Bing will try to predict the most exciting events to watch during the Rio 2016 Olympics

Microsoft has announced that its Bing engine will be used during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The engine will try to predict which events will be the most exciting events for each day of the Games.

The Bing Predicts engine has been used in the past to pick the winners of sporting events, awards ceremonies, and election results. In a blog post, Microsoft stated:

For the 2016 Summer Games, Bing is using Bing Predicts technology to provide a unique viewing schedule, called Events to Watch. Events to Watch is updated daily and suggests the most exciting events of the 2016 Games throughout the day, taking into account projected upsets, new world records, and the odds of a tight event, creating a schedule optimized around the must-watch moments.

In addition, the Bing Predicts Daily page will also offer Olypmpic fans new and interesting trivia about the Games, along with new predictions. For example, today it is predicting that the U.S., China and the UK will end up as the top three countries in terms of earning medals, now that Russia won't be sending many of its athletes to the Games.

Check out Bing Predicts Daily at the Rio 2016 Olympics

John Callaham