Bing brings new travel experience to help save you money

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Microsoft Bing Logo 2020 Hero Browser (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced several new features in Bing to help travelers make plans.
  • A new experience within the search engine gathers together destinations, itineraries, flights, and more into a unified layout.
  • Bing also has pages to explore food and drink and to check out destinations in a 360-degree view.

Microsoft's Bing has a new experience aimed at helping people plan their travels. The search engine's Travel Guide shows suggested itineraries, flights, hotels, and other pieces of information for people planning a vacation. In addition to laying out information in a way that's easy to digest, Microsoft also claims that people will see "competitive rates" thanks to partnerships with "top industry players."

"Our goal with this experience was to help users in every step of travel planning, from inspiration to booking and beyond, whether you know exactly where you want to go, or just know you want to spend some time away from home," says Microsoft. "This rich experience is currently available in the US and will be available in more markets in the near future."

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

If you have an itch to travel but don't know where you'd like to go, the Travel Guide's home page can act as inspiration. You can browse through popular destinations from around the globe and then click on "Explore more" if one piques your interest.

Clicking on "Experience in 360" will show a 360-degree view of a destination. This experience appears to be for landscapes and natural views.

Source: Bing (Image credit: Source: Bing)

As many view food as one of the best parts of traveling, Bing has an "Eat & Drink" section that shows off delicacies from different areas.

To help people save money when traveling, the new Bing experience has a "Coupons & Deals" section as well. This includes ways to save on flights, packages for a trip, and other parts of travel plans.

Microsoft outlines all of the new travel features in a recent blog post.

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