Nokia exclusive Xbox game Blobster oozes onto Windows Phone

Just when it seems like Xbox games for Windows Phone’s darkest hour, when all hope of a new release before January 30th has long been abandoned… Nokia once again comes to our rescue with a new exclusive Xbox for Lumia owners: Blobster from Chillingo (who we’ve barely written about today) and Divine Robot. With this surprise late-day release, there are now eleven Nokia exclusives in the Xbox lineup.

Revolting blob


Blobster is an innocent little platform that clocks in at a light 13 megabytes to download. The titular character is a living blob (sadly lacking lobster claws) who must apparently stop the Big and Powerful Corporation from polluting the land of Canterlot, I mean Blobtopia. While the adorably and sticky littler thing bears the color red by default, players can select between six different skins – including a female one.

The gameplay is simple enough to learn. Pressing the left or right side of the screen moves the Rock Blobster in that direction, not unlike Chillingo’s own Roll in the Hole. A tilt option is also available, though I’d have preferred a virtual stick, myself. To make Blobster jump, tug at him with a finger and then release; he’ll go flying in the desired direction.

Throughout the game’s many levels you’ll come across unique power-ups like pieces that cause Blobster to grow and jump farther, a helmet for breathing underwater, and more. The protagonist can’t attack enemies directly, so you’ll need to avoid them instead. Grab all the collectibles scattered around each level for a handful of Achievements.

Silly putty


Nokia and Chillingo's latest is a cute game whose looks will appeal to general audiences and kids. I find the uninspired backgrounds badly in need of parallax scrolling, but flat backgrounds have long been a pet peeve of mine. With a fair assortment of levels that become more varied as the game progresses, fans of casual platformer fans might just end up falling in love with this blob.

Blobster costs $2.99 like every Nokia Xbox exclusive and works on both Windows Phone 7 and 8. You can view its Windows Phone Store page here, but the game must be purchased from a Nokia Lumia phone.

Thanks to Er.Akshat (tell me that’s not supposed to be naughty) for the tip!

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