Beyond Good and Evil 2 gets official reveal trailer

On stage at its E3 2017 briefing, Ubisoft shocked everyone with a first look at a game long in the making: Beyond Good and Evil 2. A follow-up to the original Xbox title, Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been anticipated for what seems like ages, and now we have our very first look at what to expect.

The story takes place before the birth of Jade, the main protagonist of the first game. Packed with a cadre of insane characters, Beyond Good and Evil 2 will let you travel through space to a variety of incredible-looking locations.

Outside of a few small tidbits of information concerning when the game takes place, there's not much to go off of for Beyond Good and Evil 2 at the moment. Still, the cinematic trailer looks absolutely gorgeous and it'll be interesting to watch as the game progresses.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • We need to see a gameplay to see, and why didnt i hear of a beyond good and evil 1 XD
  • The first game is from 2003
  • The first game is available on Xbox One through backward compatibility. It was a fun play and an interesting concept. Keep an open mind while playing, though, as some parts are a bit... odd... I'd still recommend it, though.
  • Beautiful and unexpected.
  • Couldn't figure out what they wanted people to sign up for. Is it an online game?
  • From the signup website: "The Space Monkey Program is our way of inviting passionate members of the community to be the first to play, to share ideas and inspirations, and to crash test all of the creative and gameplay elements that make up our game world: as early and as often as possible!"
    So it looks like a beta-tester program
  • Why make it adult oriented, I don't get it.
  • Because a good portion of the gaming market is 28+ years old. Gamers are not kid centric anymore and haven't been for quite sometime.  You want a game made for a kid then buy Lego Batman
  • But this is a continuation of a kids game, it would literally be the same as making an adult oriented Lego Batman, which would be stupid. Also even if it didn't have the excessive swearing I guarantee you that those 28+ year olds are still going to play it.
  • I didn't get it either to be honest.  I mean, I loved the first game and have been looking forward to the next installment for over 10 years.  The trailer was off-putting and unnecessary.
  • A kids' game? I'd hardly have characterized some of the themes in the original game as intended for kids. Perhaps teen, at the youngest. Does anyone else who has actually played the original game all the way through agree /disagree?
  • Granted it has been a while, and there were certainly themes I can remember that had elements of a more teen nature, but I don't remember it really breaking into stuff above and beyond what a child could understand, maybe not a six your old. I also tend to lump kids and teens together because I'm old.
  • This. The first game was a gem whose story and gameplay were fun and addictive, yet it was still family friendly. As soon as the first f-bomb was dropped, I was turned off.
  • That, and the character of the monkey lends itself to a children's game, his mischievous nature, getting the team in trouble. Kids find that stuff hilarious because they don't think about the consequences and relish the action that comes from it. I just groan and think that is arguably the worst way to cheat an underhanded business transaction. Why play your hand straight away? You're just asking for a quick death.
  • While the first game was more for kids, this version is definitely more for adults and frankly those who played this when it first came out, are adults now so kinda makes sense.
  • Let's see how many times we can say the F-word in a two minute trailer..looks great but the swearing is way too much.
  • Way too many F-bombs. Is this really how people talk now? What happened to having a witty, creative, actual, vocabulary rather than slapping in an expletive every other word?
  • Yeah, I mean, I don't care about swearing, but it just didn't suit the style of the trailer, or the World, at all. The swearing in the Far Cry 5 trailer was fine, I had no issue with it. But it just felt really out of place here.
  • Yes, this is actually how people speak now. Very few articulate and use witty verbiage. So, they are catering to the masses with the title. Still looks like it might be an entertaining game.
  • Looks awesome but I agree on the f bombs, wt???? Too much, hopefully it's only in the trailer.
  • OMG WOW. I know its just a cinematic. But I'm hoping that the gameplay looks as good
  • It's Ubisoft sooo....