Birthday Hub goes free on Windows 10, Windows Phone 8.1

Birthday Hub, a nifty little Windows 10 universal app (also on Windows Phone 8.1) for keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries, is now completely free.

Birthday Hub

Previously, the app offered a limited trial with an option to grab the full version at $1.99. Now the Windows Phone 8.1 version is completely free, and the universal Windows 10 version is free with an optional $1.99 Pro upgrade as an in-app purchase. Either way, the app contains no ads, but the Pro version will unlock features like theming and OneDrive backups.

Birthday Hub is a pretty simple concept, but we came away with positive impressions when we reviewed the app early last year. Now that the app is free, it's definitely worth checking out if you need a little extra help staying on top of important dates.

Download Birthday Hub from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Although nice it's hard to see a big advantage of this over the profile options such as birthdays built into the people hub. Of course there is Facebook birthday integration but even before there was the option to enter birthdays into the people hub and even have it remind you. Either that or just add them as reoccurring events into your regular calendar.
  • But what if yesterday was a birthday and your PC was off? Would the calendar remind you today? If you would start your PC today Birthday Hub would remind you today about the missed birthday. And you it will give you the possibility to keep your calendar clean.
  • If you use the same account(s) on another device then you will get reminders on that device... so you don't have to worry about leaving your PC on 24/7 :).
  • I already do that with my Microsoft Account. I get reminders on my Windows, Android, and iOS devices. It's actually kind of funny because when I have a reminder my whole house starts making noise.
  • I agree with you on every point. I too use MS People/Contact hub for birthday reminders. Everything is synced to other devices as well, such as my phone, so I don't need to have my PC on to get reminders. What is the advantage of using the Birthday Hub app over the stock MS People app?
  • I have no people hub in windows 10. So, it is helpful.
  • That's odd. I thought the People/Contact hub is native to Windows 10. I have 7 Windows 10 devices from PC to tablet and phone, and they all have the People hub.
  • Nice. Thanks for the tip
  • But Windows 10 Mobile is dead! If that's so how can they do anything for Windows 8.1 Mobile? It just doesn't make sense! Unless I've been lied to and it's not really "dead".
  • It's a universal app. You can run it on a phone, tablet, PC or HoloLens if you want. And let's see what 2017 brings.
  • The lost art of sarcasm...and still people fall for. Watch 'Bing Bang Theory' to get some lessons... ;-)
  • So, people cannot think and make sarcasm with their own mind. They need a tv series for that? The world has become a sad place.
  • This is a fantastic birthday app!
  • The in-app Pro upgrade is currently free as well :-)
  • Congratulations, you found an easter egg...enjoy :) It's free for a few days, maybe ;)
  • Thanks 😉 Every app looks better with a dark theme 😁
  • Really nice app and well worth supporting all Windows 10 developers.
  • Thank you! Thank you! For giving 8.1 some love. Instead of only providing info for 10. There are more people using 8.1 than 10. Latest information says only 16% of users use WP10.
  • Dont know will I ever need it, my calendar does the job. But I was surprised to see my contacts showing up here, maybe all-in-on-place does have advantage
  • That's really cool but I have enough birthday reminders as it is thanks to fb lol
  • Seriously. I have TOO many goddamn birthday reminders.
  • But this one is fast, simple and universal.
  • Lmao I c u
  • Nice but I don't care about when people were born
  • The app feels buggy. It crashed when I attempted to access the support me