Bing Maps can now show real-time traffic data in 55 countries

Bing Maps just got a tad more useful in more countries if traffic on your daily commute is of concern. Bing Maps can now display traffic flow data in a total of 55 countries, letting you use it in a couple of different useful ways.

Bing Maps can now show real-time traffic data in 55 countries

First up, you can quickly use the traffic data to get real-time calculations based on how heavy the traffic is along your route. If you want to go a more visual route, you can also use the traffic flow data to show an overlay that color codes the roads based on their traffic.

Lastly, traffic incident data is also available, but in a more limited 35 countries. This will let you get a quick look at any car accidents or construction that may impact your travels along your route.

In case you're curious, Microsoft helpfully provides a full look at the countries that have traffic flow and traffic incident data available at its developer network website (opens in new tab).

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  • Is this just the website version, or is the information copied into the Windows 10 Maps app?
  • What he said! Is this coming soon to Windows 10 Mobile? I'm using co-pilot's paid Active Traffic as its the closes I can get to a working Waze on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • What issues do you have with Waze? I know it's not as up to date as on other platforms but it still works well for me and does so better than the in-built navigation/maps.
  • In one route it navigated me into two traffic jams where I could not move while I had good view on empty alternate roads up until their junctions. I deleted the app at the end of the journey.
  • Voice nav, and inaccuracy in the Windows 10 version.
  • The UWP app uses the same Bing Maps API as the website.
  • I switched on traffic mode last weekend on my 950 XL so it's on the app.
  • Where & how? Sure, i see traffic when browsing, but not when navigating.
  • Of course. To myself, this fills the gap of earning for the native HERE app on W10M even though I know Bing maps are run by the HERE data.
  • I don't trust Bing gives me wrong info twice.
  • Report the issue, also it uses data from Yelp and HERE as that tends to be were most of the issues lie. It's gotten better over time, and I do my part and report any issues I find, that's why all the other services are better as they have lots of users over the year giving them information about what's been changed in the area.
  • That's odd because it has sent me to wrong locations when in the past HERE would navigate there correctly.
  • I've had the same issue lately with HERE too though as I've used it on my brothers android device and it gave him the exact same information, so I'm not sure if they've changed things on there backend or what but it's been hit or miss lately.
  • I have nothing but problems with other services. For example, on Google and Apple maps my house is shown about 3 blocks away. I have submitted changes over and over again because delivery and other services always go to where it shows my house, even though I give them directions to ignore the maps. With Bing maps it shows my house at the incorrect place, it shows it two houses over. All map services are wrong in some areas, but for me the other services have shown to be much more inacurate than Bing Maps.
  • I've had the same issue here but have had no issues getting the locations fixed at all. Most of the time the updated changes won't show for a few weeks as they do map updates on a schedule and not like hourly when it comes to locations. I've submitted over 100 issues and a good chunk of them have been fixed but there are some that have not changed so each time I go by I resubmit it hopping that one gets through.
  • Yeah but it doesn't do it well. ETA is always way off.
  • Why is bing so behind on this? I feel like this has been available on other platforms (including ability to reroute around traffic as it occurs) for quite some time...
  • It does for me since a very long time under Windows Maps. Note I am on Win 10 Mobile, with the latest Insider buikd, so I don't know for sure official build, but it should as well). It doesn't tell you that it picked a different route, but it does, if there is heavy traffic, or exit/path is in cinstruction (assuming your city provide such info).
  • You must have a super secret version because I don't see this when I use it. ☺
  • I have version: 5.1611.10192.0. Windows Maps doesn't explicitly tell you "This way has too much traffic, here is another path". It just shows you a new path, or picks a second or third path it normally suggests as first. The commute I take by car from Home to Work in the morning, involves going to a path with traffic. Depending on the day, I get suggested 1 of 2 path. Once There was accident on path 1, and therefore path 2 had heavy traffic, and it suggested me a third path that it never suggested to me before. It had no traffic, it was faster than being in traffic, but not as fast as path 1 I normally take with traffic.
