'Features may vary' on 512MB RAM phones with Windows 10

The questions around the Windows 10 release for smartphones continue and today, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore, has taken to Twitter to answer a few of them. Namely addressing 512MB RAM devices and where they stand as well as how wide the initial Technical Preview will be.

"Hey all: we ARE working on Win10 for 512MB, including 520. Our ambition is to make #Win10 available for these devices but features may vary""Timing for various phones may be variable as well. When we first launch insider program, it'll be a subset of phones with more coming latr""Also, we're on track for Insider build coming "in Feb" as Terry said at our 1/21 event. We need to complete internal testing 1st, hang in!"

The last one goes without saying, but Belfiore is naturally seeing the furore around the incoming preview and that there are still more questions than answers. The middle point is interesting, if not totally unexpected, and confirming support for 512MB RAM devices will no doubt comfort many. "Features may vary" could mean anything at this point, but Microsoft will surely give it a damn good try.

Source: @joebelfiore

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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