Big StaffPad update brings Surface Dial support and much more

StaffPad, a popular music notation app for Windows 10, has snagged a doozy of an update. Perhaps the biggest addition in this update is support for Microsoft's new Surface Dial accessory. When paired with a Surface Dial, StaffPad gives composers a number of new and interesting ways to manipulate their music. You can check out just some of what StaffPad can do with the Surface Dial in the video below:

Of course, the big StaffPad November update adds a lot more than Surface Dial support, including some new actions and tweaks that should make writing music with the app more fluid. Here's a quick rundown of some of the highlights from this update:

  • Support for Surface Dial
  • Addition of drag to move or copy selected bars
  • Direct addition of tuplets
  • Additional print scaling options, including lyric scaling
  • Improved support for printing of sketch layer strokes
  • Bar number offset for score can be set
  • When sharing scores in the app, email subjects are populated with score title
  • When dragging to resize tuplets, the number auto-adjusts
  • Pedal retakes can be erased individually
  • Added keyboard shortcuts (cut/copy/paste/delete, playback controls)
  • Improved file type deduction on import when file extensions are misnamed
  • Various UI updates

Aside from the above highlights, the update also includes a number of bug fixes and all-around recognition improvements. Do note that the update requires you to be running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. If you already have StaffPad, you should automatically be updated to the latest version. If you're interested in starting to write music with the app, you can grab StaffPad for $70 at the Windows Store now.

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  • Wow. That looks useful for its audience. Developers are going to shape the creative experiences around this device. More!
  • Someone needs to incorporate the dial as a controller to play the game Breakout!
  • They won't. Only if it was android or ios.
  • I'm dreaming a lot with a Surface Studio with StaffPad on it! After have seen every news about it I don't wanna write music on paper anymore.
  • It'd be great for conductors to use, too! I can't wait to buy a Surface (or other active-stylus-enabled tablet) and buy StaffPad!
  • Love the Dial. Brilliant.
  • How cool is this...
  • This app was already so amazing. I am so impressed with it as is. With the Surface Studio/Dial....just...amazing.
  • Don't use the word "amazing".  You might get sued.
  • I loved this app. Need to check out the new update.
    Stopped using after it crashed and lost some of my renamed scores in the file system. I could never find / retrieve them. But I will give it another try!
  • If I only had musical talent or the budget for Surface Studio w/ a Surface Dial! :) Actually, I can see sooooo many uses for this new technology.  It appears that what some uninsightful people are calling "niche" is expanding to a diversity of markets at a great pace.
  • You know, it's never too late for starting to learn music and, best of all, it is really fun to do it! ;)
  • My mom made me play piano as a kid and I even played clarinet in middle school.  TRUST ME, when I say that you don't want me invading the world of music! Ha ha ha. :)  ​I *do* hope that programs like Vegas Video, Affinity and even Adobe, support the dial. I do video and photo editing and I think it will be brilliant in those scenarios..
  • Wow!!
  • Is there a touch screen with stylus, so I can save the 2k$ I obviously don't have, to get this kind of experience? Or should I just wait for OEMs to produce one? I mean, I already got a desktop much stronger than the Studio... I just want the screen with the damn pen....