Bing Rewards continues to expand, now available in India

If you've been anxiously awaiting Bing Rewards to arrive in India, you don't have to wait any longer. You can now sign up for and use Bing Rewards thanks to some recent expansion of the service. There have been a number of reports of users in India being able to sign up for the service. For those not familiar, Bing Rewards is a way that Microsoft promotes the use of its Bing search engine.

People who sign up for the program can collect points when they use Bing which can then be exchanged for items like e-gift cards and more. Be sure to sign up now (opens in new tab) so you can get points for the searches you are performing daily!

Jared DiPane

Jared started off writing about mobile phones back when BlackBerry ruled the market, and Windows Mobile was kinda cool. Now, with a family, mortgage and other responsibilities he has no choice but to look for the best deals, and he's here to share them with you.

  • When in UK?
  • Dan believe me , the reward obtained is very less for 90 searches , u get 30₹ which is .5usd and for 210 searches u get 70₹ which is 1 usd .. I prefer cloud storage rather than free charge cash !
  • For people who cant load cash onto their msft acc just because of card restrictions, this is a boon. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Freecharge can't be used to pay for apps! Posted via the Windows Central App for BlackBerry
  • Errr this is beta so I guess its limited to freecharge only. (Not fully featured Bing Rewards like in the US)
    I have used the bing rewards using proxy from a different account (US location).
    There are daily tasks and stuff, can invest in gift cards and stuff from store using these rewards.
  • You can. Freecharge offers a virtual credit card. Use that card in store. Easy.
  • I can only see gift card and credit card option on the payment page!! Posted via the Windows Central App for BlackBerry
  • Go to your FC account and own a FC go card there. It's a virtual credit card. Add money in FC wallet and you can use that money anywhere using that card number.
  • thanks, but doesn't works on as freecharge card doesn't supports atm. check my conversation with freecharge on twitter. @zaidk9
  • Ok dude. Thanks for this information. I'll check it.
  • Yes i am not able to use that card it always shows plz check details unauthorised card
  • same here! They should have added MS into their list before getting into bing rewards !!! And MS is no less then a fool! whats the point of paying people to search when they cant benefit them!
  • Looks like i can jst only recharge now .lol
  • I wish i cud redeem these points for purchasing games on microsoft store
  • Exactly. Hopefully, I will be able to use the reward for purchasing apps on the store.
  • And? You get rewarded... How much do you want to get paid for using your computer? $5? $50?
  • Nah , but cloud space will do .
  • I think this guy owns a tree which sprouts cash.
  • Enough to support the developers in store.
  • Atleast you get this for free!! And 3:1 is a good ratio I think. Just search some random **** daily!
  • When in Portugal?
  • Wen in Portugal?
  • When in UK ;-)
  • When in Canada?
  • Bing rewards in India gives credit points which can be redeemed as freecharge cash.
  • I'm still seeing unsupported market
  • Exactly Paul.
  • Me too. :(
  • Me three! :| Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10 Mobile
  • Me four :D ... Not supported in your region
  • Were you able to sign up for it? It still shows it is not available for this region. Weird. Can you provide the link here, if there is any, other than the one in the article?
  • Bing rewards is not fully featured like in the US . It's only beta for India
    Got the link from Abhinav Singh.
  • Page not found. Indian , currently in US.
  • it worked. Thanks man, to you and Abhinav too Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • But yaar How to rendeem bing award? Any link?
  • For me, even the Bing rewards sign up is not working.
  • Yay! (:
  • Yes!! Finally it is here!!
  • Btw, your name always reminds me of Sam sabri. XD
  • Lol yeah!
  • That ridiculous. :P
  • Happy to here that (:
  • I'm from India. How can i merge the previous points earned. I was using Bing rewards before also when it wasn't available in India by changing the location
  • Probably not possible. There are drawbacks of using workarounds to get around rules.
  • Reach the points to redemption and claim them. When you have nothing left, switch yo india. Also I tried US to start Bing rewards but doesn't work. Please do tell me how to do it!
  • Call Microsoft and tell them you've been breaching the T&C's. They'll "fix" the issue for you :P
  • People have already beat me to it, but what the heck. When in UK?
  • Dude xD Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No more "when in India" comments . Msft started showing interest towards India .. Hey hey hey ! :)
