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Smartphones with 512MB of RAM will not be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone 8.1 handsets with only 512MB of RAM will not be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile. It was believed this was the case since only smartphones with 1GB of RAM are included in Microsoft's own eligibility list, which was published alongside the rollout of Windows 10 Mobile.

As spotted by WinBeta, to ensure there's absolutely no confusion, the official account for the Insider program confirmed this as the case on Twitter:

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Microsoft previously spoke about how there could be potential limitations with 512MB with regards to Windows 10 Mobile, and while insider testers may have had a smooth enough experience on hardware with only 512MB to test the OS upgrade, Microsoft may have considered all potential issues and felt it necessary to remove said devices from the eligible list.

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Shame.  There are an awful lot of 512 MB devices out there.  I never understood the logic.  The cost difference between adding 512 MB and 1 GB is fairly small.  There were so many compatibility issues in the beginning and now this. Looking forward to the doom and gloom comments...  
  • Windows Phone is already doom and gloom if you have not been noticing. And the reason is exactly stuff like these. 
  • Cheap phones are exactly that. They don't really contribute much to the ecosystem. Stats show people with cheap phones are less likely to buy apps. These users can upgrade their phones to something else including windows or go elsewhere. No loss really. My mom has the 520. She doesn't need windows 10. It's just a cheap phone for basic phone use.
  • Those are their best selling phones man.. People will be pissed and rightfully so! And if I am not wrong, Micsoroft did say that all phones running Windows Mobile 8.1 will be upgraded to Windows 10M. This is not the first time Microsoft screwed their loyal fans. I was one of them.
  • They sold because they were cheap and people just wanted a cheap solution to the flip phone. It was the best one at the time. But now android can compete with cheap.
  • Well, I bought my Lumia 625 for 16000₹ i.e around 260$, that is not cheap! That is a mid range phone price in india. Even L640 was launched with a price tag way below that.
  • And using Lumia 625 for 2 years you have used all ₹16,000. Go buy a new phone buddy. Posted From WC app for Windows 10 Mobile on my NOKIA Lumia 730.
  • I bought a Lumia 620 for about 185€ two and a half years ago, now they go for around 100-110€. I replaced it with an 830 about half a year ago, and payed 215€. So the 830 was only about 30€ more expensive than the 620 back when I bought it. And you can't really compare them, they're in a different class. Phones are just expensive, when they just release. For example the Lumia 650. Here in Latvia it costs almost 200€. 640, which is better in almost every way spec wise, costs about 120€ for the LTE version and 100€ for the dual-sim
  • What the hack? Phones are cheep in your country man! I mean, 650 in Germany is around 225 euros...
  • I would have though the 435 and 535 would outsell a 512mb device. Who buys a 512mb to use as a long term smartphone?? Those who just want a phone, not a pc in their pocket. Feel for those who picked the wrong 635 though. That was an unnecessary confusion in the line up. 4g and 512? What was that about?
  • The 520 was a damn good phone at that price... Better in some ways than the 435
  • You surely have not used Lumia 720 sir. It is the best 512 Mb phone ever. And yes, it is a long-term smartphone.
    The thing is, I understand what and why Microsoft did this. And I kinda understand their situation.
    But that does not change the fact that Satya Nadella had 'promised' in one of his interviews that all devices will get windows 10.
    Then they changed the statement and said all devices with more than 4gb storage will get.
    Then again, while releasing the update, they give a shock. No windows 10 for 512mb devices. And 430, as far as I know, has 4 Gb memory, still it is getting. Weird.
    Basically, all I want to point out is that they messed up bad.
    At least, after testing the insider builds, they should have informed about this. And then later, they should have released the updates.
    But right now what they did is like they made the fans test the windows 10 via insiders, then gave them hope that it will be fine some day, in interviews declared everyone will get windows 10, and when everyone was waiting, dying for the update, they reveal the horrible truth that no 512mb devices. This is what makes me sad.
    Microsoft is sadistic. They love to see fans get hurt. Believe me, I have 830, I will get the update. But still I feel so bad for others. They ruined their own phone fan following.
  • I bought Lumia 735 after using Lumia 720 for 18 months. I still think Lumia 720 is the best Lumia that there ever was ! I would love to have offcial Win 10 upgrade on my 720 but looks like it aint happening. Even the 730/735 should have been exactly like 720 down to the last mm. Just newer prcessor and more RAM.
  • I was surprised so many people complained on the lack of updating for the 512MB L720. I've got one, subscribed to the insiders program and installed W10M on it. This was all before the "news" or "shock" came that their would be no W10M officially available for my phone. W10M ran horribly slow and crashed often first but now after an update it's running just slow and it's more or less stable. The WP8.1 which ran before on it was even more horribly buggy and crashed and freezed sometimes 4 or 6 times a day. So I'm better of now, the phone is "usable". I also work on an iP6s which is a day and night comparisson with the L720. MS did the same with my L610 which got to 7.8 and was horrible slow too (256MB remember). MS blocked the road for it with WP8. So a L720 solved that up to WP8.1 and with a bit of luck I got the W10M now on it. What's most disappointing is the fact that the recovery tool for returning from W10M preview builds to WP8.1 on my L720 doensn't work anymore. MS just gives me the message: your device is not supported for W10M, although it's working perfectly on my phone! So they got me parked with a preview phone forever.  
  • I accidentally got the 512mb lumia 635. No returns. Stupid confusion, they should have named the variants differently.
  • @rastkodotk So did I! I remember comparing Lumia 635 from my Canadian carrier vs. Microsoft Store. I ultimately bought it outright from my carrier and went prepaid. I believe the Microsoft Store one was unlocked and 1GB whereas the one I got is locked and 512MB. The latter, I did not know. I did not even know there were two memory variants for Lumia 635. I just noticed I had 512MB RAM instead of 1GB after installing Aida64 about a month after my 1-year warranty expired :) It's okay. I have now pre-ordered a Lumia 650, which by all means is an upgrade from my Lumia 635.
  • Oh and I called my carrier the other day to see if I can have it unlocked. They apparently have a $50 unlocking policy. That means I should just not have gone cheap back in 2014.
  • People would also be pissed if their phones became useless because they got an upgrade that their hardware simply can't run. You get what you pay for in life, if you buy a phone with limited hardware then you get limited upgradability. And I think you are wrong, I don't think Microsoft ever said all windows 8.1 phones would be upgraded to W10M.
  • The 1020 runs 10 just fine. They apparently just didn't want to spend the time to get the camera app to work well with the OIS on that device. So no inclusion on the list.
  • This exactly. People with 512gb phones have a phone right now that works and has worked well since they bought it. The upgrade to 10 would have made the phone operate worse with no clear benefit to the user
  • Yes zoom, I agree. But you are not getting the reason why people are upset.
    It was clearly told in interviews that every device will get windows 10 update.
    I totally agree with you about phone not working properly. My spare phone 720 has windows 10 in it. It is horrible.
    But the thing is we were given false hope, and then exactly at the time of launch, when the hopes are at the highest point, they said no 512 Mb devices will get them. That is very common sadistic nature of Microsoft. They love crushing hopes. They really test their fans to the limit.
    Why couldn't they just tell this before? I am pretty sure they didn't decide that last minute that "hey Satya... Windows 10 on my 512 Mb is crap. Lets not let the update out for them...?"
    It was a well thought decision. Why couldn't they just tell it before, so that people get angry then, and calm down, and then enjoy windows 10 update whoever gets.
    Right now it is like it was the most anticipated day. But then now it has has become the suckiest day in the history.
    That's what the problem is.
  • I believed that too and thought that was awesome. Now I'm not really that sad. Even if I cannot update, I've had my Lumia 635 since September 2014. I think I already got and used up what I paid for. I might sell it or use it as a back-up now. I will have it remain in Windows 10 Mobile 105...(whatever).164
  • Sir, you clearly don't follow the news and interviews then. Not one, but in many many interviews, it was clearly said by Satya himself that every windows phone will get windows 10.
    He specifically mentioned all windows phones with 8.1 will get windows 10.
  • Your last line says it all, al Windows phones with 8..1 will get Win10, which meant "All phones shipped with 8.1 by default would get it" This excluded devices that shipped with 8.0 and then updated to 8.1. Agreed, they should have been more clear about it. I have a 720 too and I know how horrible Win 10 runs on it, but I think it gave a very good value for Money uptil now. We got so many updates right from 8.0 to Win 10 insider. I think its fair enough that they didn't want people like us to cry about how horrible Windows 10 is on a 512 mb phone. Yes they could have optimised it, maybe they will until the 10586 branch is dead. But they probably didn't wanted to waste resources on it. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Again kunal. You don't get it.
    You just twisting the words. Once a device is update from 8 to 8.1, it is an 8.1 device.
    Anyway, I totally get what you are trying to say. I remember the old days... Nokia Lumia amber update was the first one. Then all the way to denim. And then insiders... All this for just one device that I bought in 2013. Microsoft did very well.
    And again, I never said that the decision is stupid. All I meant to say is that the timing of the decision is stupid. They hurt our sentiments. That's why I am hating them right now.
    I have always been a ms follower, even biased at times. But now moves like this just make me hate them.
    That's all I wanted to say. :)
  • Lumia 630 DS came with WIndows 8.1 OOB. Common man! That too the first phone to come with 8.1
  • There were a lot of people asking whether the WP8 devices will get upgrade back then, after the whole wp7 devices not upgradable thing. Microsoft did make the promise that "All Lumia WP8 are going to get Windows 10 upgrade", yet they fail to deliver again.
  • It's 7.5 to 8.0 all over again. The most pessimist commenters were correct again. Any developer that develops an app intended for W10M users will loose out on the majority of users using their app. Everyone was misled. Developers will now need to keep their old app or maintain the old app alongside the new app. Same as 7.5 to 8.
  • Far far from 7.5 to 8.0
    A but dramatic it seems
  • Windows phone 7 couldn't be updated to 8 because 8 runs on a totally different kernel version
  • That & how the bootloader was written
  • There was no upgrade path to 8.0 from 7.5/7.8
    It is not same at all. It is important to clearly understand the situation before commenting.
  • It's very much the same from a developer situation and from a user being stuck with orphaned apps. The situation is understood.
  • I certainly remember it at least being suggested that all Lumias would be able to upgrde to Windows 10 Mobile. Doesn't really matter now, I guess. The whole thing has been a disaster. Windows 10 is great, but the mobile side is (let's face it) pretty much dead. I wouldn't be surprised if MS pulls the plug on it within a couple of years. It can't be financially viable to market something just for the Microsoft fans.
  • If they drop mobile; they will be dropping desktop too. Handheld devices are the future and Desktop/laptops are here to stay but in fewer quantities than before. Google and Apple will eventually integrate their OS (Desktop&mobile) and Microsoft has to have a good foothold unless Staya plans to make a new IBM.
  • Yes history repeats and déjà vu starts again.
  • I'm glad they are sacrificing some users so they are not limited in evolving the OS. Same can be said for devs that had to declare if they supported 512MB devices. A good move from MS. Anyway a customer that has a 512MB old cheap phone and doesn't want to buy a new one in 2016 is not a great customer neither for phone sellers (there is no margin in selling 50$ phones) nor for devs (I don't think you are going to pay 2$ for an app if you can't afford an 80$ phone with 1GB ram).  Sorry if you are leaving but you won't be much satisfied with updates to 50$ android phones either :)
  • All those 1020 users with 2gb of RAM are included in that batch of disenfranchised users, along with many other users, so MS decided to give the bird to a wide swath of their users, not just 512mb.
  • Exactly Paul. Lol. People don't understand.
  • Sir Paolo. Read my comments above please. All 3 of them. :)
  • I understand that you hoped MS could deliver what they said they would, on the other hand an adult can understand that admitting they could not deliver to all but only to a great number of old phones is acceptable even if not optimal. Your phone won't lock down or blow up. It is just reaching the end of it's life a bit sooner than what you expected but anyway it had a great support, much better than what you get for any other brand. You started from 8, then 8.1, then the 8.1 updates, and now it can even get a decent experience in w10 if you want to try it with the insider preview. What is unbelivable is all the drama queens in this comunity. You would have liked another update, they could not deliver it and they said sorry, world is not going to end.