  • I have never seen Windows Maps alter a route while I was driving based on live traffic information.  It gives options before I start driving, like how you've described, though. 
  • Yea before.. but that information is "live". The road situation wont magically change in a few seconds or minutes. Unless there is some accident that just happens.. but at this point, you are already on your way. And you can exit, then do so, and it will recalulate a new route with a new path based on traffic conditions.
  • I disagree. Waze will periodically report that a faster route has been found and avoids the slowdown that has happened since I started the drive. It actively reroutes based on live data for the duration of the drive. Things do change, not by magic, but by accidents, emergency response in an area, etc., and this is a feature that keeps me using Waze. I've also considered CoPilot that has this feature, albeit a paid addon. Like the Laurel Canyon example above, the crowd sourced data indicated to Waze to avoid that area, when Maps still was sending me there. Things do change in minutes.
  • As far as I know windows map doesn't reroute you as you're actively driving, only when you initially search for directions. The unfortunate reality is that waze can reroute you as you're driving because of the huge number of users who input live data, windows map doesn't have those resources/even if they had they ability to report traffic there aren't enough users to make that useful.
  • It can still be done. CoPilot does it without the crowd sourcing.
  • Hmm I wonder if they have access to more data
  • For me this started (in Europe) arround September. Only Hungary was missing in November.
  • Woohoo, my cou try on the list!! ❤
  • They support greece. Yeahhhhh 🎆🎉🎇
  • Would love it if Bing would let me know when to leave to the house to get to work when using public transit. As it is now it tells me what time i should leave when driving.
  • You can set Cortana up to do that.
  • yup if you save an address as your work, it will tell you what time to leave by car or public transit (through cortana).
  • Bing Transit has been broken for ages now. Don't think MS will ever fix it. It's, err, *great (cough)* to see what time and effort they put into traffic data for car drivers...
  • why do you need phone signal to search when the maps are on the phone, always puzzled me  
  • Traffic flow you still need data. if not how the map know the traffic flow?
  • Yes signal for traffic flow but just to find a location it should not need signal as maps on the phone
  • I see China on there... What are the chances of off-line maps coming back? Especially before May...
  • Yeah, this is great to display it, a pitty you can't use it nor display the traffic while navigating... It only colour code the map when not navigating... No way to see the traffic during navigation and no real time rerouting should an incident occurs on the current route... Straight in the traffic jam, as it happened to me a few time in my morning commute...
  • I can see Brazil over there.
  • I hope they add live transit data soon. Doesn't seem so the email i got back was pretty snarky!
  • This looks and works very well on L650 and SP4 on insider, great work, I try not to use Google or Apple products where ever possible so I cannot compare the map apps but this is a good step forward, Ireland is not always first to get coverage lol
  • I love the latest version but with onnly one flaw that has been there ever since. The traffic colors do not show up, when you have put up navigation. Now I have to workaround by first looking at the route that I need to take, then turn off navigation and run normal maps to see the kid of traffic that lies ahead. In a city like Delhi where it may take a few hours, the traffic pattern change quite frequently. Jams build up in minutes and at times jams cler up, by the time you reach that spot. problem with navigation is that it is more 'static'. Once a route is chosen, it won't tell you that, 'Hey, the jam on your normal route has now cleared, and if you take that you may end up saving some time' As a driver, it is also distracting to look at traffic patterns real time. I desperately need the functionality to see traffic pattern, with navigation. Rest is all great with Bing maps now.
  • But still no Android app, so no reason to use it.
  • I wonder if this is the start of the expansion of Cortana to the same countries
  • It will not. Cortana is not yet in South Korea. There is no news yet on expanding Cortana support countries. It is sad.
  • You can use it now just Select Cortana language to English
  • In South Korea, accident information is not yet displayed. And it is not a vector map. Maps require an upgrade. Streetside is not yet available in South Korea.
  • Well that's nice, but I've always wondered where they get their map traffic data from?
  • How about make Bing Maps for Android. I hate Google maps! And edge browser while there at it since they already have Bing Search
  • By just looking at the world map how the European nations will come to know if this feature is supported in their countries?!
  • I thought Windows maps which uses bing already did this