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This Black Friday deal takes 88% off a 60-month PureVPN subscription

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Purevpn App Hero 8w9x (Image credit: PureVPN)

Jump on this excellent Black Friday deal from PureVPN that gives you 60 months of access (opens in new tab) for just $79.95. That's an insane price if you consider that it could cost you as much as $657 on a normal day. That's an 88% discount, and the final deal comes down to about $1.33 a month instead of $10.95. PureVPN also backs it up with a 31-day guarantee, so you can try it out for one of the 60 months, decide you aren't going to use it as much as you thought, and get your money back.

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PureVPN 60-months plan | $1.33 a month (opens in new tab)

You never know what you might need a VPN for. It can be used for anything from doing work with international companies, doing e-commerce with different country domains, or just for play so you can watch videos that don't air on your local streaming platforms. And it's really nice when you can get it for so cheap.

If you've never used a VPN before, you might not realize just how many features they have. Sure, there are some big advantages namely around privacy and security, but they can do a lot more for you than that. Chances are you aren't even going to use everything a VPN like this has to offer, but that shouldn't disuade you. Rather, find the pieces that you do need and can use and put them to work.

PureVPN offers a service with more than 6,500 VPN servers in over 96 locations and 78 countires. The features you can access include things like P2P connectivity, unlimited bandwidth, and 256-bit data encryption. The servers you can access suport 1 Gigabit connection speeds, so you can even stream media. The VPN won't log any of your usage data, which is important. One of the key elements of a VPN like this is being able to surf the internet privately without putting yourself out there for any corporate data collector or random dude to see. A VPN that still collects your data sort of negates that entire function, and PureVPN is not one of those.

You can use PureVPN in a lot of places, too. Use it on Windows or MacOS or Linux computers. It also has mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can even install the browser extension on pretty much any system. With your subscription you can have 10 different logins online simultaneously, so you can protect your family too.

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