BlueSYNC BBR Bluetooth speaker review: Affordable audio for all your devices

GoGroove makes an array of quality audio products at affordable prices, and luckily, the BlueSYNC BBR is no exception. After a couple of weeks with this versatile little speaker, I recommend it ... with a few caveats.

What you'll love about the BlueSync BBR speaker

The best thing about the BlueSYNC BBR is the design and build quality. It's a small device with a low profile, built to fit beneath monitors and TV sets. In that regard, it does its job well. GoGroove enlists metal speaker grills and side frames, with a black glossy plastic underside.

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Inputs3.5mm AUX and Bluetooth
SpeakersDual 50mm "full-range"
Battery lifeSix hours with three-hour charge time (USB)
Dimensions17.75 in x 3.5 in x 2.62 in

The sound quality is quite good for a speaker of its size, which is just shy of 18 inches wide. It's relatively distortion free, even on the upper volumes, driven by two separate 50mm speakers.

Pairing is easy. There's no pairing button, instead, the speaker will automatically set itself in pairing mode if it detects that it's disconnected from any devices. Moving it from one device to another requires you to manually revoke its Bluetooth permissions per device, but it connects extremely rapidly and provides a surprisingly good signal. It was only when I moved to another room that the speaker began to experience issues. The signal for Spotify was able to easily find itself through my pockets, and even when I placed the phone in a cupboard in the same room. I tested it with both my Android phone and my Surface Book 2 and had no issues, which is something I can rarely say of Bluetooth devices.

If you don't fancy using Bluetooth, however, it also has 3.5mm cable connectivity. You can use the speaker like a pair of headphones, connected directly to your phone, tablet, or laptop, and bypass Bluetooth completely.

It comes with an old school micro-USB charging cable and can reach maximum charge in around two to three hours, and it sports a listed six-hour music life cycle. If you've not been listening to music for a while, it'll automatically go into sleep mode to save power.

What you'll dislike about the BlueSync BBR speaker

Owing to its material choices, the BlueSYNC BBR is susceptible to fingerprints, dust, and smudges. If you're moving it around a party or social gathering, this thing is going to get dirty pretty quick.

The audio quality is relatively clear, but it also isn't great. The stereo and surround experiences simply aren't there, due to its small size. It also struggles with clarity between the major frequency bands. Bass is practically non-existent. It's forgivable given the speaker's $35 price point, but don't expect any miracles.

As a couple of minor gripes, the included micro-USB and 3.5mm aux cables are also prohibitively short at 22 inches, so you may want to supply your own. I'm also a little unimpressed by the battery life. You would have thought they could have packed more juice in there, given its size, but apparently not. While we're talking about battery life, it seems like a bit of an oversight that there's no battery life indicator on the product.

Should you buy the *BlueSync BBR speaker?

At $35, this is a decent sound solution for the price. The design and materials used exceed expectations, and the sound quality is passable. The signal quality is very good, especially as someone who typically can't stand Bluetooth, well, anything, and the option for 3.5mm AUX is a good addition as well. I wish the battery life was a little beefier, though, and the weak bass is a bit disappointing. I'm not sure I'd take this as a daily driver for gaming or PC audio, but hey, at $35, it's a solid portable music companion.

So should you buy it? If none of the compromises described above are deal-breakers, sure, go for it. It's only $35, and it's a solid speaker.

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