Blade Runner cover artSource: Alcon Interactive Group

What you need to know

  • Blade Runner is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Westwood Studios in 1997.
  • Thought lost to time, this game just had a surprise re-release on GOG, CD Projekt's PC storefront.
  • You can purchase Blade Runner for $10 USD on GOG.

In 1997, Westwood Studios developed a Blade Runner point-and-click adventure game, working with Alcon Interactive Group and even some of the cast from the movie. While it received favorable reviews and sales, development had been extroardinarily expensive. Since then, the game has been though lost to time, until today. Today, in a surprise announcement, we learned that Blade Runner is now available on GOG, CD Projekt's PC storefront.

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You can purchase the game right now and because it's a much older title, the requirements aren't stringent at all. In Blade Runner, you play as Ray McCoy, one of the detectives who hunts down replicants. It's a difficult task, considering that replicants look and act human. There's over 100 environments to explore and 70 characters in interact with. The soundtrack and visuals are directly inspired by Ridley Scott's classic film.

Replicant hunting

Blade Runner cover art

Blade Runner

Neon lights and rainy streets

In Blade Runner, navigate a city of future past as Ray McCoy, a detective tasked with hunting down rogue replicants. Use tools, careful reasoning and more throughout this non-linear story.

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