Recently, Microsoft revealed that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) on Xbox One would get the long-awaited "Miramar" map in May. While the main focus is on making sure the map is a treat to play on consoles, there are other improvements coming soon. Today, Bluehole Inc. revealed some of the optimizations the team is working on.

  • The Miramar test server update will include new vehicles and weapons, alongside several crucial gameplay optimizations.
  • The art asset streaming process has been optimized. This will improve muddy textures and mitigate interior pop-in issues.
  • The character movement system caused some problems, and has now been optimized. Performance and stability will be better even when many players gather in one location.
  • Expect to also see new and improved designs for out-of-game menus and screens. The update is necessary to prepare for when event matches and custom matches are introduced later on.
  • Improving crashes is the developer's highest priority. Stability is the most basic element that determines gameplay quality and it should be better with every patch.
  • The developer is working hard to staff up its development resources so that it can invest more in the game and the community.

Even after all these months, PUBG's frame rate on Xbox One is the real issue. Hopefully these changes will improve that, especially for Xbox One X players.

PUBG is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with the help of community feedback. Starting with absolutely nothing, players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be the only one alive. PUBG is a surprisingly realistic and high-tension title set on a massive island. Be sure to check out the game if you like competitive multiplayer experiences.

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