  • Is it because the CEO is of Indian origin?
  • Because of freecharge, mobikwick and paytm etc.... Their popularity seems promising.
  • Yeah, I use paytm everyday. It's amazing, but now with bing will try freecharge!
  • No it still says...Bing Rewards isn't available in this country or region.
    Currently, only US residents located in the US, are eligible for Bing Rewards. Check your location setting
  • same
  • I have earned 20 points it is available dude.
  • Kamal and abhi , check mspu(wmpoweruser) , they have posted the links Fr Bing rewards beta ( for India ) .windows central is getting worse day by day ! |-_-|
  • Rude.
  • Lol rich. XD
  • But the link provided here actually leads to the page that says Bing rewards isn't available at your location.
  • Richard , yea bro , windows central is getting worse . They concentrate much on live feeds bit they fail to post many things r they post things lately !
  • LOL :p Richard is saying us rude?? Dude, your comments are also pretty rude most of the time.. No offense tough. :-)
  • I had down voted you, but still on 8.1 -_-'
  • Thanks :). This link works
  • Page showing not available in your region(India)
  • From when did msft give attention to INDIA ? |-_-|
  • Since Nadella became CEO. But, India is a BIG market also.
  • Biggest market.
  • False
  • When will it be available in Pakistan?
  • Only if Pak beats Ind in today's cricket match !
  • Lol
  • Lol
  • And India did it :p but we'll played pak
  • Wish Pak wins this time .. If u know what i mean..
  • xD
  • +520. :P
  • Hahaha. :D take it lightly. :)
  • Lol
  • You said it wrong, it's suppoed to be "Wen in Pakistan???"
  • yeah,p[age shows not available in your region
  • its still says bing reward isn't available in your region
  • Goto this link to start using bing rewards. The link in the article is wrong.
  • Your link tells me page not found.
  • Its working for me. Are you sure you have your region set to india in the microsoft account settings?
  • working for me as well . can confirm .
    Its beta though.
  • No.  Not in India.  I was expecting this page to list the international locations where Bing rewards is available.  Guess it's just for India.
  • Not able to use bing reward in india
    it says that "This feature isn’t available in your region​"!
    ​I was using bing rewards by changing my location to USA and i have 300+ points,
    so would i will be able to use those points in india (when it actually arrives)
  • Yay!!!!
  • Not able to use bing reward in India
    it says that "This feature isn’t available in your region​"!
    ​I was using bing rewards by changing my location to USA and i have 300+ points,
    so would i will be able to use those points in India (when it actually arrives)
  • It has arrived in india goto this link to start using it. and NO the points don't seem to carry over.
  • Canada??.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wonder the same
  • When MS hire a Canadian CEO.
  • India! What a pleasant coincidence! The country the CEO is from!
  • Yes! Yes!
  • Awesome.signed up..
  • Yessss yesss. I used a proxy for signing up. And to use a relative's phone number in us to redeem. Now I can do that without any problem.
  • Use this . No need for proxy Its beta only.
  • Yes I got it. Thanks :)
  • not available in your region. please provide a link
  • Bing rewards is a scam. Copy & paste something to search (like most normal people would) and your account gets closed... But ONLY once you're just about able to redeem your points!
  • Total scam.  I searched & did not copy & paste and my account was closed with a good number of points.  I was going to get some Amazon gift cards. Thank you Bing Rewards for screwing a loyal user.
  • Awwwwww!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!
  • Woww...just sent windows central a news about this,and here it is
  • When in The Netherlands?
  • When in UK?
  • Lol I searched in phone using Bing and still got points. U just need to be online. Indians will always find a hack to anything ;)
  • the famous patching site is of an Indian . One of my friend !
  • Recently i checked this is not available in india
  • What about Windows Store or Xbox gift cards ? It is only for freecharge.
  • But Bing says this service s nt avlbl in ur region .. i.e India
  • Yay :)
  • Why the hell my points aren't increasing (searching from Bing app in wp8.1 :(
  • Dude, there is a limit.. After 10 points it won't increase, until a new day. Right now you might be having 20 cuz of promotion..
  • Mark the calenders MARCH 24, I get 30 bucks for free...    P.S. I work and earn, but everything is better when it is free.
  • When in dubai Wongskie
  • Sounds like a successful business plan. Pay Indians to use crappy search engine and profits will come eventually due adds and spying.
