Bing Maps just got a tad more useful in more countries if traffic on your daily commute is of concern. Bing Maps can now display traffic flow data in a total of 55 countries, letting you use it in a couple of different useful ways.

Bing Maps can now show real-time traffic data in 55 countries

First up, you can quickly use the traffic data to get real-time calculations based on how heavy the traffic is along your route. If you want to go a more visual route, you can also use the traffic flow data to show an overlay that color codes the roads based on their traffic.

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Lastly, traffic incident data is also available, but in a more limited 35 countries. This will let you get a quick look at any car accidents or construction that may impact your travels along your route.

In case you're curious, Microsoft helpfully provides a full look at the countries that have traffic flow and traffic incident data available at its developer network website.

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