Bing and Cortana are getting dressed up for the 2016 Academy Awards

The 2016 edition of the Academy Awards are being held on Feb 28, and Microsoft is already getting ready for the movie industry's biggest night with new features on its Bing search engine and with the Cortana digital assistant for Windows 10.

Bing Academy Awards

Naturally, The Bing Predicts engine is making its picks on the winners in each of the categories of the Academy Awards. It believes that The Reverent will win the Best Picture category, along with its star Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor. Brie Larson is Bing's pick to win Best Actress for her performance in "Room".

Here are some of the other features movie fans can check out on Bing for its Oscar coverage:

  • Past Red Carpet Fashion – See what your favorite celebrities donned in years past as you await the 2016 red carpet moments.
  • Highlights from Past Oscars – Remember when Adrien Brody locked lips with Halle Berry upon accepting his Oscar? Or when JLaw gracefully saved herself from face planting on her way to accept her Oscar? These are what make the show come to life.
  • Printable Ballot – Need a little friendly competition for your Oscars party, or do you simply want to go head-to-head with Bing Predicts? We have a printable ballot that makes it easy to follow along as winners are announced.
  • Quiz – If you're a fan of the Academy Awards like we are, now's your chance to prove it. Take the pre-show quiz to see how much historical information you really know.

During and after the 2016 Academy Awards, Bing will update its page with the list of winners, along with highlights from the awards show, including the always popular red carpet fashion hits and misses. Windows 10 users can ask Cortana questions like 'Who will win the Oscar for best picture?' 'Give me an Oscar fact' and 'What is your favorite movie?' to keep their Oscar experience going.

Check out Bing's 2016 Academy Awards page

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham