BLU offers list of phones that will and will not be upgradable to Windows 10 Mobile

BLU has released a number of Windows Phone 8.1 devices over the past few years, but only some of them will get the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. A new list provided by the company revealed which phones will get the upgrade and which ones are stuck with Windows Phone 8.1.

The list, provided in an email sent by BLU to Lovable Lumia is as follows:

  • Blu Win HD W510u: Update available
  • Blu Win HD LTE X150q: Update is on pause. (bug fixes)
  • Blu Win HD LTE X150e: Update is pending
  • Blu Win Jr LTE X130e: Update is pending
  • Blu Win Jr LTE X130q: Update not available
  • Blu Win Jr: Update not available

As you can see, the BLU Win Jr and the BLU Win Jr LTE X130q won't be getting an update to Windows 10 Mobile. Both phones have just 512MB of RAM and Microsoft has already confirmed devices with that low amount of RAM won't be eligible for Windows 10 Mobile.

John Callaham