  • Yes. I do agree that they had an amazing run. I have been telling this again and again, but Microsoft devices can be easily classified as long term devices.
    But you cannot ignore the fact that it was a stupid and mean move by Microsoft to wait and let people get their hopes high, and then disappoint them. Why couldn't they tell this before?
  • Because they tried till the end, then comes a time for choosing what to do and admit problems on go on...
  • I love the way you think
  • You do realise we are talking about a software giant, right? Right. If what you say is true then ip6s by no means should be the fastest device in the market. I mean, 950xl has 8 cores and is still slower for God sake. And we all know why... Anyway, going back to what i've said the problem does not come from what you say, but comes from a darker motiv, called: We are not gonna waste resorces on old devices! And that's about it. But what intrigues me is the fact that 650 is laggy and gets slow from time to time. This is the part i don't get. Windows has become an android, which is not a good sign, cause it was supposed to work flowesly even on budget devices, this is with what it's fans were bragging about. But then again an 650 can't be called budget for that price. So let's look forward! Nobody will be able to put lower hardware on a windows smartphone and make it work flowesly like wp 8 was working on an 520;). Ms didn't just gave up old hardware, they gave up on proper optimization!
  • Nokia Lumia 635.  Launched in late 2014, with Windows Phone 8.1 by default. Those suckers who bought the 512 MB variant - which, mind you, was being sold *NEW* within the past 6 months - are out in the cold.
  • It's a shame they won't post what I put earlier it will make people cringe litteraly
  • Ha. Dude nailed it with the last few sentences. I'm with Pablo on this one. I love affordable phones, and that's one reason I have continued to prefer Windows phones. For any 512MB people complaining, wait 6 months and you can buy a sub-Benjamin Win10 phone. My 635 started crapping out a few weeks ago. I wasn't really itching for Win10 but bought a 550...and am sooooo glad I did. At $140, it almost hits the ceiling of my price limit for a phone, but was well worth the upgrade. If people are drooling for the Win10 experience, either buy a new phone or wait long enough for prices to drop.
  • I for those being pointed towards the 640.
  • Now they evolved the OS, but no one's buying their new devices after this. I owned Lumia 925 and was determined get their next flagship device, but now I'm not that sure any more.
  • Do people not remember what happend when Apple put iOS 4.0 on the iPhone 3G nope cause it seems Apple always gets a pass ever if there OS has bugs
  • I cracked the glass on my Nokia 645 and was waiting for the Win 10 upgrade to get it fixed.  Well Now I can be proud of saving that $100.00 and putting it towards an LG G5 with Android 5.5.1.  No more money to MS!  I get office for free on my Android Tablet no more $ to MS there either.  I got Win 10 on my laptop for free no more $ to MS there either! All my media players run Android for free! I guess that means I won't have to give any more money to MS ever again.  Thanks MS its been great knowing you now go away and die!
  • Wasn't there a revelation that MS profits for every Android phone sold due to patent licensing? That if there's a company that really profits from Android, it is oddly Microsoft?
  • Right, they don't contribute apart from being practically the whole install base over the years. Just flush them down the drain, completely worthless users......
  • Market share is so small it doesn't matter. Ms is trying to redefine the phone. A new category. The regular phone shares won't mean much. It's like the 2-in-1 category for laptops. Eventually that's where their shares will be.
  • And now developers are again stuck having to continue to support 8.1 apps for the majority, alongside having to develop a new W10M app to remain relevant? It's easier to just keep the old 8.1 app that will work on both.
  • No windows 8.1 will likely not get any new apps as has been the case for a while. It will vanish as it should.
  • Their phone didn't explode, it is still functioning, if they want they can upgrade their cheap old phone to a cheap new phone. Like always happened in tech :)
  • The 1020 wasn't a cheap phone. They started at $699, unless you forgot.
  • 920 wasn't cheap either.
  • Cost less then the ativ s(aws lte variant) was yet because of the cheap lame competition it couldn't shine
  • Sorry I'm commenting about the article which is about cheap phones. So let me rephrase "if they want they can upgrade their expensive old phone to an expensive new phone."
  • I love your sarcasm theefman.
  • They may be cheap from your perspective but they may not be from the view of the guy who bought it and stop commenting that such people should go elsewhere
  • Just saying if you're not happy with your current phone state then try something else. Or stick with it in the supported mode. It sucks' but that's life. That's technology for you.
  • No man, android old cheap phones are always updated to the latest OS version for years! /s
  • Not true... I got an old galaxy duos phone still on Donut... (2.3.6)... There ain't no marshmallow update coning for that.... Lololol
    I was a wp7 victim(Samsung Focus... Great phone... Still got it) but I understood what they did... So I bought a 925... Then that kicked the bucket so I got an 830...
    All phones bought unlocked... As it pertains to upgrade Os... I jus used the windows insider app to do that... Yea I know some average users wouldn't do it/ know about it but is calms so much frustration towards the OS... I can't remember if they pushed out the insider updates for the low end phones before the official release... But you could check and see... Windows 10 Mobile Insider
    Lumia 830
  • /s = sarcasm
  • @ Paolo     WRONG WRONG WRONG
  • I've seen the 520 in action. I'm so sorry for your mom.
  • bought my 620 for 13500 when it released.. about $200.. not cheap.. think about 820/920.. around 24K, 35K..
  • Re: poopyfinger,
    Very well said.
  • Poopy you're chatting nonsense my friend it's a pity you don't know what's really wrong & what's really going on, I think people who are in the know and can explain easily & better than some, when I post something's it doesn't get posted,
  • I bought 625 for 16000 ₹ . It is a good phone. I don't bother to upgrade my phone to ugly windows 10 mobile. And also I am not impressed by Microsoft's new lumias . I am a big fan of Lumia but now I am hating it.
  • Which new Lumias do you hate ? 535/540/730/735/640/640xl/950/950xl/ 830 are all gorgeous !
  • Most of em doesn't feature camera button and capacitive touch button, wireless charging, clear black display, Carl Zeiss lens , and better touch screen like my L720. Well it's old now but won't buy any new phone any time soon.
  • What are you on about ?? My 735 has Clear back display, Zeiss optics and wireless charging !
  • I believe the biggest hit will be to the enterprise market. A lot of companies that went to exclusively Windows Mobile devices ran 512mb devices. This is going not going to go over well in those circles, esp because MS has been playing the "soon" game with them around enterprise features. I can't believe they made this call. There is absolutely no critical thinking happening at MS. Staya really needs to work on a concrete vision.
  • Enterprises do not like updates, they keep the OS till they can, then they upgrade the hardware i.e. buy new handsets. Enterprises will keep 8.1 for at least one year then start upgrading buying new models so this is completely a non issue.
  • So true! Our computers at work just got Windows 7 installed and only becasue they had to. Im sure we will be on 7 until they have to upgrade again.
  • I contacted my enterprise HW referral the other day about win10 free update telling him that since our licenses are upgradable for free now maybe for once we could upgrade the PCs before the OS end of life. He said NO WAY. They prefer spending a lot tomorrow than having to change their habits :D
  • Exactly!
  • Even the smallest of corporations have tens of thousands of applications to test
  • Sarcasm? Eh bro
  • Me? No. I 100% agree with you! We wont have Windows 10 at work for another 10 years... or more!
  • WOW! 10 years? That sure is a long time.
  • Well there are cheap win 10 mobile devices, surely people can upgrade from their 520 which is from a few years ago if they really want win 10.
  • What about 1020, 720, 920? Not so cheap eh?
  • Listen the problem is Snapdragon 400 on devices it's as simple as that.
  • You won't get better display, better camera, better battery, better hardware so on if I buy a cheap phone, which I know will be left out in cold after an year. If I buy a mid range device I will be left out in cold too after an year because the hardware that the current phones have are 1.5 year old. So I need to buy a flagship device. L920,1020,925 were flagships too but they couldn't get w10 so this might repeat again with this generation wphones after 3 years.
  • A simple solution would be to let them update via insider with a disclaimer that any issues that arise are unsupported by Microsoft and remove the ability for them to leave feedback.
  • Yeah, I'll get an iPhone or Android next, I'm tired of Windows Phone bullshit, lack of apps, wp had potential but Microsoft destroyed it. Time to move on to Android, or ios, they have more support from microsoft then wp itself
  • You think you can get an iphone that cheap? Or an android? You can get a 640 for $50.....
  • Yep.
  • That you will feel let down, it annoys me that people are being directed to buy all stock of 640 an excellent phone on 8.1, & W10 Preview, but at £30 it's a cheap phone, if it struggles on the full release of W10M down to the SD400 IT'S OK IT'S A CHEAP PHONE.
  • Cheap androids are a joke. Good luck with any kind of update beyond 4.2.2. Most come with that. Anyways, thanks for your 'constructive' comments, and don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.
  • LOL :P you are living in 2010. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Android 5.1 and 6 is coming very soon price? $170 :-)
  • hahah with all your complaints here on WP, you'll just have more on other platforms. You're one of those people that will just never be happy. So please, go complain in their forums and leave this one.
  • Last week or so, this guy claimed he bought a Galaxy S7. Lol.
  • I've been with WP since WP7 and this is the SECOND time we have been screwed with this. They outright lied and left it to the last moment to tell everyone 512mb won't be supported.
  • Unless you get a Nexus, good luck getting timely OS updates on Android.
  • Hoping all of you "saying Android is not updated" to soon come to 2016.
  • I have a Nexus 5X and even after the latest update it still lags but it's an improvement. Looking forward to switching back to Windows Mobile when Windows 10 helps with Universal apps.
  • thomasdtran, I was pleasantly surprised with Win10 phone. I'm the type of person who never buys the latest anything with phones, as I'm usually cheap minded. I'm the guy who gets a new 2014 model phone in 2015 or 16. I like the peace of mind of trashing or losing a phone with no worries. I just got a 550 though and was impressed with the user experience of this phone. Hopefully you'll be pleased with the switch if you make your was back to WP.
  • LOL yeah go buy a 512MB android and then we'll see how many android updates you'll enjoy :D
  • For the price of an iPhone you can buy a couple W10 enabled Windows Phones
  • Yeah I will surely get a low end hardware that too 2 or 3 of em, then after couple of years, MS says phones with 1 GB ram won't be upgraded to latest OS. But what I get if I buy an high end iPhone? I get high end hardware, OS that will be upgraded for at least 5-6 years, and OS is highly optimized for hardware.
  • 6 years ago Apple released the iPhone 4... I dont think they are still giving that phone any kind of support. And, why should a $50 Windows Phone get 5-6 years of support just like a $700 iPhone? there is no logic in that! If you want an Windows Phone to get as long of a support cycle as an iPhone, then buy a Windows Phone in the same price range and it will! If you compare an iPhone to a Lumia 520 you are compainf apples to oranges. It isnt a fair comparisoin. That like being mad that they still make Xbox One game but stopped making Ouya games. You get what you pay for!
  • What about 920? That was a flagship phone.
  • The replacement cost under protection plan for my wife to have her broken iPhone replaced was more expensive than my 550...
  • Complains his cheap 512MB phone won't get updated to Windows 10 decides to buy an expensive iPhone. Thats some decent logic right there.  
  • Yes. It is
  • No, it's pure retarded logic. I had a co-worker say the same thing about laptops "Windows sucks so much, I saved up and bought a macbook and it's so much faster and never crashes!". After a few questions it turns out they were using a 4 year old crappy laptop that cost them $500, while their new macbook was closer to $2000. Of course the more expensive hardware is going to perform better... people just like to whine and complain about Windows / Microsoft, when it's the same story with every other tech company.
  • Its somehow stupid, they let you upgrade to win10pc with only 1gb ram and not mobile with 512. Anyway os is not that big thing, its more about the store and apps compatibility. 512mb are really obsolete, but they still deserve full apps support. So 920 will get the update?? Microsoft should have done the same with wp7, let 512 devices update to win8mo and kill 256.
  • Yeah, they could have kept the HW with security already broken and just throw away their new hw with a much higher level of security
    Oh, and rewrite their firmware completely, to be able to boot NT instead of CE, not speaking about the old NAND+mSD/NAND+eMMC storage, that got replaced by just eMMC
  • Windows 10(PC) can run on 1 gig of RAM, w10m can't run on 512mb....isn't this a joke?
