Birthday Hub goes free on Windows 10, Windows Phone 8.1

Birthday Hub, a nifty little Windows 10 universal app (also on Windows Phone 8.1) for keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries, is now completely free.

Birthday Hub

Previously, the app offered a limited trial with an option to grab the full version at $1.99. Now the Windows Phone 8.1 version is completely free, and the universal Windows 10 version is free with an optional $1.99 Pro upgrade as an in-app purchase. Either way, the app contains no ads, but the Pro version will unlock features like theming and OneDrive backups.

Birthday Hub is a pretty simple concept, but we came away with positive impressions when we reviewed the app early last year. Now that the app is free, it's definitely worth checking out if you need a little extra help staying on top of important dates.

Download Birthday Hub from the Windows Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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