCD go too wild.

As ever there are a bunch of fixes in the latest builds and a few known issues. Catch the full lowdown over at Xbox Wire (opens in new tab).

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  • I always hate that and now i will have it in the xbox. I hope they let you choose how you want it. Because the witcher is the real name. Not witcher the.
  • I hear you. It bothers me as well. Drives the OCD to the max when it comes to organizing.
  • My Games & apps is the most frustrating and slow game repository I have ever used. Waiting to check for updates takes forever sometimes.
  • great, all my games won't be in the T section now.
  • They first need to make it load the list faster.
  • I don't understand how this wasn't implemented from day one, not including articles in alphabetical sorting order is how it's been done since long before the beginning of computers. Seems to me it's the millenials at play again 😁
  • Please kill it at Skip Ahead tier or at least give us an option to choose how it should perform. The game name is The Witcher and I expect to find it on the T letter.
  • Yeah, I want nothing to do with this change at all. Leave my crap alone and let me organize it the way I want. I am so sick of these tech companies thinking they know what's best for me.
  • They sorted the "sorted list of games", makes sense. Do you also complain about the lack of drag'n'drop reordering in the Windows 10 Start menu app list ?
    If you want a selection of games in the order you want, create a group. You can organize tiles in a group in any order you want, and you can add it to the home screen for quick access to that selection. I'm not against organizing games, but the games list isn't the place to do it.
    If there were toggles to choose if they should use the article or not, if they should use the title prefix (like "Tom Clancy's", "Disney's", "ACA NeoGeo",...), if they should list games of a series in chronological order ("Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts" should appear after "Banjo-Tooie", not before the first "Banjo-Kazooie"),... the UI would just get overly complex and confusing, and we can be sure some bugs would sneak in unnoticed. The only thing I believe they should have included is the ability for a game to have different visible "display as" and hidden "sort as" titles, making it possible for publishers to make a series ordered the way they want without messing up the visible title, such as saying "Assassin's Creed Brotherhood" is to be sorted as "Assassin's Creed - 3" and "Assassin's Creed III" is to be sorted as "Assassin's Creed - 5".
    This would also have allowed publishers to decide of a leading article is part of their "sort as" title or not on a game by game basis.
  • Is about time... If you don't like things sorted this way, you're wrong (j/k)... But seriously, this is how catalogues work. Go to your local library and see. It is silly to sort by articles, especially when you have hundreds of games and apps.
  • When it comes to something like sorting and organizing you can't make everyone happy with everything. Everyone has their own way they like.
  • At least, they are utilizing the "Idea" tool.