  • Well no, it isn't actually, it's the same OS with the same UWP apps.
  • Windows 10 runs like **** on PCs with 1 GB of RAM. The joke is on you.
  • exactly....still they quote 1 GB as the minimum requirement. And for mobile, it's opposite. LOL
  • W10M on a mobile is more demanding than a PC Running W10.
  • When you are low on cash and need to put out a million devices, the price difference between 512MB and 1Gb becomes a big thing..
  • Regardless of 512 or 1GB the apps quantity and quality remain dismal. For the ones stating they will be switching to Android or IOS who can blame them--we are tired of waiting....waiting....waiting....sure the big apps are there mostly, but still apps are so lacking why even invest in 1GB phone. It's not a good investment to upgrade your phone just to keep playing this same song and dance. Moving to a decent Android or Iphone is a better ROI especially if you like apps. Don't hate on those who are jumping ship just because they are done drinking the kool aid. Most have been loyal customers for a long time.
  • The things for which Windows Phone stood for are no longer there. Even the new Lumias have failed to excite. They have to always leave something when bringing ot a successor. What Microsoft can do now is try to optimise for 512MB phones(and those which didn't get the update) through Previews and then release it when stable. If that is not the case, I am pretty sure so many people would abandon the ship!
  • 512MB devices are 2years old. And better keep The Fluid 8.1 and not destroying it with 10. Posted From WC app for Windows 10 Mobile on my NOKIA Lumia 730.
  • shame on windows phone, ******* microsoft, they are losing their confidence from the people like android, peoples love WP becaue every phone gets update, now Microsoft be ready to down their market value. 
  • I was so sure that Microsoft will optimize it for 512MB devices...
    after a year of feedback and support..they finally kicked us out.
    L720 :/
  • WP is definitely dead now
  • No its not. Because most people can afford a phone with 1gb ram
  • it not that others cant afford..
    but promise that is broken.
  • They only promised win 10 update for windows 8.1 out of the box phones
    Many people misunderstood that & thought win8 released phone updated to 8.1 would get win 10
  • my parents have lumia 635s which shipped with windows 8.1 (i thought) but it looks like they will not get it offically!
  • 635 is wp 8.1 out of box and not 2 years old. Find another excuse.
  • That particular qualification: "out of the box"  was never mentioned by any official Microsoft communication. It doesn't matter anyway, because even if they had said it, they haven't lived up to that standard either:There are devices which DID ship with Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box, but nevertheless they are not going to receive Windows 10 Mobile.
  • If that was true then why did they make every one with W8 out of the box involed in insider preview? They should have kept it only for W8.1 out of the box right from the begining. I don't believe you.
  • Technology has to progress. You can't play blu-ray with a vhs player.
  • You just need to upgrade the firmware on your VHS player. Worked fine for me. 
  • Hehe
  • I accidentally installed the Betamax firmware :-(
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android! (Nexus 5x)
  • Best comment I have ever seen lol! You hit the head of the nail, everyone seems to think a firmware update will magically fix all of the problems lol! I wish Microsoft would do a firmware update on my old Compaq Presario 5000 already... Still waiting for Windows 10!!!! /s
  • then its better not to provide the thoughts of playing blu-ray with a vhs player in the very first place
  • Welcome to the real world
  • real face of MS
  • But the Preview for VHS played Blu-Ray? I think you CAN with some work ;)
  • Bad comparison.  This is like saying blu-ray players will no longer play DVDs, only blu-rays.  Technology has to progress.
  • I'm using the more extreme comparison because the 520 is just the bottom of the barrel oldest thing you can get. My lumia 950xl will become obsolete spring of 2017 when MS releases some crazy stuff. And i'll buy the new stuff and won't complain. I know what i'm getting into. the 950 phones are the beginning of a vision but not the end vision.
  • There was no promise broken the Lumia 520 was released in 2013. MS promised that the phone would be supported for 24 months. Do you think a GS4 is getting Marshmallow, even though it has a quad core processor and 2GB RAM? Android support for older devices is waaay worse than Windows. Go ahead and buy an Android device and see how many updates it gets.
  • Yes, but that Android device will still be able to run all modern and future Android applications. On now deprecated 512mb and 1gb RAM Windows phones, you're stuck with all the apps ever built for WP8, until they stop working.
  • IT WAS NEVER PROMISED beyond those originally listed last year. What's next? They release it and have people running their mouths off about how bad it is???
  • LOL every enterprise tries to keep everyone happy, then if they see thay can't they just admit they can't. It's true for MS, google and so on. Only for apple that's not true since they have only like 3 phone models so it's easy to decide what can be upgraded :)
  • Not only that, they make the hardware and software. A lot of phones out there are old nokia phones MS had nothing to do with rather than adding support to 8.0 as part of partnership with Nokia. I think the time it would take to keep these phones supported will just delay things more and more and so decisions have to be made. Delays for a cheap old phone or go forward.
  • U dont know that majority of WP are old devices which are now not supported for w10.. And its not like they cant optimize it for these devices.. W10 runs quite well on my l720 with just 2 issues(freezing and loading while opening sys apps) They can but they dont want to.. They want to force people buy their new phones to make money
  • W10 it's not finished, both desktop and mobile. Redstone will not support it. And this actually speeds up their development by not having to have to support these phones.
  • W10 will never be a finished product will it.
  • with secureboot broken on x2x Lumias (WP8 series) it won't be that hard to put custom WM10 ROMs on them  
  • Are you for real?? Only two issues? FREEZING and loading whilst opening system apps?? You have just destroyed your own argument!!!! How the hell can that be acceptable? How can they release that?? Yee gods, I give up.
  • Imagine the outcry if Microsoft would have made the update available to older hardware. "How can Microsoft release this without firmware updates???? Imma switch to iPhone 7 Pro S Plus!!!"
  • Lmao, I am glad I am not the only one who sees the hilarity of that insane justification!! I just freezes a lot, no biggie!! lol just when you thought you'd seen it all. But hey, I suppose Microsoft missed a potential marketing opportunity for those who are into Russian Roulette and the like. "Experience the thrill of a phone that freezes when you least expect it! Maybe you are in a time sensitive emergency? Will the phone freeze? There is only one way to find out!!! The excitement is real!!!"
  • Those two issues can be acceptable for us insiders, but for a normal person, he will just think his phone broke.
    People got to move with technology, not expect technology to wait for them. I have a lumia 720 and I am happy that MS supported those phones for 3 years. 620, 820 and 920 were supported for nearly 4 years. Show me that kind of support on android and I will switch. Even the 2 years old s5 with sd801 and 2 GB RAM did not get android M and you people are crying about support for a 3-4 years old, mid range phone. Just grow up guys. This is the real world, not a dreamland.
  • Sorry to prove you wrong, S5 already got marshmallow update. 
  • I agree majority of WP are old 512MB devices like the 630 and 520. And they were great on WP8. The only problem is they were great WP8/8.1. The last 512MB device was the 630 IIRC which was 2 years ago. Most people buy new phones at least once in 2 years (FYI I'm still on my L520 running build 10586.107). And most people who bought these 512MB phones are probably using better phones by now. Others who don't care for tech much are people just want a phone that can do basic tasks like Calls,WhatsApp,etc. for them WP8.1 is fine. And in the end the reason companies made these new phones is so that people use them. They want you to switch to new devices. And it's not like the newer devices are costly af. You can get the 640 for what $30? Seems reasonable, doesn't it? If they announced no support for say, L730 I would be enraged. But with 512mb devices, I can understand. I am disappointed as a 520 user, but I get it. I mean my 520 is okay for normal usage, but when it comes to gaming, the games that I could run on 8.1 crash on 10. I'm not gonna argue the software part cuz I am due for a hardware upgrade.
  • I would hate to be in your shoes when they develope their OS to a point that even 1gb of ram is not enough even when they say it will be.
  • Exactly. It is not about the phone. It is about the commitments. Please go above and see my comments. You will realise what I am saying. :)
  • they did it...******* bullshit Microsoft
  • Just get a 640...
  • thats the real pain..
    microsoft has lifted L640 from all stores and online sites in india and in its place has given the dream **** phone L550
  • You are taking this personally aren't you?
  • I can still see the 640 online, in fact 640 LTE as coming soon. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • No. Not possible...640 was lifted so that customers have no other choice than going for L550.they
    And now 650 is coming.
    So i can't see 640 coming into the picture bcz it will down the sales for L650...
  • No 640 was pulled because it will fail BLU RUNS SD410
  • Wrong.. 640 was pulled for increasing the sales of 550.. 640 was available along with blu..
  • Yes..BLU was never in competition with L640...
    640 was a killer phone in that price segment.
  • Blu sucks in terms of camera.. Otherwise its better than 640
  • Yeah.....and also Lumia brand is more powerful people were going for it...but MS killed it again.
  • Have you checked retail stores? I'm sure there's a 640 somewhere. Or you could go for BLU WinHD LTE? Specs better than 640 for 9.5k at Amazon.
  • Only shopclues is selling it. But they are worst seller with awful rating and no trust factor.
    But it's official,MS lifted it out way ago from Indian market
  • Just run the insiders preview on your phone
  • No it isnt lol. Just run the insiders preview and have W10 on your 512mb phone
  • I am not an insider yet, can i register as an insider now and get w10m latest build on my lumia 520?
  • I guess so...!!
    but redstone builds wont be available
  • Lumia720 they provided support for 2 years after release
    That gud don't expect too much
    If it was an android phone u wouldn't have even got support for 1 year
  • Support for 2 years? They announced support for w10 as well.. And now they're not supporting these devices is like stabbing in the back.. Used us for feedback for other phones.. :/
  • They didn't use you. You made the choice to join insider. They realized through data collection it's not possible. Especially with the crazy plans they have. Stay tuned to build. :)
  • They kinda used us. Coz they promised about the update.
    They don't update, I am fine.
    But then why make gals promises?
  • Exactly man. I used windows 10 mobile preview only because of the hope that eventually my phone would be placed on the OTA update track. Now my phone is stuck on an unsupported OS with flashing my ROM to 8.1 being the only option. I wouldn't have signed up for this s**t if I'd known that my device wouldn't be supported thereafter by MS. That's betrayal and it hurts.
  • You'll be fine.
  • You assumed all risks... Stop complaining
  • When you join insiders preview, you agree that you might need to format your phone. If you didnt want to, you should'nt have joined.
  • It isn't a betrayal in any way. They let everyone join in on the insiders preview so that they could figure out which phones would have issues running it and which wouldn't. Unfortunately 512mb devices just cant handle W10 the way MS needs them to, so they cant get the OTA version. At least they tried instead of shutting everyone out from the beginning. I'm happy that they tried to include everyone and that they knew where to draw the line once they had all the information. Plus they are allowing those with insiders preview to keep that on thier device if they so choose. My kids will just keep running W10 from insiders on their 520 and 630 without a problem and if they ever want to go back to 8.1 (not sure why they ever would) then we will use the recovery tool to get them there.
  • Yeah yeah yeah
  • You are not getting the point sir. Everything you said is absolutely correct, except the fact that they had 'promised' windows 10 for every device. And the day they choose to disappoint is the day when they launch it.
    Could have said before, couldn't they? They could have just said that the devices will not be supported, but you can be an insider.
    Nor did they maintain silence about it.
    They just went boasting that all devices will get windows 10.
    That's what they did bad. P.s. Insider support will end soon too.
  • When did they promise every device would get W10?? Everyone keeps saying that but noone can show me where they made such a promise. And even if insider support ends you can still have W10 on your devices, just without updates at a yet unspecified date. It could be a long time from now for all you know. ... or you could just buy a cheap new WP that can run W10
  • no wonder WP is dying
  • i'm not here to talk about android..
    its there job to support there customers..
    and they could have said it earlier..but no
    they like to play games..they like to get peoples hope high and then they shoot them on their back 
  • When the OS alone will eat almost all your precious 512 MB of ram what else do you think you`ll be able to do with that device ? You could ask why you can`t run Win 10 on a Pentium 3 PC with 256 MB of ram, MS should take care of their customers.