  • Yeah, Microsoft pays users to use it's crap service and people pay to Google to use it's service. #Qualitymatters.
  • Seriously ? Dude google is the one which has a crap search engine . And they do data mining too .
  • You saying crap? Amazing :-)
  • There's nothing "crappy" about either... Both being search engines turn up with pretty much the exact same websites and other pages with the keywords you use to search something. What exactly makes Bing crappy and Google as brilliance in the minds of so many people is reputation. Google popularised it's search engine quite a bit but Bing didn't, so now Google is the only one so widely used. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Exactly , and when android came into market , Google's name was widespread very much ..
  • Will it work by searching frm search button (Bing app),instead of going to web??
  • Yup it works
  • When available for Belgium ? Xbox Live Rewards is already available since few months but still not Bing Rewards...
  • Balkan,Serbia? Never :'(
  • Wen in Italy?
  • Wuhuu finally it came
  • Dont waste your time. They will ban you sooner or later, even if you are legit.
  • OH MY last !!! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Oh fk off Microsoft with all due respect, your expanding market bullshit is a fairytale! All your services expand like 1 country per year. Its ridiculous, a big joke. Why can google be everywhere in a heartbeat?
  • Google doesn't have any rewards program.
  • I like the Freecharge points as rewards. They have partered with MCD, Shoppers stop and other stores. You can also pay your online bills and not oly that they have a virtual Debit card so you can use that cash anywhere online. I think its much better than being given store specific vouchers.
  • Yes... By the way, that's a virtual credit card i guess.
  • While using it you are required to input details as a credit card but as for the card itself you can only use it like you would a debit card. Its basically just a Virtual card linked to your FC wallet which is why I called it a Debit card. Either way! it is a better deal and people need to stop complaining about it. I guess they think FC is still only Mobile Recharges.
  • Yes. Actually it's a debit card. But it's worth noting it's a credit card literally. You can use it in the store. I think this is the reason why they have picked FC over paytm.
  • Sorry but credit cards are cards where you make payments with with money advanced to you. Money you dont have. Then you pay that back. With the FC card you cant do that. You can either use money you already have or siphon off money from your actual bank account. Yes you can use it iin stores but only with money you already have.  But yes, the card is probably why they chose FC over PayT
  • Dude peace. I know the difference. I'm just saying that they named it as a credit card. FC over Paytm. At the same time, more users May join this program. FC May promote it too.
  • Wen in other regions? :). Joking aside, it's about time Bing Rewards left the confines of the US market.
  • When available in Colombia?
  • Wen in Canada
  • I cant sign up.. It is still showing that this is not available for your region
  • When I click the link it shows 'This feature isn’t available in your region' I use Bing search every day. I like Bing search than Google. I will not use Google search. Bing is the best Windows Fan
  • Lol
  • Some Australian love would be nice...
  • I can't believe it! Finally!!!!!!!!;
  • Showing "this feature is not available in your country". Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Showing "this feature is not available in your country". Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hey! What about your northern neighbors... Canada?
  • It says unavailable in region
  • Can't believe it's available in India, but not the UK!
  • Sorry. I needed to ask this. When in Philippines?
  • it shows its not supported in my area... it doesn't support in all Indian regions? ~DheeraJ~
  • it shows. not available in my region. it doesn't support in all Indian regions? ~DheeraJ~
  • nope. its still not supported in India, or least in mumbai. it says 'This feature isn’t available in your region'
  • Bing Rewards will give you the boot once you've earned some decent rewards.  They can ban you & keep your rewards and not give you any reason.  Bing Rewards is a JOKE  
  • Says "This feature isn’t available in your region". Another page said-
    "Whoa! We are overbooked.
    We thank you for your patronage but we are not accepting new user signups at the moment. We request you to keep a tab on this space for updates on the rewards programme.
    -The Bing Rewards Team."
  • It says- Whoa! We are overbooked. We thank you for your patronage but we are not accepting new user signups at the moment. We request you to keep a tab on this space for updates on the rewards programme. -The Bing Rewards Team.