What you need to know

  • Diablo III hasn't received any story content in years.
  • Blizzard Entertainment today promises more themed season for the game.
  • Games like Path of Exile receive story content frequently.
  • You can purchase Diablo III for $60 on the Microsoft Store.

Diablo III is a great isometric adventure game, but it hasn't really gotten people's attention in recent years. Many months ago, Blizzard Entertainment announced Diablo Immortal, a mobile game, instead of Diablo 4 like everyone was expecting. Due to this, the franchise isn't held in such high regard anymore. While Diablo III still receives post-launch support, it's not on the level of say Path of Exile, which gets expansions with new story quests all the time.

Today, Blizzard posted an update on the game's website discussing "ongoing support." The title made it sound like some massive changes were coming. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. The post went on to focus on how Themed Seasons are quite successful and what to expect from them in the coming months.

Beginning with Season 14, we introduced Themed Seasons. The goal was simple: change the expected gameplay loop and create unique experiences from Season to Season... Based on your positive feedback and increased participation in Themed Seasons, we think we are moving in the right direction... Our crew is hard at work crafting additional Themed Seasons, a new set for each class, dozens of Legendary powers, and some class balance changes.

Blizzard acknowledged that it hasn't been clear about its plans for the game, and promised to be more transparent going forward. The issue here isn't the fact that the team isn't clear, the issue is that the content at the end of the day can't be compared to an expansion. It's unclear why Path of Exile, developed by a smaller team, can keep on getting story expansions, while Blizzard has a hard time even getting seasons right.

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Hopefully, Blizzard will reconsider its stance and at least finish off Diablo III's story properly. The latest expansion ended on quite the cliffhanger which I won't spoil here. There are rumors that another expansion was even shelved to focus on other projects. What do you think about all this? What do you want from Diablo III? Let us know. Additionally, if you're looking for a great alternative, give Warhammer: Chaosbane a go.

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