  • After gathering data from 512mb devices during windows 10 development they determined that the experience would be bad on those phones. No lies there, they originally stated that phones that SHIPPED with 8.1 would receive 10. don't get mad because you mis-understood what was said.
    and I'm sure you would be one of the ones ******** and complaining if your 512 Mb phone ran like crap with wm10 on it. You really have three choices
    1. Use your phone as long as you can
    2. Buy a newer 1gb windows phone
    3. Complain to Google because your new cheap android runs like crap out of the box What's done is done, and no amount of complaining will change that
  • And wait for it nearly all the phone listed that were but now are not what have they in common SNAPDRAGON 400.
  • I understand where you're coming from, honestly. But whatever gadget you buy from whichever company, don't assume it will ever have an OS other than what it came with. You should expect bug fix updates to the OS, but don't ever assume it will ever be upgraded to the next OS version. I've learned this. I accept it. Life goes on...
  • So, an Android phone from 2013 has support from MS to use their Office apps (the same ones from W10M).
  • What's to stop people upgrading via the Release Preview Ring, the .164 build is the same as the official release?
  • In INDIA WiFi is rarely available, i.e why official update is more important which we can get from MS Priority center.
  • Actually Office for Android requires Android 4.4 or above and a minimum of 1 GB ram.
  • So do Windows Phones... not sure what your point is
  • I think you don't know the Office apps for WP8.1 hahahaha
  • I was talking Office apps on W10 with insiders preiview lol
  • You're right office for 8/ 8.1. Won't work with W10
  • People want the latest os in there 2 or 3 year old maximum 10000 rupees phones.....go buy an android and you will stop getting the new os in maximum 6 months.....thank to ms for atleast providing you windows 10 through insider programme
  • the thing is , they could have get this done....optimization, bcz i own L720 and i know how it runs and i know it can be improved.
    but they are just not intersted to get their hands on it..
    why they promised in the very first place.?
  • Because they are already very late in their os release due to the development complications and now they want to pay heed on adding new interesting features in their redstone builds to make the os more interesting instead of trying to optimize the new os for 2-3 year old phones...if those costumers really care and lovewindows phone,they will buy a new one
  • microsoft know how much we care but its no importance to them.
    firstly...dont ever promise any bullshit which you are not going to even try for.
  • Well you just said "which you are not going to try for"....i think that whole insider programme drama was for to try and try to get those updates in old phones...and now via feedback they have understood the real story...oh windows phone lovers with512 mb ram,please buy a new one to try and support this beautiful os
  • yeah..nothing to say much now..whats done is done....
  • Yeah cheers
  • They didn't promise anything and of course they tried. Why would they waste time testing all of these phones if they didn't plan to ever upgrade them? Geez, use some basic logic.
  • Logic is too much to expect.
  • If it was of no importance to them, the insider program would have never existed and they would have just left all the 8.1 phones in the dust like they did with WP7. This whole situation proves that the old phone were of upmost importance to them!!!
  • True.. It run pretty well.. And i know with few more software updates the device will run pretty well(same as the supported devices)
  • But the thing is they have taken out support for the redstone builds which will be really hard to handle for an old phone....these old phones can still enjoy 10586 via insider programme...there is seriously no difference
  • Will that insider program remain, or they will shut it off, coz I currently roll backed win 8.1 cyan didn't use the last 4-5 builds on my 520, there is no win 10 custom rom also presently!!!
  • insider program will go on for eligible phones....w10m is a service now.
    it will keep on improving the user experience
  • You can anytime get 10586. Builds on your 520
  • developers on xda forums can also provide me the latest possible version of an android phone
  • Icon and m8 costs 10000? Stfu
  • Can you tell me the release date of the phone icon....check which android phones were released on that year and month....and on which android version they are or how much outdated they are.....can you beleive that an icon user can still use the years new os via insider programme
  • Its just like getting mashmallow on a gingerbread device
  • Or an older, or even non android device
    But those are not official, nor stable
    Just try Mashmallow on HTC HD2
  • The Icon/930 and Galaxy Note 4 were both released in 2014, and the Note 4 is scheduled to receive Marshmallow Q1 2016 (Thats now).  The iPhone 6/6 Plus were also released in 2014
  • You just said 2014....icon was released in feb 2014 and s4 was in november 2014...9 months, even a new baby gets birth in 9 months.....and you see there are not much changes in lollipop and mashmallow from kitkat...they have just done performace improvents,battery life improvements in these updates
  • now i just stare at my L720..the beautiful phone.
    thinking about the future it could have got.
  • Even your 720 got first 8.1 update ,,,cyan and then denim...i think its sufficient
  • yeah..but it was like having the OS on your phone.W10 is so beautiful  and now its just ,,,its not coming... ever.
    and i love my phone..just a beauty, with unibody did a Fab job on the manufacturing. 
  • Yep, the hell is wrong with them. L720 here.
  • Real question to me its, What offers W10 on a new phone that my 8.1 phone doesnt offer. As far as ive seen it doesnt offer anything new, and doesnt makes me make the jump. And seeing this i bet the next phone wont be a MS one because developers dont think on their platform to launch their apps. And im one of the ones that mailed developers to get apps and games here, so im sad to admit this.
  • Uh oh.. Queue the crybabies and gather the pitchforks...    
  • It's a site about Windows after all, it's what people do.
  • That's what MS made us do. Since the origin of windows phone.
  • Well, and what about X20 series with 1GB RAM like the 920?
  • Not supported as per article yesterday.
  • Forget about it. They don't care about x20 owners. They didn't even say a word about it. All they care is making you switch to the newer hardware which in some cases is not affordable by some of us. Here in Poland 650 euro is as much as 1,5 sallary.
  • And they continue to make weak phones (550 and 650). Now I just want SD615 and 2GB of RAM cause I know that MS can't keeping promisses for weak hardware.
  • And if they make a phone with that processor you will complain about how expensive it is.
  • It's called tech world. Upgrade your hardware at least once every 3 years or die :)
  • In Canada I bought my 950xl for 1025$ with two year warranty Hehe. To jest drogo. :)
  • I'm surprised the 1020 with it's 2GB didn't make the cut...
  • I think its a second round device but im not going to lie, my 1020 lagged quite bad sometimes
  • I reseted mine to 8.1 now, 1020 looks and works like a flagship. I feel is faster then 950 sometimes. Which is wierd. I don't see the stress about windows 10. It was kind of obvious that if you want a best experience with the 10 you should buy the new released devices. Now, i have the best from both worlds.
  • Nice view point. Running 8.1 my 1020 does seem snappier than 10 on my 950XL but then I do certain things and I see the 10 stand out. I had to send my 950XL to Hungary for repairs and for the few days I return to my 1020, I really missed the speed and power of the 950XL especially when taking photos.
  • Only phones released with win 8.1 out of the box will be updated
    So x20 series devices won't get update as almost 99% x20 devices came with win 8 out of the box
  • Even 1520 was Win8 out of the box !!
  • 1520 was ahead of it's time even though the 1020 was only a few months old, it had the snap dragon 800 and good enough ram, this the only reason why I did not get the 1020 at the time even though that camera made me want it so bad, I knew the old chip and low ram will be it's downfall. If it had the same ram and snap dragon 800 I would of had the 1020, but then again I got hooked on that 6 inch screen, I miss it using ATT950
  • Even via Insider app? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Only till build 10586+cumulative updates. No Redstone builds.
  • Glad that Microsoft left out those old devices and 512MB devices
  • Why are you glad that less people get to use it and provide feedback and encourage app development? Or was it sarcasm, it is hard to tell in text.
  • It wasnt sarcasm, its better this way actually. Because if they let 512MB ram devices upgrade, there would be a lot of frustrated customers hating on MS that 10 is slower than 8.1 and that is not a good advertisement. So would you rather upgraded frustrated customers? Or customers that needs to understand that their device is old.
  • I'm totally agree with you. I have 520 and 920. Both can't run W10M even well. I prefer the phone that will work, even with outdated OS (even people still use WinXP). But thank God Microsoft generously sent me 950XL for free, so I could still experience W10M on the best shape.
  • for free? Wow good for you man ! Enjoy it :-)
  • how did you get it for free?
  • I got letter from Microsoft about receiving 950/XL devices because my Insider status. I'm so glad because I live in Indonesia where Internet is a diamond in here.
  • It will slow down the development of Redstone because Microsoft will need to support lots of legacy hardware.
  • If this is the new MS, then iOS will win in legacy support over W10 and Android. Only exception is if Apple changes the OS significantly which I can't see happening due to the current user base. I believe MS could have supported 512MB but they wanted to cut there losses since W10 for mobile has been delayed repeatly.
    They need to start focusing on catching up to the competition's APIs. Sad part is some Windows fans get let down again.
  • Well i am glad that those 512 mb ram users will no more provide negative feedback to the apps and os...
  • It's true. Those users with 512MB ram phone in 2016 should really get a new phone
  • Well if they really are a windows phone lover,they will buy a new one instead of crying for the latest update in their 2-3 year old phones
  • Running to the shop right now !
  • Come on dude,no one is that big fan of Microsoft nowadays. And everyone can't afford to buy a new phone just to get new OS. I switched to android an year ago,but still kept my 520to check windows 10 on it,and if I'd like it,I might get a new WP,but now,no chance.
  • When you buy a new phone, you're getting a newer hardware. It's not "just to get new OS"
    I will be sticking with Microsoft all the way. Because every time I switch to iOS and Android, I got disappointed and came back for Windows.
  • With the track record that MS has with supporting their mobile plaforms, I'm not sure that will help retain fans to stay with W10. They have dropped support for WP7 and again on WP8. These people who were willing to take a chance and some of them got burned. Yes, Andriod is known to have horrible harware update support but atleast many of store apps are available to users on older versions.  There aren't that many apps on the W7/8 and many Windows mobile developers are dropping support of these plaforms.  Since Windows 10 has fewer apps and many new features are still in infancy (UWA, continunm, windows hello), I'm not sure there will be many people willing to W!) mobile try unless things start to pick up. Let's hope they do.  Finally, another thing to note is that MS's mobile plaform is starting to lose ground on OS efficeincy now that W10 mobile also needs more modern specs to run. In the past, fans would state how Andriod was laggy with the low end hardware e.g. 512 MB ram but this is no longer the case. 
  • Users who have 512 MB devices can and have provided useful feedback to the apps and the OS. We all know W10 has gotton more stable, but there are still bugs to iron out.   
  • I thought it was clear since the W10 was announced?
  • Oleg, no it wasn't. Official Twitter posted that "every Lumia will be updated".
  • A twitter account is not an official source.
  • It wasn't for people that believe in commercials :D
  • Inept Microsoft
  • What about the 822, it's got 1GB of ram and has been running W10 insider smoothly for a good while now?
  • AFAIK the 822 is just a carrier variant of the 820, so it would be up to your carrier to release the update
  • It sucks because Verizon has literally 1 upgrade option and that's the 735. It also is not much of an upgrade in my opinion. There are some upgrades but some features are also lost at the same time. I'm just annoyed at people saying"oh you're not a true supporter, just buy a new phone". For a LOT of people, that is just not an option. I have a 640 but I can't even use that on Verizon either. I'm not able to switch carriers either so that's out of the question. After providing feedback for the last year and them promising that all phones on 8.1 will get upgraded, this feels like a kick in the teeth. As a Microsoft/Verizon customer I feel stuck. I don't want to go android so my only option is to basically "upgrade" to the 735 (which like I said, isn't much of an upgrade) or jump ship on Windows Mobile, which after all this time and being made to wait, I really don't want to do. My mouth has a sour taste after all this. The 822 may be old but it runs W10 smoothly at this point.
  • But my 822 has 1GB Ram and it isn't on the upgrade list either.
  • Yup, guess we need to "upgrade" to the 735. Even though a lot of the features from the 822 will be lost. It sucks being a Windows fan on Verizon!!!!!
  • You Verizon customers should not complain here, you should complain to Verizon
  • Verizon? If so you are f*cked (by your carrier not MS)
  • This was originally a WP8 device, so will probably not be in de second wave neither!
  • Should I update my father's 635 to W10M through the insider program slow ring? He doesn't use it for anything else other than calls and camera. Will there be any complications? Posted using the W10M Windows Central app +950
  • If its just calls and camera, leave on it in 8.1. At least the experience will be smooth
  • You should stay in 8.1.
  • I have W10M on my 635 with 512MB of RAM through the insider program and I'm very happy with the way it performs. For your dad, you may want to update for the potential of an improved app ecosystem as the UWP is more widely adopted. If he's not a big app guy, I don't see any reason to update.
  • So why 920 & 925 were left out?
  • Old and M$ need your money on new devices.
  • I got a device stuck on android kit Kat that has 2 gigs of ram and a great atom chipset.
  • They should come in a later wave.
  • I guess quad core CPU is another requirement. Thats why even L1320 is left out. Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10
  • Nope, the 430 and 435 both use the dual-core variant of the SD200.
  • But Lumia 430 with dual-core receive the updates
  • Because the Snapdragon S4 is over 4 years old.
  • That's expected.
  • Disappointing...
  • Later on maybe we will get the news that device with dual core is not supported X_X
  • Dual core is supported, both the 430 and 435 use dual-core processors. It's the older S4 processors that are not supported.
  • But then where are the other missing phones? My Ativ S has 1gb of ram so what is the reason it is not on the upgrade list
  • Typically, the OEM has to send the update to the carriers. Some, like LG, have given Microsoft permision to do this on their behalf for certain devices. But, if Samsung doesn't want their Ativ line updated, than it wont happen. Given that Samsung doesn't even like to update their flagship Galaxy S android line reliably, I wouldn't expect that they would want to update their Windows Phones. Also, any on Verizon would have to recieve Verizon approval, which I kind of feel is unlikely as Verizon is the worst at pushing updates, and isn't exactly a fan of Microsoft these days...
  • Its processor is over 4 years old.
  • Fck off MS
  • Oh grow up and act like an adult.
  • poor baby... it is technology and new OS need new hardware!
  • with insider you can get Threshold2 but no Redstone. Those Devices, excluding 630 and 530 are older then 2-3 years! An the support for 8.1 and 10 TH2 is going on. So 1 to 1,5 years more life span. so most devices will be older than 3-4 years, i think thats enough.
  • Ok, so I am Insider and I get stuck at build 164 and will never get update anymore, and I should revert to WP 8.1. Thank you MS, and goodbye WP. Hope we will never meet again.
  • Reverting to WP 8.1 is not going to get you an update either! Stay with .164 if you are not facing any issues . .
  • You aren't stuck with .164, but you are stuck on the 10586 branch. Future 10586 builds will still be available for your phone.
  • Oh really? Can you give a link about what you have said?
  • He is right what he has said I'm running a 650 and on that build 164, There isn't enough information being relayed to people at the moment. Especially to people who aren't sure about what's going on where this is concerned.
  • First they flood the market with 512s, then they say all 8.1 phones will be upgradable, then they break the promise. Way to go M$
  • That's not an 8.1 phone. It came with 8. You simply got an update to 8.1.
  • I am afraid a lot of devices with 1GB wont get it too. Like L925, L920 and others with higher ram like 1020 and 1320
  • Blade what do those 4 phones have in common besides the 1GB Ram
  • Installed it on company 625 and while it was smooth I could see areas it lagged badly. I know this will upset some(maybe most) but for MS and win10m to progress, we need to move away from 512MB and set the base at 1GB
  • I have a 625 & the spec on it are are top let down by the 512mbr, but it did struggle to run W10M
  • -->they could have done it.
    -->only If they were willing to try.
    -->looks like they are lucky to just get it working for 1GB ram devices.
  • only If they were willing to try. They did, but the information they received from the insiders running W10 on 512Mb was just not good enough. A company that respects itself, has to take the right decisions that are based on information, not on peoples emotions
  • A slap to my face, from Microsoft.
  • My older 620 was already slower with WP8.1. This move wasnt suprising. Infact there was point where we pointed out why 512 MB exists after all. Also 24 months support for every model.. So i guess its now end of x20 series.. Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10
  • Ill wait for official announcement but I expect the 1020 to make the cut unless the limitation is more than RAM and also the old S4 cpu.
  • Maybe another 1 year...haha
  • Lol, well I got 950XL and have my 1020 as backup. Whether or not it gets win10m, its still a superb device that works well on the last TH build. Ill probably leave it on that and reset when it gets bogged down.
  • No news. They should upgrade their devices
  • Lumia 630 went reasonably smooth with w10m until the last update. OK, cortana was no pleasure, plus there were casual sudden app closings (like when sharing to the outlook mail app). I don't know how MS ever hopes to gain traction with an ever shrinking userbase. Then again, w10m is really not that joyful to use on 512MB, believe me...
  • its not joyful because it not correct optimize a random dude on XDA forum had port a smooth Cyanogenmod 11(Android 4.4.4) build on Galaxy Mini which has 384mb ram and a single core cpu clocked at 600mhz if he was able to do that with Android which people say its to heavy required on RAM a company like Microsoft can do that for their x20 and 512mb ram devices
  • Oh really? Tell me more about the smooth experience on KitKat with 384 MB of RAM. Tell me how apps run great, they even download extra RAM from the internet! I'm all ears.
  • some lightweight games like Pou,Card games,billiard games works like charm it can also do some base browsing
  • Guess what, you can do the same with a 512 MB Windows Phone 8.1 device.
  • and you find it that good the Lumia 630 with a quad-core Snapdragon 400 at 1.2ghz has the same performance as the Galaxy Mini with single-core Snapdragon S1 at 600mhz
  • It's the SD400 that is the real problem & people in the know, know this but yet recommend people buy Lumia 640.
  • No, the Snapdragon 400 is perfectly capable of running Windows 10, as evidenced by the 730, 830, and the 1-GB-RAM versions of the 63x series.
  • I don't know how MS ever hopes to gain traction with an ever shrinking userbase. Then again, w10m is really not that joyful to use on 512MB, believe me... That is asking a question and giving the answer at once.
  • so the lumia 1020 with the 2 gb of ram is left out .. soo
  • Likely wave #2 with upgrades.  I don't think they're done yet...this was just the first round.
  • I am too waiting to check prsence of L1020 on next wave!!
  • So will the Lumia 1320 get the upgrade?
  • No
  • Thanks
  • Why stop their?  MS should have limited OneCore on phones to only 64 bit ARM processors. Probably would have except for IOT devices. The phone 32 bit era needs to go away
  • Not a good decision by ms at all.
  • Not a good decision for you, but a great decision for those with phones that are supported. Development of the OS will be much quicker without MS being held up with legacy device issues.
  • It was disappointing, since my ol' 630 has been running the latest Win10 preview with no lag and no issues whatsoever. However, I felt better when I saw that the 640 is on sale RIGHT NOW at Best Buy for $29. Already ordered one, and even throwing in the cost of a new case, I'm upgrading to a new phone with Win10 for less than $50. Not too bad, imo.
  • I would think twice ask yourself why is it so cheap
  • After I discovered that my L925 wont likely get Redstone I was looking for an upgrade. I am not a fan of 6xx and dont like the 640/XL. 950 is too expensive for me right now. And no mid-range device out there. Maybe if Xiaomi Mi5 would get Windows and I could get it for 300$. I am thinking about making an exception with 650 tho because I really love the design but I would basically buy the same specs as my old 925 and I am worried that it wont be smooth experience. Anyone with 650 out there?
  • Even the Lumia 550 on the latest build is smooth, so the Lumia 650 should have no issues.
  • Really? Do you own one? No Loading screens?
  • Yes, I've got a Lumia 550, 830 and 930. The only perceptible difference is in 3D gaming. The 830 and 550 perform almost exactly the same.
  • I have the 650 using it now took a little getting used to being light but love it
  • Yes 650 good phone on it now W10 central app on 650
  • Shame...
  • Yeah, just use Windows Insider, select fast/slow, then interop it and change your RM to RM of Lumia 950, then check update and you got Redstone, ofcourse it full of risk, but thats the only way to update to W10M with that phone isnt ?
  • And where is the update for Lumia 820,920 925,1020, and1320
    And if there is no update for these devices, it is better switching to ios
  • Microsoft is clearly only updating the Lumias that they released with the exception of the 1520. So...Enjoy your iPhone? (if that's even possible...) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hahhahahaha, you funny... you funny guy!
  • I'm not a Microsoft fan, I brought this phone because I am a Nokia fan and Nokia only had damn windows phone
  • Ask them why they aren't showing my posts
  • All those devices are having 1Gb RAM, so are not the object of this article. These devices are in the second/third wave, probably with a obligatory FW update. As was foreseen by MS. If you are not happy with this decision, feel free to become an iSheep
  • well , can't recommend  Windows phones to people anymore
  • Why not, because MS wants their users only having a good user experience. Redstone is around the corner, this version of W10M will even be more demanding for the HW. Then what have you gained.... allow everyone to upgrade to W10M and leave them in the cold when Redstone gets released. I rather know now where I stand with my phone.
  • Name another OS at this cost that gives you a two years plus support. The two year old S5 has still not gotten the android 6.0 update. And thats a flagship phone.
  • Me neither bro.
    I used to do that, but not anymore
  • W10M devices are awesome though. Why should your recommendation be based on low-end devices not getting an update? They will continue to work for years to come
  • What about Lumia 525? It has 1gb ram.
  • Rip
  • And Snapdragon 400
  • It's time to move on
  • Well they can just use the Insider Program though correct?
  • Being a 520 owner I don't like 512 mb devices being left out.
    But it had to be done to make way for development. It sure is an old device.
    But then older devices with 1 or 2 gb of RAM should have been eligible for upgrade.
  • It's not just the RAM i believe, the 4 year old s4 processor is too old to support now.
  • Yippee well done
  • What an odd choice. I have the recent Insider build on my Lumia 635 (512 MB RAM) and it runs exceptionally well; almost a match for 8.1.   In the end, this smells like MS bit off a bit more than they could chew with having to update so many legacy devices. Perhaps this is them silently, yet obviously, acknowledging the futility of continuing the practice.
  • Lumia 630 is a popular mobile and in my opinion windows 10 experience is great on it if they won't upgrade it the will lose a majority of users.
  • Welcome to ACS(american corporate socialism)! Now we all have buy a new phones! Smart phucking move MS profit at any cost!
  • It is a smart move Posted via the Windows Central App for Android! (Nexus 5x)
  • The main goal of Socialisme is give everything for free.
  • Why?   IF you can live with a 3 year old phone, you should learn to live with a 3 year old OS too.
  • @Oliver exactly right. It will continue to work for years to come, so all this bellyaching is just silly
  • At the same time people should not be pointed towards a said product saying it's good for W10 ON RELEASE When that isn't really true namely the 640
  • It will be fine for people buying them now though? I bought my 950 2 weeks ago, and had a few updates to install right away. I haven't had any issues at all, so I assume a new 640 would be the same?
  • Oh yeah homie
    Welcome to the party
  • Any Lumia 730 get update in India??
  • Yes.. Updated last night itself !
  • Which region have u selected in setting??
  • It ain't region wise...
    Download UPGRADE ADVISOR app and it'll get you Windows10...
    Just download-open-follow the steps..
    Ur dnld will start !!
  • I have already checked this app. It notify me "Good news ur phone is eligible for Windows 10. And we are working with operated and phone manufacturer to give you update. We will inform u if update is available.
  • download upgrade advisor app first, if u have then update that app. open that app and check for update......tick windows 10  then "done". after that do update from setting  
  • People that are sad about this buy lots of stuff and are on top of tech news. So why not go get a 640 for $50 and you'll have the upgrade? The 512MB phones were all low end phones just like the 640 anyway. It's not like you had a superb phone to begin with.
  • Ba-dum-Tsssss
  • none of my window phone going to update HTC 8x, 8s, and two 520.
    i hate windows phone and Microsoft now.
  • Microsoft didn't make any of those devices and didn't force you to buy the lowest end Windows Phone device from 3 years ago. Be mad at HTC and make another choice to upgrade your device. The 520 has had more support and longevity for a cheap lowend phone than realistically hoped for and compared to competing devices in the same price point. My 520 has served me well but it simply doesn't meet the user experience quality that Microsoft is aiming for, for Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Why?   IF you can live with four 3 year old phone, why can't you live with a 1.5 year old OS.
  • What about 1320 with 8GB ROM & 1GB RAM and 1020 with 2GB RAM & 32GB ROM !!! ???
  • Basically, MS has just alienated the majority of WP8.x devices out there
  • If Windows 10 Mobile on the phones fails it is on Microsoft own terms. With such actions/decisions they are deeply wounding themself. How many insiders are currently not running build 10586.164 on their handset with minimal spec according to Microsoft. Give the community on option to choose wether or not to install W10M on their handset.. Explain the pro and con and let the user deside in the end. Shame on you Microsoft. Deeply ashamed.
  • That is exactly what they have done with the insider program.
  • True. But the insider program is more for the geeks and tech fanantics. Not the general public. With the release of .164 generally those who are not familiar with the program are left outside.
  • I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of WP8.0 and WP8.1 phones from 2012 and 2013 aren't even aware that the update even exists. The only reason that we know it exists is because we are either Windows fans, or we are reading tech sites about it.
  • What About Lumia 525 which has 1GB ram, but still no official W10M update for it
  • Well mine have 1g but it's htc 8x man no w10m
  • 19k lumia 720 is nw a piece of **** to me , after black update they jus made the camera looser with yellow tint and all , and now this resuming screen and switchng apps lags is shameful so that i wanna threw it on my wall , even 5k phones have 1 gb of ram bt tgis piece of **** is still with 512 mb , looser microsoft they never gonna get wht they r looking for , atleast i am not gonna purchase these devices anymore good bye windows (y)
  • even 5k phones have 1 gb of ram bt tgis piece of **** is still with 512 mb
    Dude, look at the calendar. It's 2016. 720 is 3 year old now. Don't compare specs of devices from totally different times. Everything has progressed so much. Add 2k to your 5k phone and you'll get a phone with 2 GB RAM and it's still not a big deal now. Tell me which phone under 15k and even 20k gave you updates on regular basis? (Except Moto G/E) Not many. And even in those few phones most updates would be either bug fix/patch updates. Nothing new. And remember 5800 Xpressmusic used to cost 28,000 in 2009. 128 MB RAM. After 4 years, 720 at 19k with 512 MB RAM. Things are like this. Deal with it.
  • Then you'd be glad MS aren't updating your phone further in case it gets worse?
  • I don't understand why people are so mad, Windows 10 Mobile runs so horribly on 512MB devices, at least judging by the Lumia 520 which is what most people with 512MB devices have. Just buy a new phone with 1GB or more RAM, they're so cheap these days.
  • Win10 runs great on my 630. However, you're right about new replacements being pretty cheap.
  • I figured this would probably be the case. Sucks for the people involved but it makes Microsoft's work a little bit easier. Glad I got rid of my 521 when I did.
  • Lumia 430 dual-core and 1GB ram receive the update, but 920 925 1020 does not receive the updates? Is it mean 430's spec is higher than them?
  • We hope for s4 SOC and 1 gb ram....
  • Unfair...!!!
  • Goodbye windows phone. It's time for me to get out of the well. Will miss the live tiles and camera UI. Anyway..*sigh*
  • But in Lumia 525 it has got 1gb ram ....and windows 10 isn't supported
  • How sad...!!!!!
  • I'm not surprised. Windows 10 is a good operating system, but it needs more RAM than Windows Phone 8.1. Its a shame really. I feel bad for people who don't have 1GB phones.
  • The situation for 512MB devices is unfortunate but not a complete loss.  If you really want Windows 10, you can still join the Insider Program now and get the latest build.  But you will be unsupported and you won't receive future updates.  At some point, these devices will be remvoed from the Insider Program altogether so if you ever need to recover after that point, you'll go back to a supported 8.1 build.
  • so now its tym to move on android,they give much better everything u need,wp good bye
  • U dead windows phone no use of u at all
  • Well 1320 has 1gb. Did they accidently forget 1320 users?
  • Those are their best selling devices.. wow.. Didn't they say that all phones running windows 8.1 will be upgraded to windows 10 mobile? Microsoft knows how to f**k up man. They mastered it! HUGE HUGE fan of Windows Phone at one time (Microsoft overall). Tthey screwed me way too many times. Done with them.
  • I have no issue with a 3-4 year old low end phone not being able to upgrade to the latest OS. To expect anything else is foolish to be honest. I do however have issue with them releasing anything with 512MB Ram in the 1st place. They should have never released any phone with less than 1GB, I don't care how low end it is supposed to be. The other thing that I do find comically unbelievable is how MS is so capable of creating bad press and bad feelings towards themselves. This company screws up and makes missteps with almost every decision they make. It really is an amazing thing to watch. They could be the only company releasing smartphones and they would still screw it up. I love them but wow, they are run horribly and make terrible decisions from top to bottom.
  • @awhispersecho. You are so right, they couldn't do any worse if they tried.
  • Final nail in the WP coffin. Microsoft should burn in hell
  • Its only a phone...relax.  Besides, I don't think its possible for a corporation itself to burn in hell.  Unless you are wanting to condem all of its employees to eternal damnation because your phone didn't get an OS upgrade.
  • Ha-ha good going Posted via the Windows Central App for Android! (Nexus 5x)
  • I think that it is the policy of Microsoft for selling new and high end smartphones. Shame on you Microsoft
  • Damn. I am switching to android. 
  • I think many users with 512mb RAM didn't really cares about w10. Because of they do, they will purchase a compatible device.
    Probably they just use it for basic stuff like calling and texting.
  • I'm also scare that in the next 2 year Microsoft will ditch phone with 1gb RAM also. Let's see how long my Lumia 640xl can last in this ecosystem.
  • Really? What makes you think that? Do you have 512mb RAM device?
  • Very dissapointing to hear this. My Lumia 521  was my very 1st smartphone and my last. I'll get an Iphone next time.
  • totally! i hear iOS's preview program is fantastic! They allow 4 year old phones to run the latest software like it was the latest hardware. 
  • Umm, no they don't. In fact, they are facing multiple legal accusations of purposely ruining older phones with new updates to force people to upgrade to a newer phone. Actually just recently happened to my stepmother and my cousin who both recently upgraded their 4s and 5 and could barely use the phone. My stepmothers phone actually then started deleting apps and pics from the phone. Took it to the Apple store and was told the update corrupted her phone and it also corrupted her backup to icloud so the personal things the phone deleted after the update, are now permanently gone because they did not backup to icloud.
  • it was sarcasm. but my bad, ultimately. I shouldn’t have read this article or the comments. I wonder why the WC guys bothered to post this. It isn’t news as the list of eligible phones was published yesterday. Seems like an article designed to solicit whining. 
  • Click bait!  More clicks, more ad revenue for WC!
  • If their phones are anything like their iPads, allowing old kit to download the latest version will leave owners with a very slow device. So that is why MS is not allowing 10 for L520 for example.
  • How bout 525? C'mon!
  • Yeah Lumia 525 has got 1gb ram! Don't forget us ms!
  • I blame Nokia for releaseing all these 512RAM phones when everyone else was doing 1GB. So stupid.
  • Well I hope there put billions aside to refund people I remember ads saying free upgrade to windows 10 mobile when I bought a 512 device Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The cheap and old phone users also complain the most.
  • Watch how many people who purchased the cheap 640 Start complaining and. By Christ they will trust me
  • Now Windows phone is dead...shame..
  • Drama much?
  • Again no news about 1GB+ ram x20 series...I think its about time I ditch my L1320
  • RIP WP
  • Long live W10M!!!
  • **** on MS... Windows phones r died now...
  • Hey guys,I'm having a problem here.I updated my phone to w10m through the inside preview.
    Done the update and installation,the phone feels weird.
    There is no apps in my phone,tried everything to access the store.
  • I have Win10M build .164 running on a 630 (via insider) and it works great! Submitted via WC-Universal App (flex)
  • How about performance 630? It good or still lag?
  • My 630 has been running the latest Win10 insider build fine as well. It's just as fast as it was with Win8.1
  • For people that care, you can still use Windows Insider to get W10m on these 512MB devices. It just won't be "supported" if you have issues.
  • Lumia 525 has 1 gb ram but still it is not in the list . Ms should clear that x20/x25 headsets are not getting the windows 10 upgrade. They removed those phones from the insider preview supported phones list. So their intention is quite clear . I am going to leave the windows phone platform. Shame Microsoft.......
    You people are not showing any attempt to spread the OS. Thus you have only 1.4% market share. Goodbye WP .
  • Yep me too.. Good bye windows phone
  • Yeah me too thinking of that
  • For shame Microsoft! How dare you not release Windows 10 on phones were it cant run or would run poorly! I want Windows 10 on my Nokia N-Gage QD and on my Game Boy Color! I'm leaving Windows Phone becasue all I buy is cheap phones and now I cant get the latest and greatest updates with it!!
  • I try to upgrade my Lumia 640 and I am getting a error message (801881d0)
  • It's due to slow Internet.
  • Camera quality losser in Lumia 720 after black update. Never ever brought windows phone again. Always waiting for the new features.just hate wp.
  • What about Ativ Se, 2 gb of ram and still waiting.....
  • Weve been waiting for nothing
  • Will 920 be upgradeable to windows 10
  • I already guessed that!:"(
  • I was waiting for months to W10 for my Lumia 520 and Ms announced that no w10 for 512mb ram... I going to sell my phone now and get an android
  • I was and am doing so.
  • What Android phone will you get that is in the same price range as a 520? Somehow I dought that phone will get a lot of updates either...
  • my phone, lumia 920, has 1 gb of ram and still isn't included in the eligible list. what does this mean? will they support it in the near future? should i wait?????
  • Who cares! Windows phone 8.1 is smooth stable and sleek, if you have a 512mb phone use it for music and games there is no use in moping posted on the Lumia 640xl
  • Finally, a voice of reason!
  • Never wait enough.
  • So this means I will have to retire my Lumia 520 sooner or later. It's a shame. I don't know if I will stick to windows for my next phone thought. I am already disappointed enough
  • Why do you have to retire it? The phone will still work and the insiders preview runs just fine on a 520
  • Microsoft probably found isues with 512 MEG Phones and Windows10 and since Windows10 for Phone is Officially announced decided to not make 512 MEG Phones upgradable to Windows10. The higher end Lumia Phones Microsoft doesn't want to alienate those users because those users, as myself, will probably stay with Windows Phones if they can use Windows 10 for Mobile, while 512 MEG users could jump ship faster to, if they haven't already to, Android or Apple.
  • Does anyone know if the Nokia Lumia 1320 will be getting W10 upgrade?
  • So you all want a high end OS running on a low end mobile phone while saying that Microsoft failed on you again hahahahaha
  • Microsoft probably found isues with 512 MEG Phones and Windows10 and since Windows10 for Phone is Officially announced decided to not make 512 MEG Phones upgradable to Windows10. The higher end Lumia Phones Microsoft doesn't want to alienate those users because those users, as myself, will probably stay with Windows Phones if they can use Windows 10 for Mobile, while 512 MEG users could jump ship faster to, if they haven't already to Android or Apple. The only thing Windows Phone doesn't have is the apps, if you own for example, a 1520 and a 940XL you have two extremely powerful phones, even if you own one or the other even by todays standards it's not old, far from it.
  • Nice I got a OnePlus device, I also heard some rumors about Windows 10 roms availability on OnePlus devices. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Guys,,,plz understand,,,its not about optimization,,,there are lot of problems in software development process,,,as we need latest software technology to code or development to include new functionality coz we can not create them using old coding style just because of reliability,security,performance,adaptability issues,,,just like that,,,if we want to run them seamlessly,,,we need latest hardware,,,can not just optimize to run it,,,as being a company,,,it will not possible for Microsoft to launch a non reliable OS just to make happy customer,,,so its clear,,,if u really love OS,,,please buy new hardware,,,I also did same,,,replaced my 720with730...enjoying wm10.
  • Stop complaining and get yourself a new phone with at least 1gb ram
  • This isn't about buying a new device.  What this does is it disincetivizes app developers to continue with apps on Windows mobile.  Once all those Lumia 520/620/720/630 users are out of the picture, the user base of Windows phones is.......miniscule, almost a rounding error on another platform.
  • All the 520/620/720/630 users are not out of the picture. The ones that dont install the insider preview are out of the picture, but the rest of us have W10 on our devices and are still part of the picture
  • Windows 10m development and universal app development are simply not compatible with older devices and will impact with the ecosystems development. It makes absolute sense not to upgrade them and removes a lot of headaches for app developers
  • Since this excises more than half of the entire WP user install base, Windows 10 Mobile development, if it's not already hobbled and limping out of the starting gate, is going to do a face-plant into the mud.   Most of the large app developers aren't going to bother with a platform with a worldwide marketshare number of less than 1%.
  • Well, there goes 75% of the entire Windows Phone install base. You thought 2% market share was low?  Get ready to dip below 1%.
  • Not necessarily. I'm sure the owners of a L620 or a L520 would love a new Lumia by now. I saw a pay as you go L650 at an EE store for £130 inclusive of £10 top up. Now, I'm sure an upgrade to a very nice budget L650 is a much better service than an old L820, L620 etc.
  • I get why, I luckily it doesn't affect me. But then they shouldn't have said at the beginning "we will update all phones running wp8.1 to w10." *coff* joe *coff*
  • My lumia630 is showing me an update is available to download is it win10
  • Bhai which country? What region have you set???
  • Are you sure that you have the 512MB RAM version, or do you have the 1GB RAM version?
  • It's a cold hard fact of life. Old devices get dropped. Just remember, android OEM's drop before some are 12 months old. The 512mb days are long behind us. MS have obviously looked at data from 512's on insider and cannot promise a trouble free OS. My fave comment on here so far? Just above....'I run it (TP) on 512mb and it fine. Just two issues, freezing and loading delay on system apps'. And that people, is why MS didn't bother. If you are on preview, every time that happens, they know! I'm sure Peter Griffin posts a lot on here
  • Except the difference is, Android apps are built to run, from most developers on devices going all the way back to Gingerbread and earlier. On Windows Phone, most app developers, whoever has the will left to develop for Windows mobile, will be targeting, Windows 10 Mobile, a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of the worldwide smartphone market.
  • Supported for all insider builds, provided feedback for improvements now saying not compatible for W10M. Look yourself MS. Busy in promoting new devices forgetting older user is very bad. F* ur slf.
  • Why do ppl act like crybabies? Windows Mobile is the smoothest ever os and it has become part of the Windows ecosystem, one os for all devices. Phones with 512Mb are way past the current trend and advancements, you ppl know that tech is and advancing every year right? So why not upgrade for a budget Lumia or W10M oem phones that offers great experience than on a budget droid! If Windows is the problem feel free to make that switch rather than complaining about Windows Mobile and Msft. Msft wants ppl to have a smooth experience with W10M on 512Mb phones. If that is not achievable, they are being polite and telling you that those phones will not get W10M. Even if they can get you, ppl will still complain about the os. So, consider all the possibilities and don't be closed minded. If ppl want Windows 10 Mobile, they'll with the insider previews or just upgrade their phones. No one doesn't like to be out dated, right?
  • Everyone keep in mind that you can buy an eligible phone for about $50 US.  This isn't like a new car.
  • After 2 years, phones with only 4 GB ram will get upgraded to latest OS..right? Dang it MS. Can't even keep their fuc***** g promise
  • Yeah, well my icon has some pretty high specs and won't get redstone updates, thanks Microsoft
  • How do you figure MS is to blame and not Verizon?  (Cuz...its Verizon's fault...)
  • Because I'm in the insider program and the icon is basically a copy of the 930 which is supported
  • Verizon controls the updates on the ICON, not Microsoft.
  • Verizon is evil. Go cry to them.
  • what lumia 525?    
  • Guys is w10 be available for Lumia 1320???
  • It should be available soon as Lumia 1320 has 1gb of ram which meets the minimum requirement for windows 10 mobile. I'm too Lumia 1320 user. Waiting for the update!
  • I have been waiting for the same as I'm also using L1320 since past 1.5 years. But not sure as few says like it's processor can't handle W10 as its a dual core.
    But interesting thing is that those people with L1320 who have installed W10 in insider preview haven't got any issues. Then I wonder why MS is holding W10 mobile update from us.
  • All you folks running to Android...keep this in mind.  Only flagships get upgrades...and even security patches...most do not.  Non-Flagships are a 1-and-done device.   My (at the time) flagship Moto Photon 4G was abandonded after 9 mos. on the market.  Take a deep breathe and regroup...the Blu phone upgraded and is running great.  (Yes, the European/Indian version is in the 2nd round, so it hasn't hit that device yet.)  However, that phone was $85 on sale for a while and for that money is a great device. I don't understand the hate...a device that's 2 years old (or a minimum spec'd device) will always become obsolete more quickly than a top tier device...that's why it was paid less and accepted the shorter lifecycle.
  • Perfectly said!
  • " paid less and accepted the shorter lifecycle." You are wrong. I paid for a 36 MONTHS lifecycle. Period. Now I'm exactly in the middle and my phone has suddenly become obsolete. GG
  • If you are expecting to run W10M on your $100 phone, something is wrong with you. I saw some pie chart on twitter and defenitely the amount of 512 MB phones is not that significant. I mean most of the people are getting W10M, and dont blame Microsoft for 512MB phones that was Nokia and there horrible choices on phones (at the end)
  • Hello, my phone isn't eligible for the WM10 upgrade and its fine I understand the hardware limitations of my device but can it still continue to get support from MS at least because I now see more apps are rising for 10 so can these be made available to 8.1 also sometimes later?
  • Agree. MS needs to enhance w8.1 for all 512 Mb Lumia owners.
  • Yes at least if they keep 8.1 alive with support for new apps and services I will be fine with it.
  • Then why is my Lumia 1020 saying is not agradable to W10M? It has 2GB of RAM... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Its just not in the first round...
  • This has happened before for wp7 devices. It will continue. These people are are worst when it comes to upgrading their OS to devices.
  • These people are the worst? You must be completely ignorant to how massively worse the situation is with Android. Clearly you are.
  • At least there is hope for my 1020. :-)
  • What about L920? I paid freaking $750 for that phone!
  • Dude. How many years ago was that?
  • Always there new device. But the best company wont left their old product. At least, they make it best as posible XD
  • Correct, you can get latest iOS on iPhone 4 for example.
  • iPhone 4s and above get iOS 9. iPhone 4 does not.
  • When????
  • NL920 owner here
    I was thinking on serious note to switch to apple after I happened to see the 950xl build. & since MS has further disappointed us all with their latest decision I'm firm to switch now. Thanks MS to screw it all. Pity Nokia!!!
  • What a big deal in it ? 512 people should enjoy 8.1 which is anyways better than 10. I feel WM 10 is not worth installing. So, nobody is in loss.
  • Well, the problem is apps. 8.1 is just fine, but how about 8.1 apps? Will developers update them and will new apps com to 8.1? Don't think so. On old android versions you still have the apps even if the OS is not updated.
  • I dont understand this, my Lumia 630 work smooth with last win10mobile preview.
  • You have a 512MB phone buy a new one. There are a plenty of good options around! We cannot blame Microsoft while Samsung, LG and other Android manufactures do the same, and they are even worse. There are plenty of devices launched in 2015 that will not be upgraded to Android 6.0
  • Almost all 1020 users find the Windows 10 slow and laggy, and it has 2Gb of RAM.  Heck, my 520 is slow with WP8.1, it really isn't usable using Windows Insider builds.  Its unfortunate that Microsoft flooded the market with 512mb devices, but putting W10 on those devices would be a nightmare for MS and the owners.  
  • I think what Microsoft could do the least is provide some UI overhauls to the 512 devices via the 8.2 update, make an 8.2.5 upgrade so that the 512 devices could at least benefit from the UI element upgrades and perhaps also some native app updates. I think as a MSFT supporter I think that would be fair for those who do want some upgrade. If the windows 10 store could be added that would also be great. Only limitation would be the certain apps could not be installed due to hardware limitations, but otherwise by at least part of the windows 10 ecosystem. They did something similar with windows 7.5 (or was it windows 7.8) for certain windows 7 devices that couldn’t upgrade to windows 8, but could benefit from the new start screen and folder tiles. I was at least partially a happy soul that Microsoft could manage that . If I were Microsoft CEO I would put a small team together to make that happen. After all wasn’t it microsoft’s ambition to get everyone to windows 10, even the fans and current windows 8.x devices? The more the merrier, right?
  • Wasn't it originally the plan? I thought people with old, cheap phones were crying so hard, that they tried it. But it didn't succeeded. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10, on HP 250 G1 notebook
  • Congratulations..Now developers will stop making apps for windows 10 mobile. Because majority of the windows mobile users are using budget devices aka 512 mb RAM devices. Microsoft just shot on their foot.
  • You're an idiot. Go buy a different phone. There are plenty of low cost choices that include 1 gig is ram.
  • After you buy 1gb ram device, update will deliver to 2gb ram XD. You only need to be enough.
  • Shame on you Microsoft !!!!!!!!!
  • Shame on you!
  • Why do people complain that 512 MB phones don`t get Win 10 update, have you looked into the other camps ? Android / Apple ? Do you see them supporting old phones with 512 MB ram ? That`s low and or old hardware (no matter how much you paid for it at the time of purchase) There will come a time where 2 GB ram will not be enough to upgrade to the next version, it`s called evolution. And like other people said above, some cheap phones with low specs are for people who could care less about Win 10 or apps or anything, they just want a phone.
  • I'm really sick of all you whiny people. You bought a cheap phone now deal with the consequences. For god sakes, there are low cost phones you can buy right now, that are eligible for the update. Like the Lumia 640. I mean seriously cut the selfish baby bullshit. You're not owed anything. Microsoft had been very generous and gracious to their mobile fans. Upgrade from your cheap ass Old phone or shut the hell up. The rest of us don't want to hear you crying.
  • My goodness . My lumia 720 is crying . If that the case , please make an update for 8.1 add more features as compensation.
  • What about Lumia 1320 with 1 GB RAM and 1.7 Ghz processor?
  • I can't believe all the excitement about really old phones not getting the update. I own two Lumias 1320 and 930. I've used my 1320 as a test bed for W10 since February 2015 and I've seen how the new os has developed into a usable and functional os. But I bought my 930 because despite enjoying my 1320 I wanted a true flagship windows phone. Even I didn't want an old 920/925 as it wasn't much of an upgrade on my newer 1320. My 930 is running win 8.1 denim and its a great phone. With w10 it will still be a match for any midrange android device (great camera, excellent audio quality and screen). An old phone over 2 years old would be rubbish anyway.... Upgrade you cheap skates, holding on to prehistoric hardware is like the old pensioners going on about how they enjoyed not having central heating and had baths in front of an open fire lol.
    Get a new phone for Christ sakes and stop whingeing, I saw a new 650 for only £130 which will keep you in 2016 at least... Forget 2012/13 old lumias people.. Also you can pick up cheap L930's for the same price as the new L650 if you look hard enough. Come on, use the preview on you ancient devices and when you're convinced you like the new OS go out and buy a truly compatible device which is on the list, that's what I did and it was the right choice for me.
  • look, i'm really getting sick of your logic. This article isn't about making sense, it is about giving a platform for the poor abused entitled masses to assert their entitlement as fact. Go away with your logic-making posts and uppity sense-making
  • I don't get it. My phone (Lumia Icon) isn't supported and it has a S800 with 2 GB of RAM, yet it's international twin sister (with the same hardware) is. My wife and I have been with WP for over four years and unfortunately we are tied to Verizon. I'm so disappointed. We paid good money for these phones and they are still the best specs on a WP from Verizon. I really hate to say it, but it may be time to move on to another platform. I really hate to do it, but it's time. MS is not only losing a huge fan of the platform, but a WP developer as well. :(
  • If you've been on Verizion as long as you say, you also know that Verizon moves at a snail's pace when it comes to updating their phones..the only exception to that rule is iPhones...b/c they didn't have a choice.  Otherwise they'd find a way to slow that down too.
  • Good decision I am also looking forward to switch OS probably ios for its reliability and even I also hate to do that but have to do it now.
  • It has absolutly nothing to do with MS. That is all Verizon. Just get in the production ring of the insiders preview.
  • What about Lumia 525?
  • I completely understand the decision MS made. My daily driver is a L720 with 512Mb (with W10M Insider Preview).
    It makes me sad reading this, but MS had 2 choices: 1) not pushing W10M to 512Mb devices and disapoint those customers, but hope that they want W10M and buy another phone (50% chance of loosing the WP user). 2) push W10M to 512Mb devices and loose much more WP users because they were having a bad experience with W10M, blame the OS for it and jump ship. Windows Vista users also did not get the free upgrade to W10 for the same reason. The biggest part of those computers were not capable of running W10. So who are we to judge the decision. There are much worse things to happen in the world due to bad decisions (eg D. Trump becoming president of the United States).
  • Yeah but they could've at least made it clear long time back instead of giving us hopes by saying "ALL lumias running windows phone 8.1 shall get the w10 update(given that the features will vary)..-_-"
  • It was all phones that came with 8.1 out of the box! There is a big difference
  • The flaw in your logic is most people running low end devices aren't even aware of any W10 updates they will continue to use their phones till they get a new one. Unaware of windows 10 mobile
  • MS u broke m heart fully i will never buy mobile created by ur OS BYE GOODBYE..
  • So this is the strategy mentioned by Satya Nadella. Piss off the fans
  • Fair enough!! Now where are the folks that were saying Windows Phone does run buttery smooth on 512MB RAM and doesn't need more RAM?
  • 630 was eligible for windows 10.. I m screwed of MICROSOFT.
  • then for lumia 525 line, why? it is also the line 1G Ram
  • "processor".
  • At least all 1 GB phones should be upgraded,
    including all those non-Lumias.      
  • Like 925.
  • They took forever to release the update in the first case and now on top of that saying there's no update for 512 Mb ram devices..-_-
    Just hate it! I was waiting almost a year only to be disappointed hearing this.. :|
  • Have you considered they took so long to try to include those devices.
  • Dear dyablospyder and kmf79, everyone is not rich like you so get high end phones. Secondly, people purchased 512 phones because they were available in the market and few months back nobody knew, in which phone MS will support WM10. If MS had plans to launch only for 1gb ram phones either they should have stopped 512 phones or declared their plans before. As far as my issue is concern i have 920 and 730 and I don't have issue of upgradation but insulting customers of low budget phones is not good practice.
  • Goodbye
  • Hahaha, where ARE MY HATERS?? how many switching phones now???
  • Don't worry, I still hate you :P I have a 950, so I'm happy!
  • Will Lumia 525(1Gb ram)get windows 10 Update?
  • No.
  • You don't say!
  • good idea.... this is better for windows 10 future!
  • Hello!! My Haters :P Enjoy!!! Your WP!
  • Hello haters!!
  • will this suck for my girl friend 635
  • Just put her phone on the production ring of the insiders preview
  • I'm using a 630 on release preview, and although it's very smooth, because W10M's not as text-based as 8.1 and it's more fully featured, it really weighs it down when it comes to some apps. I already suffered crashes when browsing heavy pages with IE in 8.1, but with some applications in W10M, the load of W10M+Heavy apps seem to sometimes be too much for the poor 512MB of RAM. It's still usable (great even- I like it more than 8.1) but I'd imagine that for some people things like this would be considered breaking the phone. I suppose this is why MS is not updating 512MB RAM phones (among probably other issues), and if you really want W10M you could just enroll in Release Preview. It's basically non-insider+faster updates-firmware, and for those who're jumping ship because of this, well, I doubt a software update to your 512MB WP would stop you from presumably buying a better speced Android, which would probably not be because of OS updates, considering how low end Androids work.
  • First ram now processor. What is coming next?
  • Ram is problem.. Hhaha. Ok i understand. But after this long way as 512 insider device? Hhaha. I still understand. Umm, at least give some good news for us, i was forget the last time windows phone 8.1 got update. I'll always understand. Windows 8.1 is the best for my720
  • When the Windows Phone market is as small as it is, I am not sure Microsoft can keep afford to piss off their own customers.
  • It's about time. How much time did Microsoft waste trying to squeeze win10 is on a $50 512mb device. The 640 or 435 are super affordable - no ones losing an investment in hardware here.
  • Lumia720 was not cheap and was not low end. You just lost another fan scumbag Microsoft. You are only interested in making money.
  • I installed WM 10 on my wife's 520 and it runs so slow that is not even funny. The battery life is horrible and it freezes every time two apps are open at the same time. I agree with MSFT on that move.
  • I will put my 822 and 635-512 back on 8.1. I will run my 735 on Win10mobile and hope my daily driver Icon gets updated someday.
  • Will Lumia 525 get wp 10 update?
  • Rip all 20's phones
  • my 925 is not on the list,damn,if they don’t support it,i‘m gonna buy an android phone.
  • Ok then what about L925 with 1gb RAM...Why the w10 update didn't came on it?
  • RIP My OLD Lumia 520. Thanks for not giving W10M on 520 and keeping it safe from being destroyed. Posted From WC app for Windows 10 Mobile on my NOKIA Lumia 730.
  • 512 mb phones are practically feature phones anyway.
  • Can they still upgrade my Acer liquid m220?
  • Leave the windows phone os . Because they want it.
  • I have paid ₹26k for my 1GB L925...have Microsoft people gone mad or what?
  • Why would they want to do that? As far as I understand, majority of the sold windows phones have 512 mb ram and were sold on Nokia's brand value rather than windows phone's 'awesomeness'. Lumia 520 has been the best seller so far. So it is the budget segment which has given some traction to thier OS when they were struggling to get noticed.
    Microsoft backtracked from thier promise, I wonder how many times they've done that? I have been using a lumia 630 for almost 2 years, I think now is the time to ditch Windows OS!
  • What about Lumia 1320??? is very eligible to get 10.
  • Is Lumia 1320 has windows 10 update
  • Lumia 1320 has windows 10 update?
  • The strangest thing in that statement is Microsoft's still selling the BLU Win Jr LTE as upgradable to Windows 10.  Platform Windows Phone 8.1, Upgradeable to Windows 10 when available      
  • MS need your money ...... They want you to buy a new phone...
  • Just like I once thought...Windows Phone will be like Symbian OS very soon....It will be extinct and nobody will never going to remember this piece of ****.....
  • When 1 GB was standard for Android smartphones 3 years before, Nokia Lumia came up with only 512 MB RAM because of the limitations of Windows Phone 8.0. So now, we are suffering because of Microsoft. They have screwed us hard. Really hard.
  • It's just BS that Microsoft is acting like this with its users. The lumia 520 was once called the king of windows phones and now it won't get windows 10. Well, Microsoft, you don't get good apps, you dont get market share as other OS have and now you will lose the remaining share as well. Good bye
  • Anyone knows how to increase the RAM of smartphones? Oh wait, we need modular phones for that.
  • Also, if that was the case, Microsoft should have declared this by Nov last year. Why waste our time on providing feedbacks for devices that will not get W10M? What's wrong with Microsoft?
  • This has happened to 512 MB devices now, it will happen to 1 GB or 2GB devices later.
  • I am using Lumia 720 and was eagerly waiting for W10M update from an year. I am shocked by Microsoft's decision. Earlier they claimed that all WP 8.1 devices will be updated.
    Shame on you Microsoft!
  • my L710 made me switch to L630 and now I have to save for a new W10 phone while I have a perfectly fine smartphone which Microsoft doesn't love anymore
  • So much drama on here! My HD7 device didn't get upgraded to WP8, but I still got a WP8 device (also not getting the update lol) & I'm happily typing this on my 950. My old WP7 & WP8 devices both still work, I can still get apps for them both, and they will still be fine in 2 more years. It's really not the end of the world!
  • This proves that the way Microsoft is building the OS nowadays is just all wrong.
  • Then what about Lumia 820?
  • Burning bridges is Microscrooojule way Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just one question, what about the devices that are using Snapdragon 400, which are ok on the preview but will struggle with the demand of full public release of W10M, it will probably be ok at the start,it was suggested that the only possible way for the SD400 to work was 2+GB Ram, that was several months ago, Microsoft at one point were considering doing away with the Lumia 640, we shall see what happens. You have to think why was the 640 being sold so cheap,on W8.1 it's unbeatable. But W10M ?? I'm sceptical we shall see
  • Well they may be cheap in the US but in Europe they still cost over 100€
  • I was saving my secondary phone, a Lumia 620, in the hope of a Windows 10 upgrade sometime in the future. Now I'll have to chuck it. Sigh
  • Nokia was a good and great owner than Microsoft if Nokia can do anything it's try it's best here is we are going to face big problem with Microsoft as nothing to know about the development of updating new OS. Please do something Nokia we were happy with denim as 100% perfect than windows 10 of Microsoft as it's made for only Microsoft Lumia not for Nokia Lumia.
  • What about Lumia 1320 it didn't got the update, it has 1 gb ram,more powerful cpu than 830
  • Why no 1320
  • Well I'm dumb founded i wrote a post and can't find it anywhere. All I can assume is it's bang on the button, which I know it is and it raises to many Questions I thought it was neutral on this site obviously not. So people can come on here and abuse people who are dedicated to windows and that's ok, But I put a post that Question's the logic & understanding of a few things & it's no where to be seen. It was civil no swear words,so where is the post ????.
  • Annoyed ! This is really caused me a headache. Anyway I'm planing to buy L550 !     Big surprise MSFT more than anything you're about to show in BUILD'16. Hope BUILD'16 surprise dosen't fail. 
  • Yeah I wonder what they about all of this.
  • Why are they not letting my posts through
  • This is sad to hear for a 512 onwer like myself, but I surely understand and I don't mind since i'm running the insider on my device.
  • ****! I need to install insider preview. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • WTF Microsoft? Lumia 630 DS W10M
  • Why Lumia 920 is not eligible??? It has 1GB of Ram...
  • Is 920 getting the update
  • Is l920 getting windows 10 update
  • I know multiple people with the Lumia 635 (512MB) and they were planning on upgrading.  Even the Micrososft store advertised that it was eligible for upgrading to Windows 10. Just another false advertisement / broken promise from Microsoft.
  • Those eligible phone list has to be provided before releasing the insider builds for 512 MB of RAM smartphones. We have been using the insider build for nearly an year and now Microsoft telling to roll back to 8.1. This is just a disgrace and worst action. Planning to move out of windows. Gonno throw my lumia 720 in garbage.  
  • Microsoft.. Go to hell.. By my L520 :-o
  • FAIL Microsoft....Not that I care I only buy a high end phone but, I do feel bad for people with lower end models...sorry guys. I send this is in early....too bad I didn't get credit for it.... It really shows, you get what you pay for....
  • what about Lumia 525 
  • Damn! So Damn! Wasting Time! Wasting Money! Windows Insider Is Useless? Why Microsoft Build Windows Insider? Insider Is Came From Very Vary Models. But What Microsoft Do Now? 512MB RAM Will Not Getting The Update??!!! ****! It's One Of The GREAT THINGS of The WINDOWS10!
  • I have 720 and installed W10M preview... But I'm going to dump my phone and going to android soon....
  • I own a Lumia 630 dual sim(512mb ram).. Now knowing that it won't get any update to windows 10 mobile..
    Can I still get the W10 through insider program? If yes.. Does it run good enough? Is it a good idea to install it on my device?
  • Oh, that's rich. Then can anyone explain me how is it possible that I have a Lumia 620 running Windows 10 Mobile version 1511 and compilation 10586? And I'm talking about the production build, which is supposedly incompatible with devices with only 512 MB of RAM.
  • I understand the outrage of a lot of people I do. Its to bad that a lot of people wont get windows 10. But its better for the OS in the end. If you like windows phones get a new one when you can. I think MS tried that is why I think it took so long to release W10. Having said that most of the outrage is the fault of MS for biting of more then they could chew and promising something they could not deliver. For all of you that are leaving to go to Android, I wish you luck. But the grass is not always greener. I came from Android 2 years ago and Iam not in any hurry to go back. This reboot might be just the thing we need it's always darkest before the dawn.
  • Microsoft is totally chetaed the people by not giving upgrade to 512 MB phones... Then my question to Microsoft is why they released windows insider program for 512 MB phone like lumia 720 .. As insider program is on we have installed Windows 10 builds and waiting for official upgrade Microsoft could not do this........
  • The Insider Preview is the exact same version officially released. The Insider Program is for testing and the result is not good for 512MB devices that is why they are not eligible. Simple Logic.